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  1. I thought it’s when your uncle jack is stuck on a horse?

  2. They have your fucking card details lmao settle down they're not gonna do much with your number.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but using/selling your credit card info is cause for bank investigation and serious repercussions, whereas selling your phone number to scam callers is easy to do with no way to intervene on our end. Not the same thing at all?

  4. Are you aware there’s more to life than children? Hobbies? Travel? Other family members besides offspring? How narrow-minded and depressing. No children =/= emptiness and loneliness. My mom is the loneliest woman I know and my adult sister with mental illness still lives at home with them.

  5. My computer is up to date, I have restarted my computer many times, I logged out of BattleNet and nothing either. It won’t even let me uninstall! Nothing the error link suggests works and I have no clue what to do from here. I’ll reach out to customer service next but maybe someone here knows what’s happening…

  6. Thank you so much!! It seems like a lot of people are having this same issue. Is there a move to fix this?

  7. Easier to show than tell - take a look at what Bernie Wrightson does in

  8. I apologize, not only am I smooth brained but also very new to art terminology. What do you mean by intentional value grouping? If you’re able to ELI5 that would be much appreciated! I do grab what you’re getting at with the link you shared, but…

  9. If you think about values as shades of grey, some are darker and some are lighter. You don't want to put two shades of grey that are close together in value on top of each other bc they blend together. So you intentionally choose a few values -- which can be greys, different shades of the same color, darker and lighter cross hatching etc -- for your piece and strategically use them so that they contrast with each other where they're placed. This creates the optimum visual effect and things are easily recognizable and don't blend together.

  10. Great explanation! Thank you for taking the time to reply! I’ll keep this in mind when working on my own projects.

  11. Western Canada doesn't have this.. seems to be an Ontario thing?

  12. It’s an Eastern Canada specialty! I live in Alberta now but grew up in Nova Scotia and I remember these vividly in my childhood. I used to cut the bag hole way too big and give my parents grief when pouring it out - it’s a delicate game lmao. AFAIK and judging from this post, still very common out east!

  13. I live in Alberta as well, is there expiry dates stamped on these bags? Seems really old fashioned

  14. Yup! Just the same as cartons and jugs. You typically put the bag in a pitcher to make it easier to handle. I remember visiting Ontario a few years ago for a family reunion and seeing these made me laugh since I totally forgot they existed. I love seeing posts about them and the flabbergasted comments.

  15. I haven't really done much painting myself and don't know much about it.

  16. Mine have been out for almost 8 years and the holes are still visibly there.

  17. Don’t think I could poke a stud back through, but you can definitely see them.

  18. Ahh that’s a shame, but I’ve heard similar that it could also scar in a funky way and leave your nipples a little deformed. I personally feel dumb I didn’t read up on that (or this now) before I got them done because I might’ve reconsidered. Not worth it imo! Thanks for sharing homie.

  19. Barrage. Yes it gets kills, but you are actively trading your life for enemies', often just one. And I think it's far time to reduce the gargantuan self-harm and inability to cancel it

  20. As a Pharah main the key is to do it unnoticeably. You have to set yourself up by going completely undetected for a good minute and really try to sneak up on the team. Don’t let them know where you are! Wait for a good time when stuns and shields have recently be used and try to focus on the support back line, preferably away from tanks. I honestly never expect to die during this ult unless it’s a panic ult when the fight is ending, because it’s an easy enough ult as long as you’re under the radar and tracking cooldowns. I do absolutely whiff sometimes and hit nothing, but I don’t die as often as one might expect with this ult.

  21. Also, what fucking incentive do you need to play?! It's a fucking GAME! It's meant to be played for fun! They're putting chores into videogames! This is the shit that parents do to their kids! "You can only have fun this way of you do your tasks first!"

  22. This is why I quit WoW. I had returned a few months before the last expansion released so I was naturally many years behind a large majority of long time players. The grinding and dailies it had you do in end game to get gear and continue your faction or whatever literally felt like chores. You’d log into each character and do the same stupid quests over and over again each day to maybe get a little further along then do it all again the next day with not really getting anywhere. Especially for myself who was more of a casual player, it was literally hell to log on and play for a couple of hours to basically minutely advance on one character at a time by doing repetitive shit. It took so long to actually advance one character and I barely made it into any mythic content before I got too bored to continue - I missed expansions where you just discovered the world and quested and geared up in better ways than repetitive dailies. PLUS the subscription felt like an extra punch to the gut, considering I’m continuing to pay for something I only commit so much of my time to. I am very much considering resubbing for the WotLK as that’s the content I’m all here for, but I have no desire to play a game that’s designed to feel like a chore.

