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  1. I always wonder why people ask recommendations like this. Wondering and creating head canons about which girl is gonna end up with the MC is the only interesting thing in harem anime, if you ask for a specific outcome, then what’s left to watch?

  2. I think the last work is dworry like “don’t worry” but shorter

  3. First round of bo1s, bottom 2 teams get eliminated. Second round robin of bo3s, broadcasting from Friday to Sunday every week, bottom 2 get eliminated. Bo5s playoffs.

  4. He looks like he could direct Neon Genesis Evangelion

  5. If his eyes were any closer he be called Polyphemus

  6. “Father, mother, Zelos, O-ma, Ohn, Kai, little Ruu... None of them ever had balls.”

  7. Pfanner makes strawberry juice if you’re interested

  8. Akshan may be balanced, but it doesn’t mean it’s well balanced. His kit is still overloaded and to make up for it they trimmed his numbers so fucking much.

  9. There is an even better idea which is the 13 months calendar: every month has 28 days, so every month is exactly 4 weeks, which means that given any day of the month, you already know what day of the week it is. For example, the 17th of august is a Wednesday, as it is the 17th of July, of September, etc… and this would stay the same across the years.

  10. All pro means absolutely fucking nothing. If mad is so good to have Nisqy with the most MVPs, the best coaching staff and 4/5 players on the All Pro team, why did they lose to RGE?

  11. Thats literally the only thing i like of her. Selfcrippling champ to gain something else is thousand of times better than the multipurpose pentaflex bullshit that they come up with every new champ and rework

  12. I agree with you, but the resistances Rell get while dismounted don’t come even close to justifying how slow she is.

  13. When you have seen as much anime as he has, everything feels stale and even though obviously not every new anime is a shitty isekai, the other ones don’t feel fresh either. Considering two of the most recent successes are Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen, I can’t really blame him if he stopped watching everything. Those two are the most generic and boring shit ever for anyone who has watched enough stuff.

  14. This was the most retarded scene in thor, yet the guy sitting next to me couldn't stop laughing.

  15. Why the fuck are you even watching anything even remotely related to fantasy?

  16. I agree with you, if it’s consistent with the world, and most of the time it isn’t.

  17. Have you considered reading my comment?

  18. Have you considered looking at Irelia wr and not just making argumetns based on your feelings and inability to play the game

  19. If you believe this is good directing, you don’t understand anything.

  20. That would be nuts, but I dont think MAD will replace Unforgiven and I dont see why they should

  21. Maybe he’s also an ok ADC that is getting carried by Kaiser

  22. Hold up didn’t you guys think just yesterday that Canyon was washed?

  23. The problem isn't the midlaner they're choosing, Nemesis and Nisqy were both really talented players.

  24. Unironically if this is the problem, their solution is Perkz. (and selling upset for someone who is not a complete asshole and that can actually make friends with someone)

  25. As a wise man once said, you only need two wipes to know if you need a third, but you need three wipes to know if you only needed two.

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