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  1. Bro…tell me you’re a xim user without telling me you’re a xim user. Just cause I’m using a scuf, im still using sticks. There’s no justification to using MNK/XIM to get into console lobbies where pc play at high sens and ZERO recoil. It’s not the same. 😐

  2. hooj says:

    Wow, my comment is 3+ years old, what sort of deep searching are you doing?

  3. Gilbert is an excellent rodent’s name!

  4. There’s a cool gaming store called the Wizards Chest a bit south of Denver and a little further south on the same road is a neat bar called the tabletop tap (good beer selection, board game library, and consoles built into parts of the bar).

  5. The talk of god makes this whole story deeply unbearable — whether or not you believe god exists, feeling like shitty situations are tests of faith is so bonkers. Any decent deity wouldn’t just put you in shitty situations to suffer.

  6. Yeah. The main character is 18 and yet has apparently consumed all 80s pop culture media from hours long movies to music albums many times over. Not to mention how he’s apparently mastered all the old video games. Like I get how that may be his life, but he isn’t even old enough to have consumed that much media that many times.

  7. Thank you, honestly the first couple of sessions are pretty rough. We recorded this back in November, and really just decided to make them a podcast now. So some of those inconsistencies will be fixed. Character introductions happen within the first 10 minutes before a harrow reading. Our GM is a big fan of GCP and does look up to Troy as a GM. Working on descriptions needs to happen and so does saying our rolls. And you are right it is a discord call. And we do get better at not talking over eachother. But thank you for giving it a try and honest criticism.

  8. I love Troy and would play a one shot with him any time. But if it were a longer campaign, I would definitely have bones to pick with him, like if I was playing in the Giantslayer campaign. He GMs so that the story flows in a narrative that meets his criteria of good story telling -- and most of the time that makes for great listening. But some of the time, as players/GMs of the game ourselves, we would interpret things differently and that might even be a long discussion at a home table.

  9. Yeah some days listening to GCP and they get a simple rule wrong, how diseases like ghoul fever work for example. But I believe 3 of us have enough system mastery that we don't get bogged down by rule discussion. Honestly the reason we uploaded was because we record the session just in case someone missed a session or because we wanted to go back a see if there was a detail missed.

  10. Sure, yeah -- my group records our sessions too. I'm usually the GM and it was mostly an exercise for myself so as to listen back to the session and take notes. I'd note everything from major plot points (for recapping as necessary), to things I may have missed while looking at rules/notes/etc, to things we disputed and what we should do going forward (and if anything needed badly to be retconned).

  11. TSM switches to Hal on Seer and Evan on Valk and have one of the their best games of the day

  12. I'm sure hero comp had a role in it, but it felt like, aside from the group B vs D round, they just were getting outplayed. Like other teams were doing similar strats but better, or throwing conventional play out and just slaying out like Furia.

  13. Seems like they're getting outplayed by other teams using their main style, but aren't quite practiced or perhaps good enough to play like Furia.

  14. I mean… sometimes employment gap IS important to your ability to fulfil your role. Sure maybe not if you’re minimum wage doing that sorta job. But plenty of fields can evolve and change quite a lot in a couple of years.

  15. Yeah 100%. There are legitimate reasons to ask about gaps and have nothing to do with trying to pry into personal lives. Any industry that evolves fairly quickly is a good example of this.

  16. A gap can indicate you’re not qualified though. If you’re in an industry that keeps evolving, a legitimate reason to ask this question, on some level, is to see how they kept up to date during their gap.

  17. Of course your true colors come out, not surprising. The naish doesn’t need nor will it miss you.

  18. lol it’s a public forum, if you wanted a dialogue with only the OP you should have pm’d them.

  19. Why does this seem like not an attempt to write for the prompt and more just trying to promote one’s own already existing writing?

  20. You'd definitely need to know the back story of the serial, but it fits well within the confines of the WP.

  21. Then I think my original comment is still apt -- if I need to have read up on this fictional universe to understand this entry and why it fits the prompt, I don't think it actually fits the prompt that well.

  22. I am not commenting either way but this video is not flattering:

  23. if you think that's worse than a Tesla you have never looked at a Tesla up close. Resprays are pretty common across all automakers. The only serious issue is the window trim.

  24. I literally said: "I am not commenting either way"

  25. Checkout the Tabletop Tap

  26. You named the two best ones. Don’t waste your time elsewhere unless you’re buying multiples for a party or something.

  27. What about Mama Ronis?

  28. The empire is on the verge of success…

  29. hooj says:

    “It went okay”

  30. hooj says:

    This is a repost sub. You’re really wrong here and doubling down.

  31. AH! A direct answer to my question. Thank you! Have some Reddit bling.

  32. hooj says:

    "Just in case you don't find the answers you're looking for in this thread, it's worth checking out the wiki for previous insights"

  33. Don't stress about it, this guy fucking lies and posts on their subreddit.

  34. hooj says:

    Yeah, I’m not stressing, just having a conversation/debate :)

  35. The point was, if someone had never come to a school and told you we should make schools illegal, this would be the same as what you're doing now, legalist. Outlaw all forms of poverty until what, homeless are jailed and we cover up the stink of society's divide in a hunger games scenario?

  36. hooj says:

    You keep making this about being against poverty and I’m trying to tell you that you’re basically propping up a strawman here. I understand you’re trying to equate the opposition to these gatherings as being against poverty, but it’s such a disingenuous argument because the right to pile 30k or 15k or even 10k people into a space is not an intrinsic “right” nor is it a necessity.

  37. I'm a very late bloomer, especially for dating. I keep seeing exclusivity drama on this sub - is this actually normal? I'd feel deeply hurt if someone was non exclusive after the first few dates. Maybe I'm just old fashioned 😓

  38. hooj says:

    It’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page — you can’t expect something from someone if it isn’t laid out clearly (no one can read minds).

  39. hooj says:

    I’ll say this: Troy and co have heard endless stories about people’s personal campaigns, so if you do get a chance to talk to them at a VIP event or whatever, I would highly recommend a completely different topic. No offense to anyone but your table stories are almost never that interesting.

  40. hooj says:

    Any reason you’re not running an adventure path?

  41. Is there a particular reason I had to? I know how to dm tabletop rpgs in general I am just having difficulty coming up with a plot for starfinder in particular.

  42. hooj says:

    I mean it’s a pre written adventure… you can always expand on one to make it tailored to your players but a lot of the plot hooks and such are done for you. If you’re literally struggling for content it’s a huge boon.

  43. hooj says:

    Thanks for the giveaway

  44. hooj says:

    If they said “that’s twice my car payment” that would have been correct for indicating $300

  45. hooj says:

    He tends to promote a super passive play style, like waiting in a spot and setting up. I’d rather live or die in a much more active manner.

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