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  1. Russia is getting its ass whipped and is looking for a graceful way out of the mess it has created. Good luck with that.

  2. There is a two-tier system of justice in the rural south, including North Carolina. Stay tuned.

  3. Yes, if it's up to taxpayers to pay for it!

  4. Duke should offer a reward for information leading to an arrest. Then watch the scumbags turn on each other.

  5. Now look who is begging for a socialistic handout....the capitalists.

  6. Health care, especially pharmaceuticals and hospital charges.

  7. This is what happens when you let the inmates run the asylum.

  8. Is this the final word from Ole Shit His Pants?

  9. Hey, dude, that's a foreign big bidiness. Why should we bail them out?

  10. What a sad way for the world's most hated dictator to go out, shitting his pants.

  11. If elected, does that mean Texas will have 3 US Senators and Georgia only one.

  12. Big surprise that Lady G voted against it.

  13. Our national gun policy was written by a lunatic.

  14. Go for it Mike. The GOP needs fucking up a bit more.

  15. Correction: I think he said 'erection fraud."

  16. Doesn't matter. The US Supreme Court was hopelessly corrupt before this.

  17. That is as good as an admission it is not going to happen!

  18. Not surprised! Congress is hopelessly corrupt.

  19. It's not so hard, he said about his erection.

  20. And, what do we know about Tucker's heroic service to our country?

  21. Why should the tourism authority be expected to pay for a baseball stadium. In a true capitalism environment, the users of that facility should pay for it, if there is sufficient demand. Otherwise, don't do it.

  22. He knew he would eventually lose. This was just an effort to delay the outcome. He won 3 years, mainly due to a Republican judge.

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