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New Album Midnights - October 21 2022

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  1. The day before evermore was announced, I made a comment on Discord asking if it's possible for Taylor to announce TS9 in 2021. The next thing you know, we get evermore shortly after I made that comment.

  2. I was so excited and then I saw it was paywalled. LTAT was my favorite thing they did, and clearly they knew they'd probably get new paying customers if they brought it back.

  3. It will feel very similar, but add dancers/choreography, video elements, and incredible set pieces. In past tours, Taylor has also provided the xylobands (light-up wristbands tied to the beat of the music) that Coldplay uses as well.

  4. Who knew there was enough market demand for more than one light-up wristband company? The more you know…

  5. Yeah I always thought it was just Pixmob because they've done at least 1989/reputation, not sure before that though.

  6. Ooh this is great, I have the 600psi unit with the foam attachment, but of course my dad thought it was under powered so he bought one of the plug in electric ones, so I use that now since it's lighter on the arm. But I have to still use mine for the foam gun, so it looks like I could reverse what you did and make a 1/4" adapter for the EZClean foam gun this way! (Though I should probably check what a 1/4" foam gun costs before I spend that much in adapting the one I have).

  7. funny, i love dear john, last kiss, enchanted, and long live all so much and don’t find them super repetitive. dear john and lass kiss and long live have lots of different verses, and enchanted is repetitive but to me it feels like it’s in a cathartic way, like delicate or out of the woods

  8. Of those I only enjoy Long Live and Enchanted, the other two I can’t stand.

  9. to each their own ¯(ツ)/¯ long live is in my top 5 of all albums i think, and the other 3 are probably in the top 15 or 20

  10. I won’t scar you with where they are on my song sorter ranking 😂😂

  11. There’s a dupe of this on Taobao if you don’t mind having a replica of it. You’ll have to use a shopping service but it’ll probably be cheaper then buying a real one. If you’re interested, I’ll happily send you the link to it!

  12. DM me I’ll take a look at it and decide which way I want to go

  13. I saw that you sent a message but it seems to have disappeared

  14. I've been waiting to see Tony use scrapers again for years. Finally some cool new equipment on his mine.

  15. I was surprised he bought new ones, since he's used them on previous seasons.

  16. no it's actually when you check on the site and see the receipt they posted. They bought 18 signed lithograph but im not sure they just took 1 pic of the signed

  17. Yes, but I've also seen this same deal of "frame damaged, sold unframed" every time it's been posted, this is the first time with the receipt attached. No chance they all had their frame "broken".

  18. v81 says:

    Yeah... Not really.

  19. I got a new computer at work last month and thought hey now's a good time to try windows 11 while setting it all up. Enough little changes were made to my average day to day work flow I just ended up rolling back rather than continue deploying registry changes, or installing 3rd party apps to get the windows 10 experience back.

  20. v81 says:

    This perfectly matches my experience.

  21. Say it louder for the people in the back.

  22. Launching a non merch designer clothing line

  23. In this scenario is the person paying full price somehow the beggar?

  24. Not in the normal sense of wanting tickets for free, but instead wanting tickets which are otherwise not presently purchasable for face value. Then being given a way to possibly get face value tickets, but potentially being choosy about where those tickets are, rather than just happy to have some.

  25. So no one is begging? This doesn't seem to fit the

  26. I think modding would drive me to drink 😂 thanks for all you do!!

  27. Somedays you just have to break out another k-cup 😂😂, you're welcome! Thanks again!

  28. Not in this release of them. Just in 2019, a bit after they sold them they said they were being updated to Lover booklets and that as a result their shipping was delayed until Lovers release date.

  29. Is she up for any other awards tonight??? Maybe we’ll get another announcement like the VMAs

  30. Yup Artist of the Year and Music Video

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