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  1. men of very small worth do this. Any real man would congratulate the guy on looks so dapper.

  2. Canadian who works in people's houses: Yup.

  3. when I let people in to use my washroom and I say sorry about the mess, and it's a huge mess, and I hear them have to pre flush and I realized what they walked into and how I got distracted after that large #2 I didn't flush.

  4. fuck ya ! I like this lady. Keep up the good work lady !

  5. well that was a stupid fucking idiot. lets hope he was the only one hurt and also went to jail

  6. I think her suction cup stuck to the floor. Blonds got to be careful about those big suction cups

  7. well why them mother fuckers burning my Americans friends flag for. ? fuck sakes, they didn't even do it, how much aid they give you lately ?

  8. The SEPTA El is a nightmare now, people begging, pissing, shitting, puking, nodding, jerking, smoking, stealing, shooting up, drinking or drunk all the time now.

  9. sing or play guitar, write , try to sleep as soon as you can and wake up with the sun rise. Sometime I would do mushrooms and pull out a blue tooth speaker and dance all crazy, but only if nobody dis around and I am feeling it,

  10. I remember that terrible earth quake. Was pretty sad. I doubt they ever recovered full from that.

  11. wait till the next half milll show up, and then the next and the next..

  12. I stopped visiting Toronto after my last visit in 2016. The amount my wife and I got harassed by mentally I’ll people made us uncomfortable. We got mugged at one point for half a bottle of water. Toronto has been on a steep decline for a long while now… Good luck to anyone who has to live there. It’s becoming more like Gotham City every year.

  13. its actually one of the safest big cites in the world, but ya there is always some street smarts needed.

  14. we gave you the proud boys and trailer park boys, nickleback and had Harper during Obama, and all sorts of stuff. it's more like Merica don't be like us.

  15. Because he was acting psychotic and it disturbed a lot of people. He was calling people racist and stuff for not taking it. People just hate him. I hate him. I think he’s an evil loser.

  16. from what I have heard or read he is the most liked PM of all time. Im just glad we got rid of Harper, that guy didn't get his second term for lying so much. I find JT mildly annoying but still, we could have someone like Trump or so many way worse .. IMHPO

  17. I’ve never gone through a scenario in my life with a politician like the entire country did with Trudeau and Covid so I’m not surprised people hate him

  18. Videos like these will be heavily downvoted because apparently they don't fir the narrative.

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