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  1. Yeah I definitely spent a minute trying to understand the penis joke before I realized there wasn’t one. Oops.

  2. I think it depends on the yarn. If it is high contrast super variegated, I wouldn't use it for a garment, but I would do it with a shawl or a hat.

  3. Kind of like a tonal? I definitely agree with you that that would be preferable for garments

  4. Thanks! I really enjoyed the tones in this particular colour.

  5. Taking pictures is the only reason sock blockers exist, can't change my mind!

  6. Thank you! It’s my own personal challenge to try and use up every scrap of sock yarn haha.

  7. I really like the various lines that Knitpicks offers. Great price and hard wearing for socks, in my experience.

  8. Yep, stroll is my longtime favourite basic sock yarn, but they actually have a lot of really pretty colour ways on other lines as well.

  9. I like your textual representation of the joke soaring right over you.

  10. I want a post on the knitting sub like on the fitness sub. It's like, "did you Google this before you posted?"

  11. Yes please. That or ‘hey please search the archives of this sub before you post’. I find myself constantly scrolling past without commenting because you can only gently answer the same questions so many times without pulling out your own hair.

  12. One of the few times where having banana for scale truly helped me appreciate the size.

  13. You get my upvote. I agree! Does one avoid any inspiration websites at all costs? Unsubscribe from every yarn company’s newsletter? I’m too weak and my small resistance is futile.

  14. I literally don’t follow any yarn accounts or inspiration type stuff…. I have accumulated a favourites list I will never be able to achieve just from following this sub alone. I also don’t buy any yarn without it being for a specific project and yet with both of those things I STILL have enough stash to last me several years. It grows faster than it shrinks. Send help lol.

  15. I hear you! I recently bought a sock yarn that’s bfl plus nylon because I wanted to try something different than merino. 34$ a skein. If I was in a store and someone wanted $40 for a pair of socks or $200 for a sweater (like I’ve spent on yarn for a sweater) I would nope right out of there!! Idk really how I justify it to myself. It’s really the only thing I do for me, so I guess I make it okay to spend money on this one thing. Lol

  16. On top of paying for the end result of a wearable item, you’re also paying for the hours of entertainment that you get out of knitting it!

  17. Most of my knits are for my sons, they're almost 4 years old and still refusing to be born, so that's cheap enough, 1-3 balls per project. But then the website I buy my yarn from, you have to spend £20 to get free shipping and mostly when I buy yarn, I'm only spending £15-odd and then the shipping would be £4, so I might as well top it up to £20. What I've been doing is adding a ball of yarn for a jumper for myself every time I'm buying for other projects and between projects, using up that ball of yarn, then chucking the project on scrap yarn and carrying on with other projects until I buy more yarn (really important to have good project notes if you're going to do that, I use the Row Counter app). It's taken about a year, but the ball I just bought will finish off the second sleeve, neckline and ribbing, so I'll have a nice jumper for this winter! Because of that, I've also bought a first yarn of a new jumper project for myself.

  18. Thanks for pointing out that with your particular yarn the changing dye lots aren’t particularly noticeable. I think that this is a great strategy for spreading the cost of a sweater out overtime, but I think it will be really important to make sure that someone copying this has a plan for managing differing dye lots so that they aren’t disappointed with the end result when there might be noticeable variation. Lots of popular hand dyed and small batch yarns have noticeable differences between the skeins. It’s commonly recommended to alternate rows with two balls to blend the dye lots together. A bit of a pain but less annoying than being upset that you have unintended colour blocking lol.

  19. When you have more needles do a test. Knit 10 rows on plastic needles, your new circulars and wooden needles all the same size. I bet you’ll be surprised at the difference in the knit, even tho the needles are the same size. It’s weird.

  20. Yep. I started knitting a pair of socks on wooden circulars. I hate wooden (too grippy for me), but it was all I had in that size. My dog sat on my knitting and broke the needle. Since I was replacing the needle anyways, I chose to replace it with aluminum (my preference). The spot where I changed needles is very noticeable, even though they were the same size. I’m hoping with blocking and wear you won’t be able to tell as much lol.

  21. Could you do the same thing on the ball of the foot? I always grind through that area first.

  22. The only challenge I can think of would be carrying the second strand for only half a round (i.e the ball but not the instep). You’d probably either have to do the whole foot or come up with some kind of intarsia in the round but for only one strand workaround. Maybe someone else has tried it and has a method?

  23. Since holding the yarn and reinforcement together is basically the samething as duplicate stitch, which is my main way of weaving in ends... I think you could just cut it when you got to the end of the reinforcement area and join again on the other side, leaving a bit of a tail. If you're extra smart, you could do a weavin' Stephen style treatement to the tails, or if you're extra motivated, go back after and skim them in.

  24. Hmm good call. Thanks for the food for thought!

  25. Honestly hearing all of these stories (and more stories previous to this thread) I am 100% convinced that shops use the ‘mystery bag’ ploy as a way to offload their most horrendous crap that they can’t sell, rather than binning it and taking a total loss.

