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  1. Makes me so glad I grew up on old school games. Couldn't give 2 shits about the graphics, hell, I'd play a text based Pokemon game if it was fun. Lol

  2. I don't care about graphics if the game is innovative but this just looks like more mediocre bullshit from game freak. Adding 10 year old open world concepts isn't fresh or exciting it's lazy and incompetent.

  3. Pokémon is in a terrible state because of three things:

  4. Nintendo doesn't own pokemon and can't hand the keys to another company because of that.

  5. I mean it's a forum about Pokemon and I'm saying I too wanna play some but not the rehashed lazy garbage that game freak puts out. A 7 is so generous it's ridiculous. I get it people are fine to just pay 80$ for anything with it in the title, I'm not.

  6. They released remasters of the Crysis games in the past year or two

  7. I won't go into the SC comment cause I'm numb to the uninformed mainstream hate, but I'm not saying Crysis was bad it's amazing for its time, but today there's not much in that genre that hasn't been done by tons of other games now. It set the standard for its time I just doubt it has much else to offer today.

  8. I just blow my ship up by crashing into something and it's usually fixed

  9. You can cross my entire country in 3 hours. Do you think that's close?

  10. In Canada that's considered on the tail end of day trip close ya.

  11. I switched because Elite has been dead in the water for a long while.

  12. Man, I see that opinion in some places with the ship-to-ship combat in elite, may I ask what you liked about it? I probably killed 1000+ ships in elite while flying multiple ships and I have nothing noteworthy to say about its combat or flight model, all the ships/weapons/encounters felt the same to me, I always felt it was extremely lackluster there was maybe 1 ship that felt different(viper?) the rest felt identical. The only difference was targeting components but that will certainly be added to SC eventually. No judgment I had fun with elite still when I played it but just curious what do you think they did better?

  13. People like the combat in Elite because it's easy and it makes them feel like they have skills. They just hold down M1 and laser until they see a boom that makes their peepee tickle. It has the most basic, arcade flight model available in modern gaming. It's like playing Descent on the original Playstation in 1998.

  14. I know the intense dogfight stuff can be alot for people so to each their own I guess shrug I quickly realized I didn't even have to be that "good" in SC at dogfighting because the average player was so bad haha

  15. LOL, "minor changes". There are obviously big differences between the standard Pokémon games and Arceus.

  16. Congrats they finally added things that any other dev would have 10 years ago, welcome to 2010 game freak, and it still looks like it's running on a PS1. Every title they put out gets worse graphically not better. Pokemon stadium still has better animations lol

  17. Yeah graphics don't matter you are right, assuming the rest of the game is fun and innovative, nothing game freak does is innovative anymore. Take away Pokemon from their games and they aren't doing anything new or exciting. They made their best games 20 years ago they are washed up bums in my eyes. Let's Go sucked it was so easy I couldn't even use pikachu went back to GB version, sword and shield had 0 animations for Pokemon and was generally meh. Legends looks to be outdated and it's not even out. I'm good I'll pass on Pokemon until Nintendo figures it out. Trust me I'm bummed out but game freak ain't it they actually suck.

  18. The guns could "feel" heavier and maybe slow movement down a tiny bit to simulate but ive never thought they felt "floppy" this is giving me GORN vibes haha.

  19. Once you get some skills and a bow you can kite and kill anything

  20. I don't understand these companies copying destiny in terms of absolute dogshit dlc.

  21. Also make sure to ignore any data on the long term effects of having covid or permanent lung damage that wouldn't fit the narrative properly

  22. i feel like 90% of this setup is pointless with VR now. keep the wheel/stick/pedal/chair plus you dont have a giant black line through the centre of your vision.

  23. Buy an army of mercenaries and go fight stuff, go get your limbs peeled off and replace with expensive robotics, found your own drug production den/smuggling den, level assassination and kidnap world leaders. Just some ideas

  24. im so sick of hearing about the redeemer and ion balance. i'm positive 0% of the current balance is final for basically any ship

  25. I'd say the reason you should care is that even though the specific numbers or even the gameplay systems themselves may not be final, the mindset used in balancing is much more likely to carry over. If CIG is doing absolutely dumb shit in balancing now, that is not a good indicator for the quality of balancing later.

  26. Ya I cared 3 weeks ago now it's just annoying I'm sure cig has seen the feed back as well 1000 times.

  27. I was sure I wasn't going to like Hawkeye, it ended up surprising me big time how much I enjoyed it

  28. Hawkeye’s always been my favourite Marvel Comics character and honestly, I was just excited to see a series with him taking centre stage.

  29. Yeah, it was a good mix of serious character development and just plain fun. I also initially was not sold on the whole Christmas special vibe from the trailers but watching it on the couch with the lady over the holidays was actually great.

  30. Find a new bf. You can decide to look good for any reason or no reason at all.

  31. And it's also out on game pass (I'm going to play on there and then buy it on steam later with dlc on sale)

  32. How long do you predict you will get a cease and desist lol

  33. Ugh, why do I have to be a member of something? Why can't I just buy the title for the Switch? Isn't the N64 emulation hot garbage or has that been fixed?

  34. I doubt it, the irony being most emulation is open source. The answers are all there for Nintendo they are just incompetent af.

  35. Meh I think people are slowly coming around to see how complacent Nintendo has become I know I have recently. I sold my switch due to over priced games/bad sales and mediocre and closed hardware. Have a steam deck on the way and couldn't be more stoked. EDIT: also bad Pokemon games.

  36. It feels like major design decisions were made by the marketing dept. who were too focused on the success of other titles to realize what people play their game for.

  37. Yeah 100% non gamers in suits calling the shots. I really wanna know if it was a journalist or EA employee who leaked the rumoured "escape from tarkov" mode. Maybe they meant the entire game was intended for them to escape with our money and then we all go back to tarkov.

  38. I don’t know what it is that they just don’t seem to know how to make a good battlefield, I don’t think we will ever get a good one again.

  39. They just had to start with Mil sim and work backwards to arcadey fun, instead all they cared about was making money and trying to copy call of duty? I feel like way back when call of duty started to slowly pull some ideas from battlefield. Whoever at EA thought they should in turn pull ideas like "agents" from cod is a fucking idiot. What's funny is the "escape from tarkov" mode (I forget what they called it) could have been the most insane shit and carried the entire game but they didn't even try its nothing like tarkov it's more cookie cutter dumb BR bullshit.

  40. Hey if pineapple and olive pizza is good enough for Ryan Reynolds it's good enough for all of us.

  41. Don't buy shady keys online, they use stolen cc's to get the keys and the sites don't give a fuck or ask questions.

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