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  1. Yet I compare her to Vincent from Beauty and the Beast (who is arguably sexy), and I get ripped a new one and my post gets deleted...

  2. *always will be? You're saying you are inconsequential but you'll never be inconsequential.

  3. There should be a narwhal at the top of the page. I'm always on mobile, though, so I don't know if it's different on a computer.

  4. When did she get them pierced? Like a month ago? You've got to leave earrings in for like at least 3 months, and you're not supposed to twist them or do anything like that. These hoops with their constant movement are doing exactly what earrings shouldn't, in addition to them being of course perfect to be ripped out of her ear lobes.

  5. Maybe eating shit and licking their assholes are a sign of higher intellect

  6. Got a link for that buddy? I did read that the fentanyl in her system was likely from the emergency room, but the cocaine? Need more info and since you commented to me specifically, I’m hopeful you will enlighten me.

  7. It is easier for you to just google it than for me to cite source after source. Literally just google Anne heche no active drugs or Anne heche not impaired by drugs. There are a million results. It's odd that you would disbelieve me so hard when all you had to do was google it.

  8. So what I’m reading is that there were no active drugs in her system. However she had cocaine and cannabis from previous usage. I’m not sure how familiar you are specifically with cocaine. But let’s say Anne was a bender a day or two before. Assuming that wasn’t her first time. Now assume she’s in withdrawal. Technically the car accident wasn’t caused by drugs but??? How can you or anyone say that it wasn’t the cause. She could have very easily been dealing with withdrawal and had some kind of issue. But it’s pretty bold of you to say she wasn’t impaired whatsoever.

  9. They said that she not only had no active drugs in her system but was NOT IMPAIRED. What else do you need to know? If she had been impaired by some so-called bender days ago, they would have said that. The medical determination was that she was not impaired. Sounds like you're not inclined to believe any source whatsoever.

  10. I'm not familiar with the passes, and I can't tell from the photo: Do they really not have a guardrail over on that right hand side??

  11. That's actually HORRIBLE. I'm not cold sore shaming, but even if cold sores weren't dangerous to babies, it sure is something you don't WANT to spread. But the fact is, it can be not just dangerous but fatal to babies if they're infected. So this is bananas.

  12. Hey, listen, I don't remember this movie at all. I don't remember seeing it or showing it to my kids. The "Carlos" referred to in text is my ex-husband, ex for a reason, and apparently this is a movie he played often. Obviously when I wasn't around.

  13. No it's not "obvious." They said they watched it when they lived with "you and Carlos." How am I supposed to extrapolate that Carlos is your ex and that they OBVIOUSLY watched it with only Carlos?

  14. Get off your high horse, weirdo; judging people you don’t even know about things that happened a decade ago that you have zero context of lol

  15. I'm not even judging her so much as wondering why she commented as if it was an outrage to let a seven and eight-year-old watch but she said her two year old watched. I'm commenting to ask why the disparity. Nowhere did I say wow you're a shit parent.

  16. What’s with her hairline? Looks like she colored som of it in with a weird reddish color? What mother leaves her newborn infant when they are sick? A narc!

  17. OMG she DID "photoshop" her hairline! Lol with just a thick brown line set to like 90% opacity 😂😂

  18. Something personalized; like a bracelet or a necklace with her name on it. (Especially if her name is original or spelled uniquely!)

  19. What a perfect excuse for why she's been "so dizzy and out of it" the last few days 🙄 bro we know it was the Xañax

  20. NARRATOR: And this was the moment Kim sold her soul to the devil for fame.

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