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  1. Eh, depends on the build and what style among other factors

  2. 1/1 dentist recommends Crest

  3. Jay and Gloria from Modern Family 😛

  4. That will keep em straight

  5. The queen getting flashbacks to when a wheel was invented

  6. Back to plum pudding model plz

  7. I bet the charger is sold separately

  8. I like the first one too xD

  9. GTA San Andreas. Glad my parents didn't know what the game was about

  10. watch movies. don't read books

  11. "How to use a prison pocket?"

  12. At this point I just accepted it


  14. Nah, didn't watch that movie

  15. Carrying a pocket knife. No longer have to rely on someone else to open something for me

  16. you stab that water bottle?

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