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WCGW handling an angry snake ?

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  1. If there can only be one picture.....I guess that is it. The second should be turned around the other way.

  2. Snakes would not be my #1 animal to try and get a blowjob from. They are right behind the alligator!!

  3. It's the ex-wives. Not only are those extremely expensive but I've known guys whose divorce deals basically incentivized paycheck to paycheck living because building up any additional wealth (even savings) would trigger a re-evaluation and increased alimony payments.

  4. It is more satisfying to just outlive your spouse. Why divorce them and let them be happy. Stay married and make them suffer!!

  5. Yes and no. There are times when bottom are further down, that are more predicable than normal times.

  6. Holy fuck. “Don’t fight your rapist, just let it happen.” Fuck that!

  7. We had women and men. i dont know if they still do it now a days, but they did back then. I can vouch for it.

  8. " was at that moment, that he realized he wanted a career in gay porn."

  9. It was at that moment, she knew that boy was never going to be useful to anyone, ever again.

  10. I believe that’s equivalent to ‘ugh ugh ugh’ in English

  11. I think, if you look closely, you can see it is two males. So, two gay lions were having anal right in front of you?

  12. You should have her tested. It's wrong to let someone go around like that.

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