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  1. Very cosy but also a bit disturbing with the plants hanging right above the couch.

  2. Farting when I thought I'm alone in the office and them my boss comes out of nowhere to tell me what a good employee I have been

  3. this is sending me ive been laughing for the past 10 minutes about this

  4. I'm glad I made you laugh. I laugh sometimes too but it's still had to accept

  5. Leeks in a white sauce or cheese sauce are really good too. Also in any pumpkin and/or kumara soup.

  6. Rinse and cook the chopped leeks in some butter, and have the lid on the pot so sort of steamed /sauted and not browned. Then add a very small amount of water. Add whole cream milk, so the leeks are immersed. Stir, and thicken with a flour and milk/water paste. Season with salt and pepper (to taste- pepper really suits it). A bit of mustard can be added if liked, and sometimes I add a dash of Worchestershire sauce, just a splash. Stir until creamy, and a white sauce texture. Grated cheese can be added at the end if wanted, but is good just as a white sauce. It can be a condiment for vegetables, or as part of the vegetables for meals, and great with any meat if you eat meat. It's really nice with toast. Or made with a slightly thinner consistency and eaten as a soup. I always make a big potful, as it keeps well in fridge and is easy to heat up.

  7. That's sounds very interesting to try as I haven't eaten anything similar. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I am so sorry to hear that. If she doesn’t feel the same about you, nothing you can do can really change that. You can’t force someone to love you, let alone re-love you. As hard and as hurtful as it may be, you’ll have to let her go. Focus on your children and yourself. Maybe tend to yourself a little more and stop chucking it off to “ah, well my family has it so I am too”. Love yourself a little more. Eat healthier. Go to the gym. Do something. But as for her, let her go.

  9. If I understand correctly she complained about his weight, so maybe there is something he can do!

  10. Baking soda is magical for some many things!!! Good for discovering another use! It's great for cleaning almost anything, even fruits and vegetables from that sticky layer added to preserve them (lemons here are soo sticky that nothing else helps to clean them). Also its the best body scrub (face, armpits, lips, etc.)

  11. Never tried it as a body scrub, this sounds great. I hate buying peeling gels since all have those plastic bmiceobeads in them, yuck. I do keep baking soda in my bathroom because I like to apply a sprikle of it on toothpaste for some extra clean teeth. I do it max 2 times a week, it's too abrasive to do it daily.

  12. Yes, the synthetic products are just so much microplastic. Actually you remind me here of the only concern I have for using baking soda. According many dentists, including mine which is also a close friend, baking soda could be bad on the teeth (removing the protective layer or something like that), especially for sensitive teeth. So be careful with that or maybe consult with dentist just to be sure.

  13. Great...Now I need to go in the rain out and get some, because those look irresistible!!!

  14. The pill can be less effective if the person taking it is throwing up or having diarrhea (like from a flu) maybe shortly after taking it. The logic behind is that if the pill is not absorbed can fail to prevent ovulation (therefore an egg will be released).

  15. Not a science, but I was thinking how we are missing Peace focused sphere and training in our lives.

  16. This is insane story. You have rights. Can't you sue them? You are paying them right? And they need to cover this expense.

  17. I am fully expecting to fight this. It’s just difficult right now as I am still recovering and not 100%. The clock is ticking though, I have less than 60 days to try to appeal my insurance’s decision but I have no idea where to start without my doctor’s input and have been trying to get a call back from them for two weeks. I’m just so tired and it is so frustrating and overwhelming.

  18. I really don't know what to advise you here. Probably go to the hospital immediately and do everything possible to receive all documents and all information you need. They can't refuse to provide.

  19. Failing education systems shape people who are not really able to think critically therefore are very likely to believe in conspiracy theories (which is easy and gives people the false impression that they know something special) rather than analyze the facts which often requires more effort.

  20. You should agree on the important questions and finances, vaccines, having children and how to raise them or religion are some of the important ones. It's seems that you just take her opinion and agree with because it doesn't matter for your now. But in the future when things get serious they will become problems.

  21. But I couldn't understand if you actually talked to her about the option of her buying some more clothes that she might need and what are her thoughts on that?

  22. If she is so kind and close with most people in the office, probably it is her normal personality/behavior and not a special treatment directed towards you. And very likely if you make a romantic move it will make things awkward.

  23. One of the hard lessons is that you don’t always want to “succeed.” Not everyone is right for you and you aren’t right for everyone, and that’s okay. The sooner you figure that out, the better.

  24. Thank you! That really makes sense. I guess most of the times I wait until all water is out and there's this sizzling sound. I use a really aluminum moka pot, the smallest size.

  25. I know people here will hate me forever when i say that I use ground coffee. I know I shouldn't expect the best results with this but there are times where it's really fine. But there are time that's horrible (with the same coffee) so I really think there's something else affecting the taste.

  26. This is so scary. What happened next? How did the bear got into your property?

  27. No, just really hope i don’t become like my dad

  28. Shop local when possible to reduce footprint (packaging/transportation) from having things delivered.

  29. How much is packaging to the local retailer less than shipping to an individual home?

  30. When you purchase locally produced goods it will significantly reduce the packaging waste. Of course it's not possible in every case.

  31. I was just going to ask if they are for real. So thanks for clarifying.

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