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  1. That's a Java thing on bedrock it only requires a two block gap

  2. ... well I suppose I just outed myself as a Java only player! xD whoopsies

  3. I didn't know their feet could go around upside down like that.

  4. Razer black widow is 99$, or refurbished is cheaper. not very loud, I use it for work and manage about 50wpm. the keys are very satisfying to push with a nice smooth action.

  5. wow he looks exactly like my fatass cat too. same expression and everything

  6. YTA. I feel pretty shit when my teenagers yell at me. It's not a nice feeling. You probably hurt her, and that's your momma! Make a list sometime, of all the things you're responsible for, then get another 2 pages and write out what all she does. Then think again about just taking it out when you're asked. or even before. On your way out of the house each morning for school, peek in the trash can and see if you can take it out with you. And tell your momma you love her.

  7. Congrats, that is very good news. I know what a relief that is, and how weird it can kinda feel too. Now focus on healing yourself so you can be awesome for your daughter in the years to come. big hugs!

  8. That's easy though. You play him online, set up another computer game at the same time, pick his color, set the difficulty as high as it goes. then you play his moves against the computer, and reply to his moves with what the computer plays. you can't lose!

  9. I couldn't even get one. He denied everything, I had a witness who didn't bother to show up, so the judge said it was "he said she said" and not enough. He would throw me around the house, choke me, threaten to kill me, etc, but it didn't leave marks so it just..... didn't count. The police didn't help, the courts didn't help, none of the places they tell you to call actually HELPED. It's hard to get out when none of the institutions which are supposed to help actually do anything.

  10. the YWCA has advocates that will go with you when you go to get a restraining order, to help with the process, in case you're still in need of one

  11. From what I recall, she said she had a lot of trouble breathing, and fluid had collected around her heart. Seemed she'd had one round of chemo, was told she responded well to it, and she seemed positive and expected to make a good recovery.

  12. I've seen this floating around before, but what genre do they actually write?

  13. She writes mostly fantasy, with a bit of scifi thrown in. This is from Beyond, novel from the Founding of Valdemar

  14. No, he doesn't. the hand moving him might. Just put feathers on a finger for the same effect. Cute birb tho.

  15. You can even see the fingers next to the phone. Low quality attempt.

  16. Two years ago I thought my job paid me well. Now it feels like I may as well be working for minimum wage. 7.1% inflation, 2% raise if I'm lucky, $100 bonus, it's like getting a pay cut and a slap in the face. "Thanks for being on time and working faithfully for 4 years, now good luck buying groceries."

  17. that is gorgeous, very creative and looks absolutely fantastic, nice work thank you for sharing

  18. i dunno i think you have a good idea there. the roof should probably be popped out another block or two so it overhangs the Blackstone walls, and try interspering all that cobble with mossy cobble or stone bricks etc. but the basic idea i like it

  19. How many chapters are in part 1?

  20. I wonder how he asks. Like, does he do nothing to put her in the mood, they just go about their day, go to bed, and at some point he just rolls over and says “can we please have sex now?”

  21. He probably "asks" by poking her leg with his boner. that shit is so obnoxious

  22. I’d read a bit about the vagus nerve and call a few docs that treat that disease

  23. I meant in relation to the article - when it's reversed, I would think stimulating it could lead to fainting as opposed to the increased regulation talked about in the article. They'd have to be careful to ask that before beginning any treatment.

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