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  1. You know, for being such a brutal game, I really have come to love the thoughtfulness and companionship between anonymous players. It seems as if everyone remembers when they first arrived in Tarkov and feel for the new players.

  2. This game is 50% bros, and 50% assholes. Not a whole lot in between

  3. Yea… game kinda scares off normies. Only giga chads and virgin dweebs left LUL

  4. Bro it’s because “just starting” was like last week for all of us man. Welcome to the grind.

  5. Lol. I would rather spend that money to upgrade my 1050ti tbh. It'll be way more worth it. Besides my dad does not like me overclocking (he thinks i'll destroy it lol). I've tried explaining him. But he tells "well everybody is doing doesn't mean you have to too. First understand how it works". Also it's a time here when there's exams that determine your life (almost literally). So he'll be like concentrate on your studies

  6. Tell him that your card overclocks itself already (which it does), you’re just “turning it down…”

  7. He already said he would on their last podcast episode, if Valve allowed it

  8. How the hell is aui still this good? I don't think any other captain could've rallied arkosh like that.

  9. He knew what they wanted to do - feed and throw. He understands the NA mind set.

  10. It matters more what way the middle fan is blowing tbh. As long as they’re not fighting each other, you should be good. Honestly if you can put your hand on the exhaust side and feel a bunch of air blowing ur probably good.

  11. Imagine being so deluded you actually think "privilege" exists.

  12. LMFAO incredible. A Luddite everyone, an honest to god Luddite! I never thought I would meet one in person, much less be so honored to be whined at lol

  13. You sure like using words wrong. I'm not sure what you're trying to say but it's definitely not luddite.

  14. Oh wow! I bet your scrotum just dropped too boy, congrats! Also I’m pretty sure you’re confusing Luddite with Troglodyte, but idk maybe you could google a word with your OH SO FANCY technology?

  15. A dota player not retiring after they said they would??? Color me shocked 😱😱😱

  16. i think Ceb literally said he was retired in his stream yesterday though

  17. I can get sleepy while driving home before lunch after having slept perfectly fine. Some days ago I saw a guy talking about his ADHD and everything he said matched how I feel, it almost made me cry. Never considered it because I'm not hyperactive and thought it was what the condition involved. I leave things unfinished all the time, lack the will to do anything, feel unmotivated and apathetic, don't care about anything or anybody, not even myself really, slugish is how I've felt all my life, lazy and unorganised.

  18. Adhd: the disease where everything is always your fault and you have no idea why.

  19. Thanks I’ll check it out! Maybe it will help me sleep 🤔

  20. Bonus points if you listen to it while trying to go to bed. 50/50 chance it’ll just knock you out right away.

  21. U can also lift the tube and pinch it a bit to increase the pressure.

  22. For your other question, the goggles almost certainly filter out a lot of the UV. so even tho it’s clear for visible light, UV still doesn’t go they.

  23. Are you Gaben?? This is literally what the lord himself does. No cringe here, game is for fun sir.

  24. So this is what they mean when boomers say they miss “the old days…”

  25. Exactly. I’d rather parents smoked weed than drink in front of their kids tbh. I’ve never heard of a stoner father abusing their child.

  26. Bruh I can’t just ask a man to see under his hood like that

  27. Government employees get it too. The only ones who don't are military.

  28. Ok this flag is giving this man bunny ears in the mobile thumbnail lol ✌️

  29. Right? Which is weird because they made the new Mac Book Pro batteries easier to swap third party. I don’t get it.

  30. Because it takes years to develop products, they won’t always be able to get new changes into a generation in a obvious way. I know they got some resolution from their board to be more environmentally friendly, hence the recent battery concession. I would cautiously say hope for a few changes in the other direction moving forward if they continue the battery trend!

  31. Sir the poop deck is in the back so you don’t crop dust your crew

  32. I literally just use the first pair of scissors I see

  33. Oh I missed that. Gonna fix it now. I actually not that good in schematics that's why I skipped the whole thing. That's what I get for skipping classes.

  34. Did you make a schematic? Where’s your rats nest? (I assume you’re using kicad)

  35. I did not. I am not that good with the signs and got confused with the menus. I skipped it and made the pcb directly

  36. This is exactly what I tried the first time too, but my electrical engineer buddy set me straight! Not only is the schematic design crazy simple, it makes the PCB design super easy (to the point a bot can do it).

  37. Does DLSS even sync to 144?? Thought in their press release they claimed it’s tuned to get you to 60

  38. Hmm... now that's something I need to read about. I OC my monitor to 160hz and cap framerate there. I haven't noticed any tearing or anything holding me to 60 with DLSS on. I'm also on linux so take my results with a lump of salt, but I didn't notice anything unusual in Windows either a while ago.

  39. From my understanding, dlss will only kick on if ur dropping below 60 FPS*. DLSS is effectively lowering your resolution to get you extra frames. I could be wrong, I’m not an expert

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