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  1. For sure it does deserve at least another one

  2. I felt the same thing (plus the unusual heating actually) particularly on the first day after the update, but then I shutdown it and I think it is getting better.

  3. Also a note. The package for U1 is ~900mb but carrier is about 200mb. Interesting to see

  4. Because the carrier versions have gotten the upgrade last month and now getting Oct security patch. U1 are getting eSIM along with September patch

  5. I can confirm that it works for me as well. I have a Sprint Galaxy S20+ that has been cross-flashed to U1 XAA firmware and man, it is GREAT to FINALLY have something that we should have had from 2020!

  6. Definitely yes. I have always loved this phone and I just do even further now.

  7. Factory unlocked US S20 with one ui 4.0

  8. US variant (snapdragon) doesn't support esim yet

  9. I got the update on both of my unlocked S20 5g's this morning. Just a security update and not the 4.1 update, which is where the issues had started to occur with the screen. I can confirm there are no issues with this update, as both phones upgraded and there are no screen issues.

  10. i got the same this morning unlocked S20+5G on ATT. Will install later but the notes do not seem to indicate its 4.1 unlike most other devices seem to have gotten :(

  11. Not 4.1 as It's only 250 mg. Major updates usually are 800mg at least

  12. Same observation! I like the way it looks before.

  13. While they are allowing more customization options through color palette (which I think it is useless), they are taking this away and enforcing all this plain white on us

  14. One of my favorites. I really do like it. It has great grip.

  15. Is the "S20" on the the top on the box in gray or blue?

  16. Gray/silver... But new developments. I ran a search on the IMEI number, and it comes back as a SM-G981UZAASPR which is the cosmic gray sprint variant... So, what do I think happened? I think this is a remanufactured/restored phone that was "after the fact" unlocked and fraudulently repackaged and sold as a "new" phone. They did a good job too on the packaging. It had all the correct charger/cable/earphones nicely packaged. the phone had a protective peel away on the screen and the box even had 2x "Samsung do not except seals"

  17. That is almost exactly what I thought too. It's a repackage one.

  18. They didn't get the update yet to check it out

  19. Definitely snapdragon and it deserves the price difference

  20. What a stupid move. “I skipped the goal instead of using that gold to buy upgrades instead”

  21. Actually I just wish I did the same this time. I spent all the gold on upgrades, and now I have no gold to upgrade any more or to skip. Skipping goal 4 would have cost me 100 gold while I did one upgrade for 220 gold.

  22. 🙄then don’t complain if you’re just going to skip all the races

  23. I did not. I said it might have been better if I did. I chose to upgrade and race and the difficulty of the race is what I am complaining about

  24. Enter a GP event and spend that money on tuning the car. Reach 3M first and finish the event within the time limit.

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