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  1. It's 3 year of Android updates and 4 years of security, so s20 should receive one more Android update.

  2. The new A series also get the promise of 4 OS updates + 5 years of security updates.

  3. Nord should continue to work. The only difference is that they won't have servers in India. You can still connect to servers in other countries.

  4. No problems on my S22 Ultra. Try clearing the cache or storage of the camera app.

  5. Seeing a similar issue on Sync for Reddit too. So looks like this may be a gfycat/redgifs issue.

  6. Maybe people don't want to pay 70$ for what's essentially just a graphics update of a game they've already bought and played twice

  7. So... don't buy it? The original remastered LoU is still there for those who bought it. Nobody is forcing people to buy this.

  8. Man the cgi in this movie was fucking incredible.

  9. meanwhile NAS results showing cracking hole in the Delhi model

  10. Aren't most of the primary schools run by the MCD?

  11. As a previous owner of the OnePlus 9 Pro I'd recommend staying away from them. The hardware is great but they really shat the bed with the Android 12 update. From what I've seen on

  12. 1.10 lakhs. Also got the Galaxy Watch 4 for an extra 3k.

  13. Amul recently launched a line of protein buttermilk and protein mango lassi. The buttermilk costs ₹25 and has 15g of protein (using whey isolates), relatively low cal. I’ve ordered and tried it and can say it’s an acquired taste definitely, the mango lassi might be better for people who usually don’t like too much dairy. But ₹25 for 15g protein seems like a good deal, shows how the costs can come down significantly if the dairy infrastructure catches up to manufacturing whey isolate along with its already massive dairy processing capabilities.

  14. Turn on Do Not Disturb and under its settings enables calls only.

  15. Been using the black silicone case since launch. Has held up very well so far. Provides a decent amount of grip and doesn't add too much bulk to the phone.

  16. Been using it for a while but it got a bit sticky. Any tips on how to clean/maintain it? I tried soaking it in soap water but it didn't get the job done.

  17. I just wipe it with my shirt lol. Haven't had any issues with it becoming too sticky.

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