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US approves sending of 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine

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  1. “If this pack is outplayed again by Scotland for a third straight year, many of the experienced names could start having their places questioned. That means big names like Itoje, Genge, Sinckler.”

  2. Sinckler's position is a big ? but you are right it is a weak area for England. I just don't think he is performing. Naming Genge is ludicrous because he has consistently good for England.

  3. If only a competent politician could rise and gain popularity. I blame the lack of options in India’s democracy squarely in the decision of the main (and once dominant) opposition party’s insistence that only someone from the Gandhi family can be their choice of PM. People are sick and tired of the nepotism and would rather have Modi than throw the dice with another Gandhi. The congress party only reversed this decision in recent months, and even then chose a completely unlikable party hack as their lead candidate — more likely to reward his loyalty than with any intention of winning an election. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  4. It is less to do with nepotism and more to do with racial identity. Modi is stoking that fire and changing the identity of India to more of one that is Hindus only. That is also provocative especially to a poorly educated public.

  5. Good. Watched the first episode. I knew Modi was bit of a nationalist thug but I didn't really appreciate his roots in fascist organisations and the lack of remorse he has for Muslims.

  6. I wonder how the war would've played out if the West didn't hesitate as it has initially... if they sent all the weapons they are sending now but back in March 2022

  7. The Crimea thing is interesting. Ukraine wasn't in a fit state to fight a war. If Russia ploughed on they might have taken Ukraine. NATO support would have done something but the structure wasn't there to make the most of it.

  8. I kinda feel bad for the technicians and logistic guys/girls. So many different systems. Damn...

  9. Depends on how you use them. I can see Abrams and Challenger tanks being used in fixed dug in positions around the northern border (in one area). The Leopards will be used for any offensive

  10. I had a coworker who texted me at 4am on my only day off, begging me to work for them because they were super sick with a stomach bug and I was their only hope. I felt bad, so I agreed to take their shift. They were super appreciative and promised that they would make it up to me. I ended up having a fucking terrible day, and on my only 10-minute break during my 12 hour shift, I saw that they had posted on Facebook that they were so excited about their “impromptu mental health day” and were pondering whether they should marathon some Netflix and have a glass of wine or take a bath and have… a glass of wine. 🫠 Spoiler alert: they never “made it up” to me.

  11. That is sort of the plan. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Should have left Ukraine alone

  12. We've lost Nadolo and Hegarty, likely losing Saumaki, Ashton and maybe Watson (depending on contract). I would imagine another winger/back three is inbound

  13. I would be surprised we let Watson go unless he plans to go overseas. Yes he will be away with England but he plays more than one position

  14. Bassett is a class but I thought the target was OHC? Maybe that fell through or with other departures money needs to be spent elsewhere

  15. Scheduled updates is a great thing, even if it isn't for environmental reasons.

  16. With quotes like that, Australia maybe screwed. I fear this won't end well

  17. The biggest scandal is Germany dragging their heels over this issue. It is quite a simple problem that others were more than welcome to fix for Germany. After Turkey, Germany has been a bit of roadblock when it has come to support with Ukraine.

  18. They only have... One? This is a superpower? Do they make up for it in subs?

  19. To be fair, Russia is so large is doesn't really need aircraft carriers to project. It just doesn't have the other means to project either.

  20. That's not true, Leicester were shit and cheating in the same period and got fined

  21. The irony being that if the clubs had approved Sarries request of everyone opening their books- it is unlikely that Sarries would even have got relegated because Leicester in last position were doing the same even though it was to a lot smaller extent.

  22. I think you are making light of the lesser extent. In one season the overspend was over a million, another it was close to that and then randomly in another it was a comparatively minor breach of around 100,000.

  23. I feel the top half of his face is Dan Cole and the bottom half is Tom Dunn

  24. Championship games make clubs lots of money. That is why it isn't included. Also, in theory, championship games are not at the same level as premiership games.

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