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  1. You have all my condolences man, I’m just some internet stranger but I feel deeply sorry for you and your family and wish you guys all the best going forward. May you find the peace and healing you’re searching for.

  2. D4 is fun and beautiful but the skills are really basic IMO. Check out Last Epoch if you want a game with ludicrous amounts of skills to customize without the insanity of a game like Path of Exile. It’s great as a single player game too.

  3. In PoE there was no point in even having a giant skill tree because the community would theorycraft the most optimal builds and then everyone would just copy those, so in the end you'd have only a handful of options. I'd much rather have a skill tree that does take some inspiration from ARPGs of the last ten years, but with simpler options that are easier to balance and don't require spreadsheets to understand.

  4. I don’t think Last Epoch is remotely like that though. It’s very accessible and gives you huge amounts of freedom to craft really unique classes. Like within one class you can make dozens of variations and build guides are absolutely not necessary because the game isn’t as punishing as other ARPGs. I find D4’s skill tree is overly simple where you really only get two choices for customizing each skill which is incredibly limiting. You basically finish your build by level 20 or 30 and then just invest in passives which isn’t terribly rewarding.

  5. I’m honestly so tired of threads like this that drag on for days and days. They’re in so many damn subreddits now and it clogs up my feed with repetitive polls. There has to be a less annoying way to do this.

  6. I have Vampire Survivors and Brotato. What does it do better/differently?

  7. Directional control of where you’re attacking, loot you can save and equip before new rounds, it also feels more challenging than VS. It has a nice retro pre-rendered 3D style too.

  8. Cult of the Lamb fits the bill - you gradually build up a demonic cult of animals in a settlement who do more and more of the tasks you had to do yourself. It's not the deepest game but it's fun and is split between management of your town and battling enemies to collect resources and progress.

  9. I hate that they canonized these Hasbro helmets, they look so horribly out of place.

  10. Hitchens is a neocon and Islamaphobe who lost all of his credibility with the Left after 9/11 when he vociferously supported the war in Iraq.

  11. This is a pretty bullshit way of discarding Dawkins. I agree that Hitchens has said and pushed some deplorable political views, but Dawkins is an accomplished scientist whose views on religion are colored more by evolutionary theory than anything else.

  12. I did that. After I ran a brush through it. Wife did not appreciate the 2-stroke exhaust in the house. Whatever.

  13. Tell your wife some wives have to deal with husbands who sweep and dust the house that way.

  14. I threw away all my towels and dry my whole family off this way. Foods too hot? Here comes the leaf blower. Uh oh. Got hot food in your eyes now? Just keep using the leaf blower. It works for everything. Except house fires. Don’t use it on a house fire. That’s how I lost everything. Except my leaf blower.

  15. I use an Ego electric and the thing is amazing. It’s insane how long the small battery lasts and the whole device is comfortably light weight.

  16. I too love the Star Spangled Banner and the 4th of July! And of course bread AND butter! Could have been a match made in heaven had I been born 111 years earlier! Darn!

  17. No cap these fuckin oats are bussin fr and my potatoes are straight fire, on god

  18. lol I fucking despise mowing and I’m ready to tear out my entire front lawn.

  19. Perfect! Trust me, nobody Daisy’s age would EVER in their right minds know about that little association :)))) !!!11!!1! although, Daisys a little popular for my taste. how about Dayseigh? 😜

  20. It’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but check out Aurora Dusk:

  21. I believe GRRM will go to his grave with Winds of Winter.

  22. When they got all their skin and muscles and stuff but their head is completely skeletal. That’s just not right.

  23. Life isn’t cruel, but it’s just uncaring, neutral, expressionless. It’s always shocking how people can be removed so quickly and the world keeps spinning. We’re all living fragile existences with no guarantees. I think it was Kurt Vonnegut who once reminded himself to notice the mundane, happy moments in life and to consciously think to yourself, “if this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.” Try to see those little moments in the daily routine with your family and take a second to appreciate them.

  24. I still love McManus. We used to call him McAnus in þe olden dayes after Darth Prater but he became such a badass. I will always appreciate him and hope he finds success on another team.

  25. That's like some sci-fi scene where a soldier from 80 years ago gets time-travelled into a future war zone.

  26. It’s like a game of Civilization where you’re fielding modern infantry but the enemy still has crossbowmen and horse mounted cavalry.

  27. Have you tried Dead Cells? Great game to play in spurts and works awesome on the deck.

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