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  1. Whose hand is being held by the goddess

  2. Well what can I say... Theoretically, Suzune should be the girl at the end of the game, having lots of flags, but maybe not. However I'll tell you some more important key points.

  3. Yin Yang love story huh. Completely opposite but has similarities....Waku waku

  4. I have some theories regarding her family..

  5. I don't think an author would be really bothered by it. He didn't intend to make Horikita likable at the start like he did with Kei and Ichinose. He changed Horikita's impression on cote fans in a couple of volumes, this shows that he was capable of writing her as a likable character from the start; but he didn't because he wanted to give her character development.

  6. As I've mentioned before, Kinu is writing a well-written female character, that's why I am supporting him by protecting the smile...

  7. Hey mods; can you guys ban this hater. He has been clearly violating rule 1 regularly

  8. I don't understand. Do you mean the OP?

  9. Ah, I still see some of the remnant hate lol. Damn, I can only imagine. I didn't particularly like Airi and was fond of Kushida but the decision still sent me reeling because of how incredulous and hurtful to Kiyo it was. I can only imagine how people would've exploded.

  10. So it's like you are blaming Hori because of Kiyo's own decision?

  11. Elaborate. If you're making a point in defense of Horikita I'll just say I am not hating on her, not even back then lol. She realized she reneged on her promise and forced Kiyo to coldly expel his friend, ruin his own group, and draw resentment from his classmates just to stick up for her promise breaking decision she made on the spot. This much is undeniable. As a Kiyo fan I wasnt too pleased even if Kiyo made that decision himself to help Hori, I saw her as the cause. But she apologized and I guess in hindsight extenuates her screw up or bad writing on Kinus part.

  12. It was Kiyo's entire decision to expel Airi. He volunteered. So he is the primary reason why the Ayanokōji group is destroyed. Hori just has a minimum part on it.

  13. Why are you scared to include Kei in your survey?

  14. You are forgetting what they thought sex scene, that's just recently.

  15. no, by that I mean even though horikita is sick, under different circumstances where both of them are at peak strength, ibuki would still come out on top. That is what Ayanokouji is saying.

  16. Bro, if that was the proper meaning, then it could be "even though Horikita is not in a bad state", this is similar to what in the LN, even if Horikita is in good condition, Ibuki could beat her, which is questionable since Kiyo never saw Horikita's fighting ability before Y1V7. If it's physical ability or physical fitness, Hori still has an edge over Ibuki since Hori beat Ibuki in running back in Y1V5.

  17. But it literally does mention it. Multiple people are translating this for you, yet you refuse to accept it. Stop simping against plain evidence dude.

  18. Then, if you are telling the truth, Mr. Translator, Kiyo really made a poor judgement.

  19. In the first place, Kiyo intervenes because of Horikita, so why would he target Horikita? Your hypothesis is so unlikely.

  20. "I will promise you that I will make her change, not the way I am doing it, but different"

  21. Holy shit you are delusional. How can that ever be considered “simping”? I don’t think simping means what you think it does.

  22. Bro, simping is similar to being a slave. And Kiyo is a slave to Horikita's potential.... that's why he's a simp.

  23. Yes, I understand it now. Thank you for taking time answering my questions. 😊

  24. I can't believe you've easily believed in his opinion, LOL

  25. Asking doesn't mean I believed it easily. Ofc I have my own understanding. I just wanna know their opinions

  26. I see. We don't really know the reason. The same with Koenji's name calling, he only calls 3 characters by their name, Hirata boy, Horikita girl, and Ayanokōji boy...if I remember correctly.

  27. Let me ask you. Supposed that you asked your friend if he/she had a feeling for your crush, and she/he says no. Your friend knows that you are rejected, and still loves him. Then one day, you've learned that your friend is dating your crush... What would you do? Do you know what they called friends code? What about snake?

  28. What a fine women she is.. she was most closed to ayanokoji for whole damnn these years and yet take her upto y2 vol 6 to realise that if she is a bucket then kiyopon is a Ocean ..

  29. Bruh, are you sure you're not drunk every time you're reading the LN? Or are you sure you understand the story? Or maybe you are reading a different LN? But I think you have your own version of the LN.

  30. Ayanokouji is dating Kei to learn about love so that he could date Suzune. Suzune is the endgame girl because he's been saving, helping, and improving her to be a better wife when he leads Japan

  31. Well, Ayanokouji is dating Kei to learn about love so that he could date Suzune. Suzune is the endgame girl because he's been saving, helping, and improving her to be a better wife when he leads Japan. Because why not? A partner in life who can do almost everything, is what you need as a wife if you are a busy man leading Japan.

  32. That's why I don't want one more girl to fall in love with him, COTE is turning into full-fledged harem and I don't want it.

  33. It was mentioned that Suzune was able to create an initial advantage. Without that it would probably lead to a draw.

  34. But Arisu takes those gaps since Kiyo played late. Kiyo played when Suzune was cornered by Arisu.

  35. He’s a better character than Manabu lmao. Nagumo is one of the few people that makes the story interesting. Thanks to him we’re having exams with all the years rather than just the second years. I love the second years, but sometimes it’s more fun when all the years are involved. Surprise surprise Ichinose simp, no wonder you hate him.

  36. Because of Suzune. Didn't you guys notice? Almost everything he's doing is for Horikita...

  37. Don't worry about that. What you should hope for is that horikita to fall for kiyo and sk his d* with kushida, isn't that what you want?

  38. Nope, I will not ship her with the current Kiyo..but I think that would be the case that you guys would cry out loud...

  39. I see. If you have dropped the series, then you can leave the community now, instead of trolling. That would help your health bro.

  40. Bro is reading past posts too just like me fr fr xD

  41. I feel bored so I am reading some old posts. How does it feel that your dream got completely crushed by Kinugasa?

  42. I think no one will be expelled again after Y2V5 in Horikita's class. Not unless there is a force expulsion like Y1V10, which I think will not happen again since Tsukishiro is out of the school.

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