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  1. Ain't stopping anyone else in this thread

  2. Enenergy drinks and adderall my dude

  3. Lads, I realise what sub this is, but in all seriousness - can adderall help? I’m in the same boat as OP, burning out and need to sleep during lunch to keep up.. really worried about my mental health and dementia shit when I’m senile.


  5. The one you created didn’t have the same name did it?

  6. Just because I can manage my outrage to humane levels doesn’t mean it’s not noteworthy. I’ve messaged the mods and reported comments because calling for death is way too far.

  7. If anything happens to that girl, it's your fault.

  8. And you sound like a bitter simp.

  9. Will your trailer park survive this?

  10. Divorce is the answer you’re looking for

  11. I'm going to have to disagree. The far left, at least where I am are all into Q, into Trump, against science, vaccines and now they are abandoning education because schools are bad and don't actually help you. All of those people I know are easily considered far left and they themselves identify as such. It's the oroboros, snake eating its own tail, on the edge of each political spectrum is wacky people who share similar ideologies. I will however say the far left isn't violent...yet.

  12. How’s the weather in opposite-land?

  13. Tbh it's frustrating as can be. I have tried to bring this up before and get down voted to oblivion. I think it's really important people understand that certain far left circles are spiraling parallel to the far right. I want someone like Andrew Callahan to come to maui and interview these people just at the local farmers market. It is scary and what's worse is people think I'm making this up. More people need to understand indoctrination and misinformation can affect both sides of the political spectrum. And I can say there are more nutty far lefty everyday here. Most of my social feeds are "spiritual" gurus who preach peace and love but share Q memes and talk about the Biden crime family sipping adrenachrome.

  14. Sounds like the granola arm of qanon. I don’t think they can be considered far-left anymore.

  15. This hooker pushing Christian values is rich

  16. Have you tried from your print server?

  17. Please Sir I Cannot Address Your Comment Now As I Am Working On A Custom VB Regex To Fix All Incoming Tickets To Capitalize Correctly

  18. I demand you fix my printer at once.

  19. Which onion does he think he is, anyway?

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