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Sadly the white elephant I made for a white elephant gift party really didn’t go over well. The person who ended up with it was very mean and was going to give to his dog. Definitely never making anything for a party again.

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  1. Great question! I was so excited to gift it that I didn’t measure 😖. It’s a large lap size - could maybe cover a single bed.

  2. Unpopular opinion: Cruelty free is such a lamebrained term in the first place. What is cruel to one person is acceptable to the next and maybe even progressive to some.

  3. Yeah that cat issue you bring is particularly infuriating when that makes it’s way into the conversation. Not only are housecats also domesticated animals largely reliant on human intervention for survival (much like livestock breeds of sheep), cats left to their own devices outdoors are ecologically devastating.

  4. I use the one I linked below. I really like the ones I’ve got. Not sure if you are looking for a single loop ring or a multi loop ring. I’ve only used her single loop rings. The link below is to the one I’ve got.

  5. Thank you! I’ve seen this one pop a few times, so I might try it out.

  6. I got a couple from somewhere, I can't remember where, but couldn't make them work for me. Good luck, would be interested to hear from someone who likes them.

  7. Thanks for your feedback! I am nervous to get a cheap Amazon one and get what I pay for, but equally nervous to buy a nice one and not like it.

  8. Don’t worry! It’s a dEsIgN fEaTuRe

  9. I think I knit for an hour with mohair once before giving up. So, I never got to that part? What makes these? Are these just the inside of the balls of yarn? I'm confused...

  10. IME these are made when you’re knitting with something very loosely spun/plied, and/or something that sheds a lot. The action of tensioning the yarn with your hands pulls strands out and they roll together & accumulate as you ‘thread’ the yarn through your fingers.

  11. I personally like ‘times times’ for dramatic effect (and a bit of subtly conveyed exasperation).

  12. Not everyone is going to be a scientists. If your into policy then look into internships about policy. If your into politics then look into internships about politics. Ask yourself: how do YOU wish to contribute to sustainability?

  13. This is a great answer. This sub definitely skews towards people in natural sciences, and in particular people who are jaded by it, but I’ve had an extremely successful start to my career in environmental policy type work with a BA and MA. It is possible and I’m much happier than if I had forced myself to go back for an extra two years of science to get my P.geo (an option I considered).

  14. Will this help for ESG? And how difficult / expensive are they? And thanks.

  15. For ESG you likely want to be looking at ISO 14064, GHGP, STBI, TCFD, ISSB, etc.

  16. When I’m hiring new grads I am usually curious about their relevant education and industry-related projects first, and their non-related work experience/transferable skills second. You could try restructuring so you prioritize your masters and related content, and then weave in that you have some real-world work experience as a secondary component.

  17. The structure I think plus just looking at it for so long probably has me over it lol

  18. Honestly I feel you on this! I desperately want to be a person who wears all of my own handmade knits, but by the time I’m finished working on it I don’t want to look at it again!

  19. Yep. And I’ve seen people admit it. ‘I know I could google this but I prefer other people to do that work for me and provide me a direct and specific answer because community’. Hey, so long as there are people that don’t mind answering the same questions over and over, all the power to them. I just wish it didn’t clog up my feed so much.

  20. Ah, that's a shame, I guess I'll just hope that bit doesn't end up at the front. Will it become slightly less obvious with blocking, perhaps?

  21. Unfortunately it won’t become less obvious I don’t think. Your best bet would be to hide it on a side seam. If you envision knitting in the round as one long spiral as opposed to a series of rows, that might help you conceptualize why it looks this way.

  22. I agree with your point that it’s important to deal with water damage as quickly and completely as possible. Based on your comments it seems like you’ve had some bad luck with contractors, which sucks to hear! But not all plumbers/contractors fit under the generalizations you’re making. My husband worked for a flood and fire restoration company until recently and they absolutely rip out damaged materials like drywall, flooring, etc., and go to great lengths to make sure structural elements are dry and in good condition before replacing any of the finishings they removed.

  23. Pattern is on ravelry Brandywine by Romi Hill LinkRav:

  24. Did you modify at all? I can’t put my finger on it but I like the look of yours way more than any of the pattern photos.

  25. Genuinely, where's the wrong? Cereal's like my comfort food so I eat it all the time...what's the biscuit? I feel like I've been living life the wrong way...

  26. I think most people would avoid dairy after any kind of digestive upset as it is a common irritant/hard to digest. Definitely true for me. But I suppose it’s not universal!

  27. I would ladder up the stitches until I got to the broken strand. Then I'd graft across starting by duplicate stitching in the broken strand's row and continuing a graft across any missing stitches and again duplicate stitching for several stitches past where the broken strand forms solid stitches. Duplicate stitching to strengthen any worn sections would complete the mend

  28. Thanks! Yeah, that’s pretty much what I did but it turned out a touch wonky because I wasn’t very confident in my duplicate stitch on garter. Where I was duplicate stitching existing stitches it was fine, but the few stitches I had to create the missing stitches wasn’t perfect. I’ll need to find a tutorial on garter stitch duplicate stitch and I’m sure next time it will be prettier/more seamless.

  29. What about doing some duplicate stitch for that area? It’ll allow you to add in the missing stitches, and reinforce the thinner stitches.

  30. Thank you! Mending using duplicate stitch/Swiss darning was the search term I was needing to find useful videos for what I wanted to achieve. It’s not perfect but the hole is closed.

  31. The cost factor is why we do Secret Santa. Elfster will sort out who gets who, and we agree to a price limit, usually $50-100 depending on how everyone's doing that year. Then we have a shared Google doc with everyone's wishlist.

  32. My family has been doing Elfster now for a few years now as well, and we love it!

  33. I LOVE the idea of a megathread for beginner help questions. That way people who want to help can go there, and if it is pinned/referenced in the sidebar, people might have an easier time scanning for posts with a similar issue to theirs.

  34. Thank you! I really like this yarn too.

  35. My husband has made some similar really unilateral decisions about our cats. He insists that they can't be let outside, so they're unbelievably neurotic after being cooped up inside for the last 10 years.

  36. This comes from a place of kindness, but do you happen to know why your husband doesn’t want the cats outside? There are several valid reasons why domestic cats shouldn’t be ‘outdoor cats’, including but not limited to decimating bird populations, significantly increased chances of contracting and spreading diseases, and contributing to overpopulation and stray problems if they aren’t fixed.

  37. I know exactly why. His family had atleast 3 cats hit by cars growing up. They lived sandwiched between two busy roads.

  38. I can definitely appreciate that it sounds like these cats aren’t a good fit for your family under the circumstances, and also see why you wouldn’t want cats again after your experience with these ones. I’m sorry that your husband doesn’t seem open to rehoming as an option.

  39. This subreddit is just a soul-sucking void of people who hate their jobs and assume everyone else in the field will hate it too. This sub had me so terrified that I was making a huge mistake going into the environmental field, that it was impossible to get a job, that I’ll hate my job in this field, that you need a phd or a this or a that or whatever else, that whatever I’m doing now isn’t enough, etc. I get paid well and love my job. Most people who like their jobs are out doing their jobs instead of posting on Reddit in the middle of the day. If you like environmental science and already don’t have high salary expectations, go for it. Don't listen to people on here. If you want to know what environmental science graduates think, look them up on LinkedIn (particularly ones in your area with jobs you think you might enjoy) and message them asking for an informational interview.

  40. Agreed. And the few times I’ve tried to post perspectives that were different based on what I’ve experienced I’ve been argued with and treated with condescension. I have a BA and MA and work for an engineering firm doing climate policy.

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