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  1. I'm not fully certain I understand your question. Are you asking if anyone has postcards from UAE or if anyone wants postcards from UAE?

  2. I've had my photos turned into postcards. I usually use vistaprint, but I have also used a local print shop.

  3. I love those hockey cards from Finland. At one point they had stamps that matched.

  4. Ooh did they?? That’s so cool! I thought the cross shaped stamp was a sticker at first. I’ve never seen stamps like any of the ones I got so it was all pretty cool

  5. Finland and Germany tend to have really cool stamps. I might still have some of the hockey ones from FI, but my PC stuff is all out of sorts right now.

  6. If you want one on a postcard you receive, you can ask for it on your profile or see if someone will send you one as a direct swap

  7. If I remember correctly this is a known issue with Samsung refrigerators and they will cover the repair if you call them directly. Let me see if I can't find that info again

  8. Wouldn't a pic of the manager on the phone would be a dick pic?

  9. You’re so dumb. I have money trees I rent out so I make even more

  10. You'd be doing better if you rented each individual branch like I do.

  11. OP several people have stated that this appears normal and that it does not come across as a red flag. Having hopes, high or otherwise, about the possible beginning of something is part of what makes getting to know someone fun. However, this does seem to concern you quite a bit more than others so for you this might be too much. You are the only one who can make that decision for yourself.

  12. Can't help with the details on this one, but I'd pick it up for $45.

  13. There's nothing about religion nor politics in my bio so I don't know why they thought this would be appropriate to send to me. I did think it was funny though that in their bio, they request "no witchcraft" and to keep the content of the card mild because they show them to their children. Oh but it's okay for you to use crude language with me?

  14. I'm from a "deep red" area of Texas and can tell you that people who think like this need absolutely no prompting from anyone to start a rant.

  15. We have had the same experience at the annex when we go vote. It's quick and easy so that's where my nonagenarian Gram likes to go.

  16. The way I look at it she’s 94, let her do whatever she wants and enjoy her remaining years until god calls her home. I don’t see why not but just to make sure ask a doctor or reputable piercer for their professional input.

  17. A responsible piercer will know what to do to reduce risks, for example they'll use a torch to check for blood vessels around where they might pierce. They'll be happy to talk about how being on blood thinners might change the piercing and healing processes - if they don't volunteer any information about that, I'd avoid getting pierced by them. It's worth getting a note from her doctor while you're there, some piercers might ask to see that (and might keep a copy on their records) before piercing her. Good luck! ETA: you might get more in-depth answers from the

  18. And then you start making your own postcards - both collage and photo...

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