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Megathread: Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

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  1. I hope the Avs keep this energy up, this is crazy exciting

  2. Colorado will score around the 6:00 minute mark. The Cup will be skated tonight.

  3. This thread is how I feel when I get into an argument about languages with some idiot who thinks he knows "proper English" and "everyone who speaks differently than my dialect is wrong," and I'm like, "Bro, I'm literally an articulatory phonetician. Suck my phonemic cock."

  4. Everybody gangsta til the articulatory phonetician slaps them in the mouth

  5. This weirdo also posted asking if a US State could form a monarchy:

  6. That's not the brag they think it is. We don't need another Modern Warfare, a single game that takes up ALL the space of a console.

  7. I remember back when a 10GB game was considered gigantic and a hard drive hog. That’s just the nature of the technology, it’s always moving forward. Games will probably be 100TB in the future.

  8. lol some fucking knuckledragger on reddit tried to use this same tactic in a comment he wrote to me. He said it wasn't an insurrection, it was an audit. I laughed in his face.

  9. Google "uber driver attacked las vegas" and there's 30,000 results just under News

  10. I'm getting pretty fucking tired of being told to vote when this type of shit seems to happen every day. Maybe I'm out of hope but this country is fucked

  11. This happened because Trump won in 2016. More people voting against him would have averted all of this.

  12. Only a liberal would be happy about ending the life of a baby.

  13. A fetus is not a baby, most abortions are done by week 12, but keep lying to yourself. You guys are the American Taliban.

  14. People can invent head canon all they want but it's just bullshit, it's flashy choreography and nothing more.

  15. I’ll shill the Mighty all day every day—one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Drastically healthier than smoking joints, 1000 times more efficient (i.e. I spend a lot less on weed), I can determine how zonked I get with the temperature setting, the flavor is better, you can use the already-vaped weed to make edibles…ok, a lot of that applies to any high-quality vaporizer, but I just love the Mighty. It maintains the temperature correctly (it’s never burnt my weed, ever), it’s easy to clean, it’s portable, the list goes on. I also have some cool additions to it, like a mouthpiece that cools the vapor down and a connector to use it with my bong.

  16. Yessss! I have a mighty and it changed my habits dramatically. I use way, way less than I used to. An ounce will last me 6-7 months now and my tolerance is much lower. It tastes better, is easy to clean, is easy to charge, easy to use. It’s also medically certified.

  17. I thought it was refreshingly optimistic but also naive. The subtext is climate change and Weir seems to think scientists could do something about it if politicians would just give them unlimited funding and get out of the way. But that seems extremely unlikely.

  18. I guess I disagree about the characters mostly. Weir only knows how to write one character, himself, and he is unable to vary from this so much that even an alien on a different planet with different social norms is still his usual sarcastic self. His characters tend to feel very disingenuous, like they have unlimited knowledge and never have real responses to anything, everything is just a joke to them.

  19. I will agree that the "unlimited knowledge" trope is turned up to 11 in PHM and is the weakest part of the novel because every problem that gets introduced always has some seemingly impossible fix ready to go.

  20. It will give you some basics, yes. What it won't give you is the frustration of stripped nuts or being unable to find the right size spanner etc. :)

  21. Camped with a big group of people. Our tent was next to a guy whose snoring was thunderous, like I honestly cannot exaggerate how loud this dude's sinus was. This shit could make a boulder roll off a mountain 20 miles away. It's what a miniature black hole might sound like if it started obliterating matter near you. Sleeping through it was exhausting.

  22. I went camping with my friend and his family. One morning he tells me he didn’t sleep because he had to convince his daughter the god awful roaring sound out side was my fat ass snoring in my hammock and not a bear.

  23. When I first played half-life as a kid it changed my whole world. It made me more interested in science, technical stuff, game development, programming, computers hardware and of course more games. Today I work in a IT company as a chief of my sector and I feel I owe everything to half-life.

  24. You can learn 3D for free using Blender and YouTube tutorials. It's way more accessible than you might believe! Modeling humanoid characters and texturing them is a bit more complex, but you can get there with persistence.

  25. This is a great strategy when you want all of your boys to become Pokemon trainers defending a fighting gym from protagonists.

  26. What in the world is going on here? What is the objective of these figures? This is what an alien would think people want to see in art.

  27. All we can give our companions is our love and friendship. All life on this Earth is on loan, it's temporary, and at the end it's our memories that compose our being. I'm sure your cat passed on with sweet memories of the time you spent together, and while it never seems like it's enough, their spirit lives on in your memories. When I miss my little man, I often think vividly of him coming to me and tell him he can rest in the sunny part of my heart and it makes me feel a bit better. Sorry for your loss, he looks like a good dude.

  28. Dude's whole comment history is "men's rights" shit, he's just a provocateur, ignore him

  29. It's getting downright silly. I saw a video game development company show off their character creation system in a game they are making.

  30. It's kind of funny how they feel alienated by seeing non-white people. Imagine how it must have felt to be non-white and see nothing but white people in movies, TV, and games for years and years. The fact that they find the portrayal of non-whites jarring just underscores how whiteness has been the "default character" for most of their lives.

  31. I, too, am white, and grew up watching diverse shows, even in the 70's. The sudden squawking over the last decade has had me scratching my head. I mean, wtf is wrong with so many Star Wars fans these days?

  32. I really think social media has magnified the worst traits of the worst people in society by giving everyone a megaphone to say (and hear) stupid shit. There have always been assholes with dumb opinions, it's just now we have to deal with them because they can reach and influence a lot more people than ever before. We've seen radicalization of politics this way, and those same viewpoints bleed over into everything else.

  33. What is wrong with the current iteration of the Republican Party?

  34. I've said this before, but it's just the result of long-term radicalization of their party from a steady drip feed of right wing media, talk radio, and social media. One of the big factors that helped morph Republicans into what they are today is Newt Gingrich,

  35. Denver native here- DMNS also has a pretty impressive permanent Egypt exhibit on the top floor.

  36. Yep! I'm also a Denver native, I used to check out the Egyptian exhibit every single time I visited as a kid. It's still there, but we didn't get to see it because my kid was getting antsy after an hour and a half. Though the great thing is that she's been talking about Egypt non-stop since we went to the museum!

  37. These are very interesting! Thanks for sharing! I'm curious, is the mummy missing the head?

  38. It didn’t have any note to that effect so I think it may just be an oversized coffin.

  39. It's a nice jet, but I prefer flying F-15 as it is much faster. Even the F-16 is faster. The things that make the F-35 really special are mostly classified and combat related, so it can't be accurately simulated in MSFS.

  40. The STOVL makes it really cool and the whole setup of the cockpit is really interesting. I've found it very fun to play with.

  41. Ironic that these chuds indulge in fantasies where scientists want to kill millions of people when that's literally what they're working to prevent. Imagine if these dudes used their prefrontal cortex just once in their lives.

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