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Victims' families urged armed police officers to charge into Uvalde school while massacre carried on for upwards of 40 minutes

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40% of bitcoin investors are now underwater, new data shows

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Alabama ban on gender-affirming care for transgender youth takes effect

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Crowds protest at Supreme Court after leak of Roe opinion draft

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Satanic Temple requests flag raising at Boston City Hall after Supreme Court rules city violated free speech rights in refusing to fly Christian flag

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  1. It is surprising that Trump is still able to hire a lawyer. I am guessing they would want payments in advance as his last lawyer complained about not getting paid.

  2. It's starting to feel like the parkland shooting in Florida, where the cops were just busy hiding behind walls until the shooting slowed down.

  3. This is the recommended course of action since Columbine. In 1999 they treated it as a hostage situation, allowing Dylan and Eric to just chill in the library and halls killing people unimpeded for a LONG time. They had both committed suicide for nearly an hour by the time the police entered the building.

  4. Looks like in this case, they THINK they did what was needed - "contained him in 1 classroom".

  5. Isn't it interesting that the republicans that scream voter fraud are the ones who are caught for voter and election fraud?

  6. How do you think they KNOW there are voter frauds? Because they are committing them!!

  7. Not saying I agree with this cadets, but I can empathize with their thinking. To your question, they would argue that those other vaccines have decades of scientific data behind them, while this vaccine was invented using a method that had never before been approved and went through a very expedited approval process.

  8. There aren't that many vaccines have been widely used in BILLIONS of people with such a low side effects at this point like Covid MRNA vaccines.

  9. They relinquished their thinking to pundits, charlatans and politically-motivated contrarians.

  10. Well, they ARE trained not to think but to follow orders though (Yes, officer training is supposed to give them critical thinking ability, BUT it always clashes with military hierarchical command structure) . That said, in this case, they are following WRONG ones and it will cost them a lot of $$.

  11. Samsung has to wait for Apple to make one and then copy it and make it cheaper.

  12. Samsung have made cars before where as Apple has not.

  13. Well that's depressing. Searched police and the first 20 pages nobody made less than 400k

  14. Yah, I looked up the teacher's salary in my school district when they were on strike asking for "better pay" and "no co-pay for healthcare".

  15. Honest question, why does it seem like Texas is having these issues more often? Is it actually happening more or is it being reported more consistently? I'd be embarrassed if I were Texas.

  16. Because, long ago, Texas decided that they do not want to be part of the national power grid because they felt that they by them selves can do better/cheaper.

  17. Looks like somewhere, police pool has just grown by 4.

  18. Yes but the cadets normally get them when they enroll. These idiots are just letting their political bullshit get in the way of their careers. At this point they aren’t officer material because their critical thinking skills are severely fucking lacking.

  19. Unfortunately, they will most likely become a cop. :(

  20. reminds me of Nissan motors vs. Nissan Computer case resulted in weird compromise.

  21. they do not even believe what they preach.

  22. This isn't an unusual or weird thing at all? If someone told me "oh my 6 year old ran 26 miles" i'd immediately think "oh it's a 50/50 chance you're either an abusive lunatic or that kid is just weird and having a good time". And.....yknow, I dont know which one it is! Neither does CPS! They didn't take the kid no questions asked, they just got called about a kid doing a weird thing and they visited. That's what CPS does

  23. 50/50? It is more like 99.9% chance they are abusive lunatic. No 6 yr old can (nor should they) POSSIBLY enjoy running 26 miles while crying etc. for 8 hours+.

  24. He had many goals, but his principally stated goal has still not been accomplished: to end US military presence in Saudi Arabia. Costing the US trillions of dollars, thousands of lives, and myriad liberties and freedoms? Yes, he did that, but that was always secondary objectives.

  25. Costing US Trillions of $$ = Enriching so many military related industries.

  26. What’s worse is why they took up arms against the US. Imagine wanting to own other humans so badly you are willing to be killed and have your cities burned to ground because of it. Now imagine all that happening and still being too dumb and racist to admit your mistake, let alone learn from it.

  27. Uh, no.. The slave OWNERs, who tend to be rich, were not willing to be killed really. They just sent the poor people and their kids to the war.

  28. in 1966, you could walk around with a loaded gun.. literally anywhere.. yet there were no school shootings..

  29. I remember friends buying Dominos with it. And drugs.

  30. I remember days when you just had to ASK for them and people would just send you bunch of bitcoins.

  31. Digging a ditch is far from the unskilled labor it is usually portrayed as. It takes real skill and knowledge to dig quickly (or, failing that, just efficiently) through different soil types by hand.

  32. I have to agree. It took me all day to dig few holes to plant some shrubs, and these guys who work for Verizon came around and dug like 5-6ft deep holes in couple of hours - not a large hole but deep hole. They went really quickly, it was amazing to see the skilled people at work.

  33. That actually makes sense though. They are using roads. We normally pay for it via gas tax. But if we transition to electric it has to change.

  34. Then charge for what ACTUAL amount of road tax they WOULD pay and DEDUCT clean air part that they WOULD have incurred. (Tax on Electricity used by EV drivers DOES pay for some other aspect of state infrastructure though)

  35. Yeah that’s called felony murder and frankly I’m fine with it. Don’t rob people.

  36. But there are some really really bad application of it though.

  37. So, you ARE saying that "Liberals" should have put up a law which would deputize citizens to sue unvaccinated people $10k for "spreading Covid" and make SURE that the unvaccinated can NOT recover ANY lawyer fees so that they would just get the shots instead of paying the lawyer fee?

  38. No actually, I would prefer everybody has the choice to do what they want with their body. Be it get an abortion or choose to not get a vaccine, without state interference.

  39. I don't think that works for communicable disease though.

  40. They are selling you the "space" to put your stuff in.

  41. What are you doing in your life that you are worried about that happening?

  42. it may not have to do with YOUR assets.

  43. Yes they know this. The timeliness are specifically set to make it difficult/impossible to recieve an elective abortion.

  44. Yup, and they also do not allow morning after pills either so what is it other than control they want?

  45. Yeah... they don't believe that yet. But it's the plan. They'll believe it by the end of the week. I don't know how or why this got leaked, but it's becoming more and more obvious that there is some serious coordination in messaging between right wing media, politicians, influencers and the GOP. The leak had barely just happened before all four of those groups were parroting the same outrage message about the sanctity of the court being violated, almost verbatim. Our senator posted a statement and within seconds it was flooded by the same exact messaging by seemingly fake troll accounts. I don't watch Tucker, or any of Fox's line up but I'm sure it took center stage in last nights opinion news cycle.

  46. Odd thing is, the ruling was going to be public anyways. What are they complaining about?

  47. Some speculate its to pressure a justice who was wavering on the issue, maybe Kavenaugh. Now if he alters his views it will seem like he's bowing to public pressure.

  48. Why should he? Or the 3 people signed on to that opinion who said DURING CONFIMATION that the Roe is "settled law"?

  49. Cross there for a century? Part of our history and tradition. Abortion rights there for half a century? An abomination that should be uprooted and discarded.

  50. Checked the article by no mention of pay. Anyone find out what the pay is?

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