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  1. He had a flying pig when I saw him two weeks in Detroit

  2. And we now know that video did not kill the radio star, Apple Music and Spotify did.

  3. Some states charge a nickel for a plastic bag. I wonder if there is a DoorDash button for adding bags to your order!

  4. How the fuck do people “hold it”?, I know people who won’t shit for an entire vacation because they can only go on family toilets, not public ones. Then they shit a softball.

  5. Went 15 days without being able to deuce once. The day I was finally going to go to the hospital, I had diarrhea that wrapped its way around the fossilized turd inside of me, and while trying not to cry on the toilet, I spent almost two hours shitting out a log around as thick as a soda can. There was a horrific amount of blood and I lost all attraction to "rough anal" porn.

  6. Sorry for taking a photo instead of screenshot. Reddit is blocked by firewall at work.

  7. We usually set up 20 sundials at different spots and depending on the shadow at 1:53 p.m. CDT we get the dimensions. Gotta work fast

  8. That’s how they came up with using lasers to measure dimensions!! Using light! Lol!

  9. It can look like O or 0 if its a bit worn down

  10. With dot matrix printers a 6 could be made to look much like a 5, 8, or 9.

  11. I hate Arabic numerals, all my homies use Roman numerals. Zero is an unnecessary digit!

  12. Old typewriters didn’t have a 1, you used a lower case l.

  13. I only learned about this the other day while looking up some park stats on wikipedia. I'm guessing it isn't general knowledge.

  14. That’s a horrible trend in American law that started a couple decades ago. The law went from “if it’s not explicitly in the law that you can’t do it, then it’s a permitted activity.”, To “here are the rules: if it’s not explicitly stated in the rules, then it’s not legal”.

  15. Timeline doesn’t match up to this being season 1 of breaking bad. It’s about 4 years before.

  16. Yea someone said twice, and you could not know someone was bailed out of jail and then take the to their lawyer later.

  17. Probably not during breaking bad timeline. Emilio and krazy8 basically held Jesse at gunpoint until Walt gassed them

  18. I’ve been quite impressed with both Ukraine and Russias dry sense of humour, irony and sarcastic wit in the last few months. There’s a general belief in the UK and maybe Europe that Americans don’t get irony and dry humour so much. I’ve travelled a lot and had issues sometimes with Americans thinking I’m being literal or serious about something whilst other nationalities understood I was joking so maybe it’s true. These messages by Russians though are blatantly meant to be humorous showing they are well aware of the bullshit excuses of their leaders.

  19. I would say more then general belief, more like a routine around Reddit . Readers on here don’t see /s and your comment does on the vine. I attribute it to some sarcasm dna strand missing.

  20. I would say more then general belief, more like a routine around Reddit . Readers don here don’t see /s and your comment dies on the vine. I attribute it to some sarcasm dna strand missing.

  21. Definitely. I'd put them up there with the Coen brothers

  22. I want to know his motives for this more than any other comment lol

  23. They are very strict about ONLY playing the countrybluesrockbluegrasspsychidelicinstrumentalpercussionist genre of music

  24. W1b3 says:

    Yeah but we do this with our parents too. We also do mixed sauna. But I do think even us Finns there has been a change, especially mixed sauna.

  25. When I have people over, I always make it clear that if you want to use the spa (8 person) the towels are on the rack and if you didn’t have something to wear not to worry no-one here will be offended if you go in without.

  26. She should be suing the man responsible anyway not walmart

  27. You are responsible for what happens on your property, many times even if the person is there illegally committing a crime. Now when you get to court a burglar who severed an artery crawling through your window he broke is probably going to be awarded $1.00 . But legally it’s a win.

  28. Jaguar electrical and parts availability on a vehicle that was only produced for 3 years scares me lol

  29. Got to find someone in the know, my man! Got to find those brake pads they used on the Dodge Viper in 03, and forget about finding a fuel pump, there is two anyway, so send one out to be rebuilt and you will get it back in a few months. Run with the diag tool plugged in full time so when it goes into rpm limit mode on the interstate you can clear it and stay about 45mph. Shall I continue, or does that adequately explain my life?

  30. Hahaha, I always felt the same way about my Landcruiser, but it’s nothing in comparison to that. Parts for mine are expensive, but at least they’re available.

  31. I live with a mechanic and a guy wanted to buy our truck but didn’t have all the money so he tossed it in to sweeten the deal a bit. Basically he realized what it would cost to fix everything was about the blue book (then) and we knew what we were getting into.

  32. Hell no not okay. I bet there’s more surprises in that attic.

  33. I can honestly say I cannot see a single thing right with it.

  34. My work truck with a Texas plate is registered to a new jersey address

  35. So the Texas DMV, mails the new registration stickers to lessor in New Jersey, and they mail them back to you in TX to put on your work truck plate which you don’t own?

  36. I don't have registration stickers. Lots of places don't now. But if the police run my plate it goes to a NJ address

  37. Then I presume if a cop ran a TX plate and it came back as NJ he would know it’s a lease, and knock on your door and ask if you wanted it towed away. If you were not home it would be very odd for an owner to leave a car parked like that with an empty driveway, and would likely think a more serious crime may have occurred.

  38. You don’t do math much do you? Do you have access to your Father portfolio? No, you don’t .

  39. Does he declare the money you give him to do that as income? And can you write that off as a business expense like the lube?

  40. I don’t think it’s the condom they are buying, it’s what is in it.

  41. They don't have to retire if they like what they do and are good at it. Which they certainly do and are. Like I said, Martin Scorsese is 79 and still at it. (Knock on wood)

  42. I’m sure they are both in their beachfront homes by the pool having drinks and food delivered and doing their favorite activities. Writing.

  43. Me too, I looked it up, Peter is not as old as I thought, he’s 61. You don’t have to retire at 65, but most people would like to if they have the means. Which they undoubtedly do.

  44. Damn I was hoping to see "I don't need evacuation, I need ammunition" in the trailer. Still very nice.

  45. I doubt there will ever be or has been a quote from a leader of a country headed to war that will be more powerful and motivating than those seven words.

  46. Wearing neoprene under a dry suit just always seemed like a decision that was not well thought out to me. But that’s a them problem not a me problem.

  47. I've been wearing the same two piece fourth element arctic for 7 or 8 years now, love it! I found it a little boutant at foirst but after tumble drying it once its been the business since. Seal Skin socks are pretty legit too.

  48. I prefer something that wicks the sweat away, but I cannot tell you how many times I just dropped my tool belt, kicked off my boots, and jumped in my suit in work clothes. Takes 1 minute. Fleece is nice though too.

  49. Got it that sounds like my next plan of action. The funny thing was the appraiser told me we’d get it removed easily. It sounds like they were a 3rd party hired by the mortgage company.

  50. Question is : Did they actually deny you over the $3500. Or let it go? I’d sit down and ask them to do it anyway. Then have the SO say something like “Are we still going to be able to buy that rental if they don’t remove the PMI?”

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