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My valentine makes my heart beat out of my chest.

  1. Lots of ppl said tonight should be busier in other threads. GL - I'm heading out soon too.

  2. That's almost a tank of gas, unless you're in EV. 😆

  3. I made $340 in 7 1/2 hours. $3 peak pay, no one else working, stack upon stack. It was great. I understand not everyone has the great area I have. (Bay Area)

  4. Black Friday at night is good. Black Friday lunch is a terrible shift.

  5. Ty! I'm headed out later and was wondering. Lunch was busy, but didn't go so dunno if any good. Lots of ppl don't get today off too....

  6. I think it was 10 mos for me. Then spotted another 10 mos later. Had zero effect on symptoms, just adding insult to the whole thing.

  7. I’ve been one of those underpaid and underworked folks and it’s no excuse to be an asshole.

  8. Thank you. When i have those days, I am mindful to let the CSR know my issue is not with them. If the person really isn't listening/helping, I end the call and call back.

  9. I recommend spending time watching the pet collective tv. Otherwise, I could have written your OP 😀

  10. Iraq and Afghanistan. In medboard right now. Nice to meet you.

  11. U2. Good luck. Fwiw, I agree most of them are full of crap. Don't agree with everything beto sez, but he did work for vets in congress. That any vet except with a dishonorable can walk into the va for counseling today was his cause and now law. Whenever you start dealing with the va and see that's the only thing that's easy if you do it, you'll appreciate it.

  12. Yeah, I've tried to get the ball rolling on VA side, but they won't work anything until 180 days before a discharge date. Which sucks, because this thing could take a year or more to finish up :/

  13. Are you in Amarillo? You can dm me later. Gtg now, but willing to help navigate as much as possible.

  14. Someone suggested Bomb City when I asked a few months ago. I was happy with them. Just moved from storage to an address. Everyone seems to like firefighters, but call early.

  15. I used A & W Storage/Bekins a few months ago and had an awesome experience. I just had them move my big stuff, they were quicker than I expected, wrapped everything up, and I just told them what to take. This big bearded fella came out and quoted everything. Would recommend

  16. Have to disagree. Had the exact opposite experience. Lots of others around.

  17. As a disabled vet, you know zero so your comment is worthless. Pulling your own tooth out is gonna be less pain than dealing with the VA for most vets.

  18. And, I hope you got help/improvement...

  19. I've known ppl who sold amway like 20 yrs ago. Never talked about the money stuff. They just did it with friends/family, no pressure and had other jobs. I'm sure prices are very different, but back then, some of their stuff was higher quality for less and they had free shipping long before anyone ever heard of bezos. They also made organic/ biosafe cleaning and care before any major retailers.

  20. I bought a zero water filter system a while back and it works great here.

  21. You’ll get dry socket if that’s the case. You can see a dentist for treatment either prophylactic or after. I can’t recommend anything you can do safely to prevent dry socket. Flipper is fine to wear.

  22. NAD - it’s starting to close faster than I expected tbh. Est 30% from Friday. Still no increase in pain, crossing fingers it continues to heal normally. No bleeding, no redness, lots of saltwater.

  23. Do less saltwater. Don’t disrupt the clot by rinsing or swishing. If your going to rinse, put the solution in your mouth and rock your head side to side and let the water fall out your mouth.

  24. NAD - ty. The clots are already gone for sure. There were two, I knew when it happened and had someone verify there wasn’t a third at the top of the cone. Drinking and yogurt. 🫤

  25. NAD - since you’re on Reddit, look for a sub of the city you moved to like below and search/ask there.

  26. NAD - some medical conditions might contribute. There are treatments that some DDS recommend depending on severity and other factors.

  27. I’ve had them over a year. Never have had a problem. There’s not any writing in the instructions either. It’s all pictures. Really simplified. We had the dish sit in the backyard until we had it mounted. It moves automatically to find the closest satellite. I’ve heard their support isn’t great but I’ve never needed them. I paid around $500 something for the dish/router. They just had a price increase so that sounds right.

  28. Thanks 😊 Just read a review - hughes v starlight v viasat (didn’t know starlight was elon). Seems they’ve been saying the equipment cost “will be reduced.” Hrmmm, echoes of self driving cars banging around in my head lol. Generally I like him, but learned a bit of healthy skepticism too.

  29. He’s not my favorite but it’s way better than Suddenlink ever will be

  30. Oh, how long did it take to get your equipment? The article was last month, so could be recent issues but it mentioned back orders and delays.

  31. Movin’ On Up. It’s owned by a couple firefighters and their movers are all off duty firefighters. They treat stuff right and do a great job.

  32. Have used them multiple times with mixed results, mostly good though. I wouldn’t tell ppl not to use them. Just wanted to check around.

  33. Nope, they just hide it better than back then, no matter the group. Improved, yes. Gone, nope.

  34. Sunny and 70 in Chicago. Whats up with that?

  35. Wait 24-36 hrs, it’s just the time difference lol 😂

  36. 🎶 Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you. No you can't. Yes I can. No you can't. Yes I can. No you can't. Yes I can, yes I can. 🎶

  37. Suggest calling or visiting facilities. Have several nurses with various certs in family. They started in either private care and nursing homes.

  38. I am a window cleaner if that’s something you’re interested in as well.

  39. How much your willing to pay? I have cleaning experience both residential and officer buildings.

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