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  1. Which made the food aromatic and her super sexy

  2. Oh yeah sure… he’s “hot”. That’s like saying chocolate tastes okay…

  3. Hehehe i didn't know know what to say, i didn't wanna risk saying something too cringy

  4. Cringy is what he deserves… something like “he has a face worth sitting on.” 😂😂😂

  5. Tell me you're a Misogynist creep without telling me you're a Misogynist creep

  6. No wonder he's not married yet

  7. Thank God.. would've been a tough life for his wife

  8. Fart jihad. Dakaar jihad. Chaddi getting angry cuz he is jobless jihad.

  9. Obviously I scoop my shit out of the shower then put it in the toilet.

  10. I scoop it out of the toilet and then shower with it

  11. I thought She looked like she's trying to let out her fart very slowly to avoid a supersonic boom.

  12. Makes you think that there’s something bad about Gujaratis of the West (original ones I mean)

  13. Never mind that the OP’s username 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 they are a match made in hell a warm sweaty hell 😂

  14. Because I'm an intellectual and constantly learning and evolving.

  15. Yes, he's dummy thicc. We both can fit in lap. One thigh each.

  16. Haan to wo to main abhi b bol ra hoon. Dobara boloon? I have zero problems with a 27 yrs guy dating a 17 yrs girl. To main pedo ho gya ye bolte hi? Yahi common sense hai tera? Itni akal hai tujhme bs? Chal fir main 12 months bdhata hoon, aur bolta hoon, it is perfectly okay for an 18 yrs old girl to date a 28 yrs old guy. Ab hua pedo ya kuch aur add kroon? Is this the basis of you to call me a child rap*st? That's it? That's the thing you have against me as evidence? Hilarious. You remind me of those holier than thou wannabes who frown over people complementing a 17 yrs 364 days old girl for her beauty. They would go on to commenters as pedos, shameless perverts etc but will join join the same girls ' newly created onlyfans just 24 hrs later.

  17. Wow, you're a proud pedo. So since 12 months don't make a difference you'll date a 16 year old? Answer in yes or no.

  18. Pedo unkill. You're so stupid that u defy ur stupid logic. I fear for the safety of children around you. Your threshold is nothing. U pervert. U are just afraid of getting banned.

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