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  1. I don’t reccomend buying pokemon with real world currency. Its your life and your choice but regardless stick to just trading.

  2. By the way, all the shinies listed were either bred by me or caught in Pokemon Go. I don’t use suspicious platforms like

  3. I don’t really have a favorite, but they did Pignite and Combusken dirty…

  4. Gg, I always lose do to stall cheese :( also remove that p.s. immediately because it is very false

  5. I’ll take that as a compliment. I got all of the pokemon in my team through reddit giveaways. My first ever team too.

  6. Im not the OT. OT is Maxou. Says was caught in a den on 11/14/2020. Tbh dont remember how i got it. I havent played since March and just picked it up again a few days ago. My guess is I got it in a trade earlier this year

  7. Its most likely cloned then… honestly just ask anyone for Zacian. They’ll most likely give it away for free…

  8. Its legit asaik, its french though if that matters. Can give you any info you want on it

  9. Yeah sure I’m fairly certain I still have dedenne I’ll be home around 3pm in my time so I’ll message you when and if I still have him

  10. okey so how do I go about trading in SwSh, I've never really done it before lol. I hit Link Trade then set a code?

  11. Do you have Nintendo Switch Online? If you do just go to Y-com, press “Link Trade”, and set Link Code.

  12. Sorry not interested in either of those since I have them on white, do you have anything else?

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