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  1. I've mentioned below that this is a troll account, that now make up a significant percentage of all posts on this sub, providing partially factual information with a twist favouring Russia. The last week especially, it's been chronic, out of control. When contacted, the MODS don't respond. Like NATO & NATO 2, when it happens, this sub will need a spinoff...

  2. According to my quick search, your account has never used modmail on this sub.

  3. I've PM'd a mod about the issue mentioned, I didn't know there was a separate function?

  4. Yes, there is a modmail function, depending on the platform you are using in the sidebar or somewhere else (sorry, there are so many platforms, that I actually can't tell where you find it on each, normally close to the moderator list).

  5. You speak as if he’s without controversy and all Germans agree with you. Neither are true. Also, maybe I don’t know as much about German politics as much as American, but I do keep up with Euro politics. He’s not exactly new to the scene.

  6. I mentioned his scandals, not directly this one, but the corruption ones. And he is not without controversy at all.

  7. We have a saying here in America. It’s “a tiger doesn’t change his stripes“. Knowing Germans, they have something very similar, if not the same. For those that don’t understand, it means that a person doesn’t change their nature. And this is where my issues are.

  8. That is actually part of my point - Scholz did not make a big jump or diverted from his path, he reacted to the changing situation continuing the path he was on for long, nothing outside of what is expected happened, nothing, that would raise any suspicions, that he is not acting authentic, that he changed "his nature".

  9. For those that don't know. The UK has areas where it is unsafe for women to be alone. For religious reasons. Now many of the people from Ukraine will be women, not men, the men are fighting. So it is understandable that the women feel afraid in these areas the UK has allowed to become unsafe. Not just for women, but children too, with the emphasis on knife violence. Don't take my word for it, just go visit, and talk to the locals that live there.


  11. The media cannot be trusted on this, especially not UK media. There are two discussions taking place in the UK. One in the media saying how wonderful that diversity is, and one in people's houses when they feel they can speak honestly. The best way to resolve this is to see for yourself. Go into these areas, go into these houses. Reading Trump or Leftist news is just a waste of time.

  12. Dan Kaszeta, who is an expert and author on chemical warfare, is literally a person who lives there, in such a claimed "no-go zone", just around the corner.

  13. This is really a stupid idea. The entire NATO alliance has promised to go to war for each other. If countries can be kicked out because of some disagreement, the promise is worthless.

  14. Even more than that, no just to go to war, but to be at war (I small, but significant difference).

  15. If not US and Britain NATO is useless, impotent paper declaration, just like UN is.

  16. That is absurd. Alone the discussions in the member states until a fundamental treaty like this could be ratified could take not months, but years.

  17. I mean it is kinda fair to spread the cost, I think, you're talking in the low hundreds of millions here.

  18. It is okay, and the funds are there for that. It is not okay, to claim everything you got paid for as 100% your own contribution, and to bark at those, who paid, at the same time because they delivered less.

  19. While you’re at it, why didn’t US/NATO respect the borders of Yugoslavia in 1999?

  20. Neither there were established borders in Yugoslavia in 1999, it was falling apart, nor did NATO ever disrespect them [the borders of Yugoslavia].

  21. Goes to show how much you do not know what was going on. FRY in 1999 was a UN member state with it’s country borders clearly delineated and internationally recognized. What NATO did is bomb FRY for almost 3 months continually, every day, with 1000+ aircraft and without a UN mandate or a declaration of war. No reparations were ever paid.

  22. The FRY was not recognized as a successor of the SFR by the EU and US ever, but as Serbia and Montenegro.

  23. If I look at the history of Islam, I see a political leader, which - judged by the standards of back then, was a progressive reformer, who tried to integrate different ethnicities and religions better than before, who furthered the rights of women, made first steps in direction of a modern welfare state, by generating a welfare system also for non-muslims, a legal system that is strictly rules based and not arbitrary anymore and so on.

  24. Like 2% of the total German trade volume was with Russia before 2022, and like most of the imports there just energy, with a tiny number of actual employees.

  25. To summarize: Germany has been torpedoing proper NATO contingency planning for the eastern front since 2003, if not earlier. One can't spend according to plan if there are no plans.

  26. What? I wrote nothing like that at all. I have no clue what you are even talking about.

  27. Hey, welcome back, long no see :) Nice to see you :) We also have a discord if you want to come over there, instead of the old IRC. It is pretty big and active, the link is in the sidebar or in the sticky comment in each submission.

  28. It wouldn't sound so bad and Germans wouldn't be so outraged about posts like this if Germany wasn't paying Russia 120 million euros EVERY WEEK for Russian fossil fuels. These are certainly mixed signals and the look of playing both sides when you finance Russia with 120million euros a week.

  29. And Putin gives him that impression , Putin fools an acountant like Scholz at the breakfast.

  30. Only that all read-outs and the statements by Scholz about the calls say quite much the opposite.

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