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  1. my GRACIOUS what did you film this with, a microscope?!? BEAUTIFUL QUALITY, chefs KISS!

  2. Honestly I think starting with black Magic’s website might be your best bet. They have some setups that are kinda made for this type of thing. Might need to run it off static mounted cameras in the room so they would feed back into a controller, switcher, media recorder etc but it’s not as complicated as it might seem originally. Where you are located will be a factor in getting help though but this sounds fun

  3. Budget? Also, can you provide a YouTube link of the quality level they want?

  4. As someone who has done several interstate and international moves, my entire library is now digital.

  5. That's how it is for me. After so many moves, I just don't have the space for all my books.

  6. They are all on my computer, but I back them up using GooglePlay so I can read them on my mobile devices.

  7. This is really good. A bit on the "Indian" typeset for my taste, but well done nonetheless.

  8. I haven't seen bread loaf pans in a while, that brings back memories. I'll bring an extra ipad (old version), an old ipod (filled with music), 1/8" to RCA connections, 1/8" to XLR adapter, tons of sharpies (black and silver). A set of earbuds, a router, board tape, flashlights, c-wrench, work gloves, mutitool, and some snacks because you never know.

  9. With digital wireless doesn't RF and intermods still happen? are loaf pans still effective on digital transmitters?

  10. Good question. I just haven't seen them in a while, and last time I did there were only 5 packs for the whole production.

  11. Neither. The Vietnamese have a condition, not really true acne, called chloracne. It is the result of contamination of the soil with Agent Orange during the war. Causes mutations that give rise to the condition you see here, which is nearly unique to the area.

  12. I've never been there but my impressions of California come from people who've lived there:

  13. I googled ass tone and all I see is women in yoga pants

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