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AOC is tired of their shit

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  1. It’s been an hour and nothing. This is a first for this sub.

  2. Happens largely at ski resorts. Someone falls on skis which triggers the crash detection, doesn’t notice their watch or phone buzzing under their mittens and puffy coats and emergency services are called

  3. Skis? I snowboard and I fall a lot more than skiers, especially on black diamonds lol

  4. Petition to stop using the word “slam” in headlines

  5. And Pfizer just raised the price of Covid vaccine for no apparent reason - so yes, Pfizer will increase cost of a drug when marketing costs increases.

  6. SWE definitely will bring most money. However due to all the layoffs gonna get harder. Also chatGPT threatens junior dev positions (in my opinion) or at least the quantity of them.

  7. Am business analyst. Can confirm, though for my next J1, I’m trying to pivot into a program/project manager position.

  8. I do it as a way to not worry about money if I lost my job. In this case, I just got laid off from my J1. I’m still working at my J2 while I look for a J1. It’s better than being unemployed.

  9. What depresses me the most is I believe they wouldn't care about the future of anyone except themselves no matter what age they are.

  10. You just perfectly described boomers. That’s why they’re called the “Me generation”.

  11. Back then it was us 90s kids watching Nigahiga. Now kids are watching MrBeast.

  12. I remember an app that lets you listen to police calls or the beer drinking app or the revolver. Those were sweet!

  13. It’s called 5-0 Radio Police Scanner and yes it’s still in the Apple Store with the OG app icon. The creator actually did an AMA here on Reddit.

  14. against the rules, so rather not piss anybody off lol

  15. I remember telling my brother to open Yahoo Pool on our family computer. For some reason it crashed the computer and my brother got mad at me for listening to me lol

  16. Here is my point of view on the whole thing.. if people stop paying these outrageous "market adjustments" these cars will end up sitting.. then toyota is gonna wonder why a car that is supposed to sell like hot cakes aren't selling.. then they will realize they aren't selling because of their greedy dealers.. at that point, they might actually do something about it.

  17. Nah, they’ll cancel the car just like what happened to the Focus RS and they’ll stop listening to the enthusiasts.

  18. The Republicans will certainly have to investigate why there weren't any there.

  19. They’re going to say it’s in his other house, then his family’s house, then his cousin’s house, then his in-laws’s house, then his extended family’s house, then his friends’s house, then his stranger’s house, then his middle of nowhere’s house, then his ocean’s house, then his out of space’s house, then his some galaxy out of the universe’s house.

  20. They have the sticker to avoid being pulled over

  21. Reminds me of that one time when BLM protests broke out throughout the country, the protest blocked Highway 101 in the Bay Area. The protesters saw one of the Mustang with a license frame supporting police and they smashed his window. The guy who had it on his car said he had it there so the police will less likely pull him over and give him tickets.

  22. On top of that people suggesting she is smoking weed to make it seem even worse

  23. The Catholic church has entered the chat

  24. Can anyone explain why this joke is centered around churches? Why not other religious institutions?

  25. You can always buy these cars secondhand or buy a new one years later. Who knows, the later years might have a better facelift or more HP.

  26. is anybody else triggered by people calling it a "Corolla GR" or am I the only one? it makes people sound like total idiots and immediately reveals their complete lack of knowledge about the product's especially intolerable when some prick, low-level sales person has the nerve to ask 50% mark up and can't even get the name right

  27. To be fair, no one calls it GR Supra and just calls it Supra, even though GR Supra is the official name.

  28. The Lexus IS F has fake exhaust? 🤔

  29. if 9/11 happened today, there would be a STRONG push from Shapiro and sons to not give a single fuck about the tragedy because NYC is "woke." Empathy and shame on the far right is dead.

  30. I wonder how they would have reacted if he said it was the Trump foundation

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