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  1. Thank you! I still think I need to work on getting a better foot but I am super critical of my food 😋

  2. The feet look just fine, I wouldn’t worry about that at all. Sometimes I get really tiny feet like that when I have too much food coloring, so if there was a lot of yellow in there, that may have contributed, but small feet are good feet.

  3. Thank you! I definitely had to put quite a bit of gel coloring in I use natural food coloring but I am thinking about breaking down and buying the powerful stuff haha. I stalked your page for a sec and saw your beautiful macarons so I definitely appreciate the praise. Can I ask what coloring you use?

  4. Americolor! I had a brief stint where I used only Master Elites but I wasn’t a fan.

  5. Yes, my seconds can use their images for their portfolio. I ask that they wait until the full albums have been delivered and that they not tag couple/vendors.

  6. Oh my sweet summer child, they named their kid cybin after psilocybin?? Maybe we should all just name our kids after how their conception occurred.

  7. Wow wow wow!! I have a hard time buying macarons while out, but if I walked into a bakery and saw these I'd be leaving with a dozen.

  8. Could you please elaborate on "Then add them together and pipe"?

  9. I put them into separate bowls to color separately. Then I pour each one onto a piece of plastic wrap side by side. Roll up the plastic wrap and stick it in a pastry bag and pipe onto a silicone mat.

  10. Where are you guys even seeing this average time? I don't get tha tin the app at all.

  11. Every time I finish a puzzle in the app, it pops up with this. Also in the app, on the bottom right you can click on stats and see your average times for every day of the week.

  12. Share for sure. If I’m really doing way more than them, I’d maybe do a 60/40, but they are there working too and deserve the tip as well.

  13. I don’t know if they still do it, but many (many) years ago my parents were out of the country over thanksgiving so they sent my brother and I to the embassy suites and it was awesome.

  14. Thank you! I still consider myself a beginner but flood icing is the one I’ve got down - everything else is where I struggle.

  15. They probably won’t notice like others have said, but for the really egregious ones, I run through topaz labs denoise software.

  16. This is what my first attempts looked like. Now I’m almost a year in and people pay me to make cookies for them - this is a really awesome first go.

  17. Don’t know if the layering of the stars was intentional but super cute regardless!

  18. Since I am a novice pie baker, I thought that I had to cover the whole thing except for a small space to vent, so I layered the stars to make sure the whole pie was covered. Only, of course, to discover that I could have just placed them neatly in there and not have to worry about covering it all.

  19. Did a proposal. It was a super grey and cloudy day, even a bit foggy. Client said he wants me to lower the saturation and contrast, said his skin tones are too dark. What do you all think?

  20. If you’re using Lightroom to edit, you can select subject through masking and up the exposure on them without losing the details of the background. Once they are brightened up, they may look less muddy/contrasty

  21. I make them send me a shot list so if something gets missed it’s not my fault. Every family has nuances and I don’t want to try to pose exes who don’t speak or call for a deceased family member and make things awkward.

  22. I deal with this as well. My ex is incredibly codependent on me and calls me every single day he has the kids with him. It’s really frustrating. Sometimes he just wants to tell me that our youngest (who is 7) fell and got a scratch. Or asks inane questions that I’ve already answered 17 times. Or talk about something that’s going to occur with the kids next year.

  23. Any guesses on a lease here? Immediate thought is a 50mm but the wider shots are making me wonder.

  24. I’m thinking either voigtlander 58mm or 85mm shot wide open. The wider shots are probably 24mm.

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