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Amazon is again not allowing associates to leave the facility during a tornado warning.

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  1. I think all the workers should band together and make demands and if Amazon doesn’t give us what we want then we all just sit down in the warehouse and stop working all at the exact same time. Is there a name for that organization?

  2. If the workers took a notion they could stop all speeding trains; every ship upon the ocean they can tie with mighty chains.

  3. When the lines loaded and im looking for a break i look at my 3 item totes and JUST SEND IT.

  4. Yes, it works right now, but, same as you, I don't know if it will work after February. AT&T sent me a free phone (retail value $35) saying that my current phone will stop working when they switch to 4G, but I'm not changing anything until I find out whether that's true or not.

  5. Highly doubt you'll read this, but just got off the phone with ATT, about my Note 10 Lite, same situation. They're sending me a Galaxy S9, still a downgrade, but they did you dirty for sending that when they're supposedly sending me about a $200 phone. Maybe you could bitch and get some sort of upgrade. Love my Note 10 Lite, seriously MIFFED! Hopefully this upgrade flops and we get to keep our Notes. Good luck 🤞

  6. Y'all ever get them huge as fuck air beds, gottttttdammmn. Liquid Death, San Pellegrino, and the weighted blankets with the shit paper (speaking of paper, the boxes of printer paper, oh shit) tags that are always somehow greasy or missing. Fun times.

  7. I mark a similar one unscannable after about ten tries, two hundred cellphone parts in little bags, under three boxes of Gatorade, last one, every time.

  8. I had to bully HR, but they covered my day, AS LONG AS I HAD AN APPOINTMENT. You could probably get the next day off too for "symptoms." You could also say you're afraid you have COVID-19 and need to get tested, last I heard they were giving five days, but you have to provide them with proof of a negative test done at an actual facility.

  9. 10/10 on these prints! I'm working on some d20s with body part (hit locations, ie; head, torso left arm, etc.) and am struggling to get tiny text like yours this clean. Any chance you could share your settings and supports strategy?

  10. Thank you very much. I got lucky, I'm new to SLA and decided to try Lychee sooner than later, used the stock Saturn profile and used the magic button, I've printed a few others and have had nothing but great results. Accidentally printed the dice super small, but was blown away with the clarity. I was using a modified profile for Chitubox with less reliability. Happy printing!

  11. Hi all, I’m having an issue with the stringing and blobs on my first print with a .8mm nozzle and numaker PLA from Amazon. This is the first time printing a price with this nozzle, sans a calibration cube, temp tower and retraction tower. I have my temp at 200, first layer height is .2mm and the rest .35mm, retraction at 6.5, told cura the nozzle is .8mm, the speed is cura a default. But that’s all I’ve really adjusted. The cube came out fine and I adjusted to the temp and retraction based on the result of their respective towers. Does anyone know of like an idiots guide to larger nozzle setting with cura? Feeling kind of lost as .4mm nozzles haven’t given me any trouble, but I used the slicer the ender 3 comes with on stock settings.

  12. I'd do a fatter first layer and then to a lower desired height for the rest. It took me time to dial in larger nozzles, sometimes depending on the filament you'll have to play around with flow rate, I usually have to drop 2-5% not always though. First and foremost, print some leveling guides with a skirt so you can get that dialed in.

  13. Most definitely! Usually around 80% of nozzle size, so I'd shoot for a .6 first layer. Here's the STL I use for bed leveling, just throw a skirt on it and resize accordingly. Good luck!

  14. That's what it's been all along . ITS A FUCKING COLD !!! That's all it ever was. It's the same God damned cold that goes around and around and around every single year. what used to be the cute is staying home and getting some rest and let your immune system do it's magic .

  15. Future Herman Cain award winner energy right here.

  16. Sounds like some dumbfuck dribble a person that listens to Tim Pool and Alex Jones would say.

  17. A large part, yes. Also depends on your mix of large, medium, smalls and proximity to gates/poles on the floor. Sometimes picking 600 UPH is cake, sometimes 350 is murder.

  18. This is beautiful and you deserve more than just my free award and 7 upvotes

  19. You're too kind, thank you! &&& may the VTO ever be in your favor!

  20. Imagine a world where people govern themselves through blockchain technology instead of corrupt middle-men that only have their best interest (and the people that pay them the most) at heart.

  21. Who the fuck would do a 3 hour commute to work at Amazon.

  22. I've known folk. Fucked, but a reality for some.



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