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  1. Awesome. I've been away so haven't checked DMs and will reach out tomorrow!

  2. Since when are reds /25? I thought orange was /25 and red was /5?

  3. I was just as confused....disappointed it was /25 not /5....but still pumped on the pull.

  4. I’ll help out after I get my boxes in and rip. Good luck

  5. Appreciate it, it was a fun rip. Pulled a Kelenic red /25 and a Nationals RC pitcher AUTO /25. Six megas got me pretty close to base sets of regular and purple.

  6. The Bill Snyder Half is really good. It's in Manhattan and ends in the K-State football stadium. May race if I remember correctly.

  7. Im not MC member. I went to and found it. Then went to 582 site and it wouldnt even let me get seeing details of a membership.

  8. There are non numbered versions of this card including a gold and orange version they are just all really hard to come by. Didn’t really want the /5 but it was the first Arenado I had seen in quite some time.

  9. Correct, just hard to come by. At least they have been recently.

  10. 👍 First time I've seen the card. Gorgeous. Wish he was still a Rockie....

  11. Fucking gorgeous card. Hope he pans out! Or not, then I could afford it someday 😂

  12. You'll forgive me for hoping it gets further out of your reach. lol. jk

  13. They typically don't raise prices on their boxes. When Bowman Chrome 2021 hobby boxes came out, Fanatics had them for $249, this was when the big 3 had increased the pricing to about $300. I bought a bunch using the Costco gift card deal mentioned below, so got hobby boxes for about $215 after taxes (this was the pre-order price for these I think)

  14. Fanatics still seems to bump up the Topps prices that I see. Bowman Chrome hobby's we're a lot less than $249 on the Topps website, something like $179 or $199 I think? This is what I'm afraid of with Fanatics is an overall higher price for Topps products.

  15. Back to collecting now as an adult, I take a lot more time and am much more deliberate when I bust packs and organize. I use plastic card dividers and ultimately print out logos and names on sticky labels to make it look good. I get so much more satisfaction out of it this way.

  16. Really sorry to here this happened man. We made a big set building trade this summer and I want to help you get another collection started. When you get a new secure address and settled DM me your address and I'll send you a package of cards and some Braves for sure. Keep positive despite the setback, brighter days are ahead and hopefully a baseball season to enjoy again with cards again soon.

  17. Right now it's definitely a keeper, but I'll post it again if it becomes available.

  18. It's a fun rip for sure. I did the 2020 version and nearly got the complete set.

  19. Doesnt say auto/patch card. Literally says what the card is. If someone is dumb enough to pay $61 for it, they werent duped in this case

  20. So, you're saying it's ok to purposely price this so incredibly far above true market value, knowing full well the seller is looking for a sucker? Not all collectors are experts in cards and would easily be duped by this. I guess that's just business in your book? Taking advantage of people in this manner? Man, that's low bud.

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