  26. A sweater with a secret flower stitched on the inside of the cuff?

  27. What about something with a selburose? It’s meant to be like a rose!

  28. Just want to add on here that the oh my figure pattern is amazing! The best pattern I have ever bought. You get a dress, top and skirt pattern all in one with modifications for a slit skirt or different sleeves. I also reached out to the designer multiple times with questions and she responded super quick. Plus I asked her if a sleeveless version was possible and she immediately sent me a written up pattern adjustment that I could potentially do to achieve this. Also the pattern itself is so clearly structured and rides the line perfectly between explaining enough things for beginners to follow whilst also not overdoing it to make the pattern bogged down or hard to read/follow for more advanced knitters. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

  29. Is it on ravelry? I couldn’t find it :(

  30. Genuine question, is washing with conditioner and laying flat not blocking? I've always done this with my knits and very rarely pin them unless it's lace work or something.

  31. It is. You only really need pins if you are trying to stretch the item into a specific shape/size.

  32. Blocking helps the stitches settle and will result in a cleaner, more consistent result across the board. My stockinette always looks better when blocked.

  33. Blocking is not a permanent solution to stockinette roll. This is because it is a function of the stitch being asymmetrical. You need a border:

  34. I'm always amazed at people who can finish things. I feel like I get a solid couple hours of craft time in 5 days a week, and it feels like a luxury, but I see people who knit (or whatever your craft is) like 8 hours a day on their day off from work and I just can't imagine having that kind of time. I work full time, own a house, and have one kid - I only get any hobby time at all because my standards of cleanliness would make my grandmother cry.

  35. Your last sentence - I feel that on an existential level.

  36. I'll jump on to the charity train. There is, no doubt, a senior facility in your area with people who don't get visitors. They will treasure whatever you choose to give them.

  37. For your #3, I’ve popped a WIP, and the remaining yarn needed to finish it, into a ziploc and dropped it off at the thrift shop. You never know if someone might spark joy with the idea of finishing it!

  38. Oops. I just bought the kit as well and a sweater quantity for something else I’ve had my eye on that was also on sale. I made my husband push the ‘confirm order’ button as implied consent for my unplanned purchase haha.

  39. Technically, there would be a jog when knitting in the round, but there are a few "jogless stripes" techniques you can use to further minimize the color change.

  40. I think you are likely referring to helical knitting, which is a technique designed for striping with two different yarns to create a ‘jogless stripe’. The jog is going to be far less noticeable with self-striping because there is continuity caused by the spiralling nature of knitting in the round (which gets disrupted when striping two or more yarns).

  41. I’m sorry you had to deal with this, how stressful, and for a product you’re probably purchasing to relieve some stress/anxiety. This is a huge issue on Amazon in general due to the ‘third-party seller’ and ‘fulfilled by Amazon’ scams.

  42. I asked a similar question a few weeks ago, you might find that thread helpful. I’ll come back and link it in a second.

  43. Thank you! I was worried knitting up a tonal would get boring but turns out I do just enjoy knitting haha seeing the fabric work up was enough to keep my interest

  44. Looks fantastic! May I ask what pattern and yarn, please?

  45. Third! Would love to add this pattern to my queue.

  46. I was knitting a lace shawl for a friend's wedding last year and at some point I dropped a stitch. I tried to pick it backup but with all the patterned increases and decreases it was too advanced for me so I had to rip back about 10 rows. Each row was about 300 stitches because I was near the end of the top down shawl. I was at a loss for how to effectively do this because tinking back would have probably taken a week off my short timeline but frogging was going to be impossible without missing stitches when picking back up. I also didn't trust my ability to insert a lifeline after the fact and not miss any of the 300 stitches.

  47. I absolutely hate to frog, so I will do this instead, LOL.

  48. I’m the opposite, I hate tinking more than a few stitches. I usually decide if it’s a mistake I can live with, and if not, I frog.

  49. Plastic does not come from dinosaurs, oil is not an animal product. The animal problem with plastic is the damage it does to the environment today and in the future, not the animals that died in the distant past.

  50. A more important discussion, in my view is where a product sits on the renewable resource spectrum in a full life cycle analysis. In that instance, acrylic yarn is far less ideal than wool, which is inherently renewable, or bamboo which would be considered ‘rapidly renewable’. This is over simplified as ethics, water use, chemicals needed should also factor into an LCA. But looking at just the resource itself, acrylic still comes up last.

  51. If you put it through the spin cycle of the washer, it won't take long to dry. You could lay down a plastic tablecloth and let the blanket dry during the day. Then you could move it somewhere else. By that point I bet you could fold it in half and flip it occasionally.

  52. Is that the method you use? I’d have never thought of that because I thought it would be too much agitation!

  53. I don't think there's agitation. I put all my sweaters and blankets through just the spin cycle. If you're worried, letting the water drain off on its own before laying the blanket to dry will work.

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