  23. How does peeing on poison ivy do anything worse or do you guys pee differently over there‽

  24. Homie do u know who half the population of people are and how they pee?

  25. I dislike that show and The Office, especially The Office because of how people on dating apps twisted it to being some unique characteristic about themselves because they love that show

  26. Oh god no I know I’m just as depressed as every other 24 year old girl who has watched only this show on repeat every single night for the last 5 years.

  27. Not itchy or really noticeable at all, I found it while trying on bras at the mall and I had a mini panic attack in the stall lol.

  28. They're very close in size. As is the Philippine eagle. There's a lot of overlap; a normal size harpy eagle may be bigger than a smaller SSE.

  29. Sorry I’m dumb, is what you’re saying the idea of body mass in relation to body size? As in, the body mass of the SSE is a larger ratio than that of the Harpy? Or is it that they legitimately are all within a similar body size range but body mass gives the SSE the title?

  30. Same. I’ve always been jealous I can’t wear cute cheap earring. It’s an expensive allergy.

  31. Seriously!!! I got so many cute ones from local shops and such because I wasn’t having any issues at all. It hurts to feel like I wasted all my money on them now. I’ve never had a flare up like this before ever.

  32. You cannot just deal with an allergy, you have to stop using cheap/non hypoallergenic jewelry for good. Even when your ear is not “flaring up”, your allergy still exists. I would treat this like a new piercing, baby it, and stay away from your old jewelry in the future.

  33. Fair enough, makes sense. I get it, it’s something I have to deal with and not cover up. I’ll look into saving up for better quality jewelry and wear what good ones I have now. Thanks for all the help!

  34. As a night owl and a former night-shift delivery driver I just have to say this is the dumbest and most self-centered thing I've read in a really long time. Holy shit you're delusional.

  35. Agreed. I’m not a night shifter, but I work the evening shift at my job and end at 9pm. I provide recreation therapy to seniors in a nursing home - if we went by OPs idiotic take, I simply would not have a job??? Seniors don’t deserve to have recreational activities past 5pm because I should instead be home and doing what exactly? There are PLENTY more jobs, both more common and more niche than mine, that extend past critical essential services. OP is very ignorant to a large functioning part of the real world. They need to get a new mindset and try touching grass for once.

  36. Mercy isn’t good in most players hands

  37. Literally the other night had an enemy Mercy player in the chat saying “well I did all I could, not much more I could do with Mercy there”.

  38. My FIL was ticketed for doing this. Kept on doing it.

  39. Lol I saw someone do this in my city where turning right on a red is illegal at this particular intersection (it’s a pedestrian walk, so when peds are on the road, both ways are red and no rights are allowed). So not only did he do this, but also turned right illegally in the first place, lol.

  40. Think of a graph with an x and a y value. dogs on the x forest on the y. The word dog and an image of a dog are linked same for forest. If both values are high its a dog in a the forest. if both values are low, probably not. Now instead of two values (x,y) imagine 10 billion values.

  41. That literally didn’t help me understand it more at all lol

  42. Dang I have such mixed feelings on this. I love the smaller size and also the color scheme, even though it's not "classic glossier" looking, but I still can't get over how much I hate the dimension lines on it 😅🥴

  43. Have you told your wife that? Because from your wife’s point of view right now it would seem like you care more about the life your dog had then the life your child had. Not wanting to be reminded of trauma is fair.

  44. I wish more YTA answers would read this. It’s a totally valid and understandable reason for a very dark time in their lives.

  45. And, here's a life hack for you. When you come with a defensive, snarky attitude in your reply people are gonna naturally give you the same energy.

  46. LMAOO they literally gave the most normal, slightly sarcastic reply quoting what you said, and you call it snarky and cunty? I’m sorry you’re feeling the need to go off on others like this on zero basis. You can give your opinion, but you went on to generalize and actually talk down on the tattoo placement itself, so obviously people on this public forum will challenge your reply (and civilly too! Unlike you seem to perceive). Who cares if it’s trendy, it’s literally a tattoo on a perfect spot for the size and shape. Take a breath, hope you have a good day homie.

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