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  1. I think the guitars and plucks are this track's biggest strengths, they give off a very relaxed vibe. In my opinion, the biggest problems are the elements around these guitars, mainly the drums. Some simple things that I would change are switching out the snare with one that cuts through the mix better. Also a punchier kick would give the drums more structure, and give you more room to play with the low-end. Looking forward to see how this idea can be expanded upon :)

  2. Mixing is a problem in general for me. I gotta watch some videos or read some stuff on the relations of highs/lows/mids. So far I just improvised on fl.

  3. Interesting Beat for sure. Love the vibe progression, especially at 0:50 w/ the guitar and harp. however, the mix def needs some work. Melodies are clashing and needs volume adjustment. When listening, my ears don't know what to focus on. Also, drums are a bit muddy. Try boosting some mids and cutting off lows. Overall, good stuff. Keep going!

  4. This is nice! I think there is room for improvement tho. Maybe add some more instruments/sounds to bring in some dynamic. Like the previous commenter I would definitely like some low end on the track. I feel the videogame vibe too.

  5. Sounds really nice. This gives me 80s/Oldschool vibes. I like the lyrics and the sound of your voice! Keep going! :)

  6. That's a great feel man. It just needs vocals and it's done.

  7. That’s a pretty cool beat, I feel like it could use a sub bass and a bit more high end. The arrangement is fine, and the mix is also solid.

  8. Thanks a lot for the feedback, Im glad you like it. Can definitely see/hear what you mean. Gonna try adding a sub bass and some guitar on the high end.

  9. Really cool! I love the drumpattern. But also the melodies and the overall vibe sound really nice. Rlly well mixed aswell. This could go straight into a videogame or movie imo.

  10. I like the ambient vibe. It sounds very unique. I personally would prefer the melodic guitar sounds a bit louder and the drums a bit quieter in some parts. In general good stuff.

  11. Very chill! I like it. The beginning is fine, maybe a bit long considering the run time of the whole song. Can't say too much about the mix since I'm at work and listening on a cheap headset, but at least on that, the flute sticks out a bit much. The rest of the mix is pretty good and sounds smooth, but I would try to get the flute a little deeper into the mix (maybe some more EQ). All around though, when a lot is playing together at around 1:50 it sounds very pleasant.

  12. Thanks for the the feedback and taking the time. Glad u like it. Im gonna look into the mix and arrangement.

  13. For me the mix is fine, but im just listening on phone. Definetly danceable. I personally dont really like the whispering sound. But I like the ending and the beginning after the intro.

  14. Thanks for your feedback! By whispering sound you mean the voices samples maybe, or the different FX in background?

  15. Not really a country listener but I like this. Love the harmonica, is it sampled? The guitar could be a bit louder imo. Would fit well into a video game or movie i think. Keep going! :)

  16. Hey, I am a beginner producer and I wanted to tell you that this track sounds very cool and I wouldn't reduce the distortion, it's what makes it special.

  17. Thanks a lot for the feedback. Ill getinto the mix and arrangement agin. Those are my biggest problems with producing, especially arrangement. Ill definitely keep producing and trying to learn/get better.

  18. heya thank for commenting on my work! I liked the vid on YouTube and subbed! I would like also like for it to be louder would want to hear some of the instrumentation going on. if you're going for this sound though then keep it whatever feels right to you.

  19. Thanks aswell for the feedback and for the sub on yt. Happy u like it.

  20. nice chill music! I like the piano, I would really like to have it louder!

  21. Thanks a lot. Gonna have to look into the mix for sure. But learning step by step. Heard your housetrack, rlly nice💪

  22. Thank you I forgot to reply back I’m happy you liked it and I forgot to mention I was stuck and now I can continue with my melody 🎶.

  23. Glad i could help you bro, just keep going and the melodies are gonna come easier. I produce too and just started Sharing my stuff too. If you have the time check it out, i would be rly happy about some input :)

  24. Ah my bad 😅 Just look up my recent posts, maybe you find something you like

  25. Really nice beat, love the soundselection and the drumpattern. Has a lot of potential. Maybe a bit more variation in the melodies. But its already good as it is.

  26. Wow, this ist really cool. I could see that being the backgroundmusic in an adventure type videogame. But also nice to hear in general. Keep it going

  27. Nice and unique beat. I really like the second melodic part with the guitar. First part has a nice tension and gives me sci fi vibes. I would maybe keep it a bit shorter and start second part earlier since its catchier.

  28. I rly like the sound and vibe of this, its a nice base melody. Your playing is smoove. I would maybe switch it up a bit to make it less monotonous. Maybe loop it and play along and add some percussion/drum sound to it with youre guitar.

  29. I rlly like the vibe of the sounds and melody, but i think u should switch it up a bit a long the song, maybe add some more instruments.

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