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  1. I came here to say this! It worked for me when I had all-day vertigo a few weeks ago

  2. I thought these were so funny when I was like 12. I had them all saved in a folder on my computer

  3. On other snark subs I’m a part of, there are rules about not communicating with the subjects of the snark directly. I think it should be implemented here…why are we promoting bullying / harassment? I’m all for snarking on Anna but we need to draw the line somewhere

  4. And DONT miss a day. The baby was literally just born an hour ago? It’s almost midnight, hurry up and get the book out!

  5. Listen, a lot of his songs have similar riffs. So many of his songs could easily transition into other songs haha. They’re different enough and it’s fine if he wants to copy himself, but it’s something you realize when you listen to his music a lot

  6. She said the test was “inconclusive” (aka didn’t have the answer she liked.) I think she doesn’t want them to be identical either because she really does favor Violet and just can’t accept that they are “the same” or because she’s been dragging this conceived on two different days bullshit out for so long she doesn’t want to give it up or admit she was wrong.

  7. My twin and I got dna tested and I don’t see how the results would be inconclusive. Several components of the dna have to be exactly the same for twins to be identical (like my sister and I are). If they’re not then the dna test would determine they’re fraternal, which is clearly the answer Maia wants.

  8. I blocked her months ago when I realized her videos were making me feel bad about myself. She brags about her lavish lifestyle constantly and makes viewers feel inadequate

  9. How could she possibly believe there aren’t weirdos out there obsessed with her?

  10. Just seeing the post save ratios when its her "making her babies kiss" (11k saves) and then a video of maia alone (900 saves) isn't it fucking obvious maia?! My god I'm so glad my mom protected me at all costs. Poor babies.

  11. Right? My mom drilled into me the importance of internet safety. I knew from a young age not to give out my pictures or personal info to strangers on the internet. Maia is doing the complete opposite of that.

  12. They could’ve removed that sentence entirely and still gotten the meaning across. Instead they had to be jerks about it.

  13. That has to be a logical fallacy, saying “what about all the other people who do this? They aren’t in the wrong but she is?” No, they’re also in the wrong lol

  14. All she needed to say was “We decided to name him Frederick because it contains “Derick” and “Rick,” Derick’s dad’s name.”

  15. No. I’m not sure what it says about the preservatives in them, but they don’t get moldy even after a couple of weeks on the counter.

  16. Yeah tortillas last forever. I’ve never seen one mold even after a few months. They get stale over time but I still use them for things like quesadillas

  17. I’m glad they don’t wrap them in foil anymore because now I don’t know how many I eat at once 😂

  18. How many do you guys eat in a sitting? Has to be at least 10 for me before I can drag myself away

  19. Sailboats has been a fav for a long time. I also love Alaska and I Live Alone. A perfect album altogether

  20. Have some cookie dough ice cream in the freezer rn and can agree. It’s really good for the price

  21. Lol I’ve started doing a weird thing with Aldi cottage cheese.

  22. Is it one cup of blended cottage cheese along with a cup of milk and the packet of pudding? I wasn’t sure the amount but that’s what I would assume

  23. I think that even Tim McGraw is about having sex to a Tim McGraw song 😂 “I hope you think that little black dress, think of my head on your chest..”

  24. Wow. For the last 18 years I thought the lyrics were “banging my head on your chest.” Which doesn’t even make sense. Thanks for enlightening me 🤦🏼‍♀️

  25. I never saw a picture of BobAYE! before, I guess I tuned everything but her words out. She looks disturbingly like Meech.

  26. I always pronounce her name like that in my head lol I didn’t even realize until I saw your spelling

  27. Forever a "hang your head low in the glow of the vending machine, I'm not buying" truther despite the evidence lol. Idk if I'll ever be able to stop saying "stand back wasted", I just can't unhear it or say it right. Also in ATW, I didn't hear "you can't get rid of it" for like a whole decade. For some reason I heard "you keep your ripfin" (???) even though like, wtf is that lmao. I just thought it sounded like some surfing equipment or something 😂 then one day I decided to google what exactly a ripfin is and the truth destroyed me, the ripfin does not exist 😩 even though internally I'm like god that really does add up perfectly when she says "you can't get rid of it" I'm still like, no. He kept his ripfin. 😤🤦‍♀️

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