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This painting of a woman breastfeeding an old man in a prison cell was sold for €30 million. A man was sentenced to "death by starvation" for stealing a loaf of bread. His daughter breastfed him on daily visits as she was searched. He survived 4 months and was pardoned.

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  1. Having an in depth discussion with my parents about how to restructure their investment portfolio.

  2. I'd take the question as going back, but knowing roughly what I know now, otherwise the question may as well be what your typical day would have been then, I guess. Would they listen to me, probably not, but I'd wear them down soon enough & it'd definitely be fun to try.

  3. Disconcerting in general that his hand on the radio blocks much of it, but at least there is audio.

  4. Here is a machine translation fo their full conversation, Russian to English. Edit: just to clarify, this happened around the 20th of February, around 4 days before the war.

  5. What resource did you use as a machine translation for the transcript?

  6. How long would it take of listening to your favorite song on rewind & repeat, over & over again, for it not to be so much your favorite song? I mean it's one thing to listen to it perhaps a half dozen times a day, another to use it as the sole defence against having your soul horribly sucked out of you by something worse than Freddy Krueger & just keep pressing play constantly with no let up. Sounds like legit torture if it goes on long enough, but I guess the timeline in the show is ticking along pretty quickly.

  7. This is "La Charité romaine" (Roman Charity) by Jules Lefebvre (1863). Roman Charity is a very common motif in old paintings and you'll find a lot of the same thing if you google the term. Like the post title says, it's based off an old Roman story where a daughter feeds her starving father in prison.

  8. The story is cool, but what makes this painting so relatively valuable? The art is good, but pretty sure it wouldn't match my decor. Was it purchased as an investment or someone has this hanging in their hallway or something?

  9. The satellite photo was pretty ominous in what it suggests for regular life there. Is that full time, though? I mean, I've visited places that regularly had blackouts for a number of hours every day, you just get used to it, people still have their electronics & such, but to suggest that is fulltime is another level. Presumably cellphone cameras are not in any way remotely ubiquitous there as it would be in many 3rd world countries or recorded glimpses of life outside of these staged sets would be more common?

  10. Kerosene lamps. Freshly cut grass. Also wet asphalt in a hot country, it's a different flavour of petrichor.

  11. Cheesecake is like coffee, I think. You can get bad or possibly 'meh' coffee pretty much anywhere, but the good stuff, well prepared, is gold. I tend to treat cheesecake like pizza, though, even when it's bad I'll still eat it. I'd love to go to Italy to try it out sometime, imagine it would be an experience, wonder where cheesecake is originally from?

  12. I thought Kenobi won because he was a better earthbender than Vader.

  13. Lavabender, lol. Kenobi is pretty bad-ass, no battle in Star Wars beats that fight with Darth Maul to me, except maybe Tartakovsky's stuff. Still, was hoping to get more of the feel of the Rogue One Vader, guess Kenobi rattled him.

  14. Anakin. TPM heavily implies that Anakin’s count is the highest ever recorded. IMO Obi Wan has more control and ultimately comes out on top in Ep 6 because Vader can’t keep himself in check. It’s always been his biggest weakness and caused the worst moments of his life.

  15. Yeah, even the Emperor pointedly questioned him on that right after Vader rants about leaving no stone unturned & such. I wonder if losing the bits replaced by machinery further reduced his power, I mean if it is a physical component of a person's body, health plays into that. In other words Vader was potentially less potent in that sense than Anakin. Although Yoda wasn't lacking, as physically small as he was, mental & emotional control with the midi-chlorians your body has, I guess, is the idea with the lore.

  16. Nonsense. Across the pond you keep turning left you end up back where you started. You do that in the UK you end up eventually across the country somewhere. The road I live on is a 2 way road, but there is quite literally barely enough room for even one vehicle to pass through, you sometimes need to run onto the sidewalk if someone is parked to one side. Probably originally designed when travel by horse was the thing or the Romans on foot or something. Looks nice, but ease of functionality is a thing, too. Parking takes a lot more skill, too, you don't get anywhere near as much wiggle room. Many do prefer manual, I like the convenience of automatic, but I really can't wait until autonomous vehicle capabilities are more extensive, even for these roads where more judgement may be needed, and they could be allowed here.

  17. To the guy who took the hit for the kid. Real hero there. He seemed like he came up to them just to tell them “Hey, don’t be doing this” then shit hit the fan. And that man knew what was important. I hope he is alright.

  18. Same way I read the situation, possibly not even their kid, but the parents ditched.

  19. So immaculate conception could still be a thing, after all.

  20. If she says she is cumming, I somehow instantly finish myself

  21. Unless she's multi-orgasmic, then the focus switches in all that rapid quickfire.

  22. I remember years ago getting some training on doing public presentations to clients. And on the first go, when I had to pitch some products to the trainer's, their first point of feedback was they said "were you aware you said the word 'obviously' 12 times in 10 minutes".

  23. Which general area of the country are you from, if you don't mind me asking? I don't think it's necessarily a British wide thing, per se, but I'll assume more common for the younger generations of urban environments to broadly make use of as a filler, perhaps?

  24. You learned everything but the creators name.

  25. Sure, not really my focus in going there, though. I'm not American, is this something taught in history classes at school there or something? Was generally more interested in the fact that a single source, a sole person & publication helped to make these various ubiquitous & iconic images a part of broader social consciousness. The political mascots are one of those things that you see in popular media from time to time, but never really think of what's behind it. Found it interesting that he was from another country & such, as well.

  26. I love elephants. They don't deserve to be linked with the Republican party...

  27. Interestingly enough, the roles of the Republicans as the conservatives & Democrats as the liberals were the complete opposite during Nast's time & they gradually switched places in the early 1900s.

  28. Maybe I'm just showing my age or it's a UK thing, does tight not mean cool anymore?


  30. It didn't occur to me until just now that an elephant is like the mascot of the Republican party, so when Stampy is going through the RNC, they cheer, and in the DNC they get angry.

  31. Maybe deeper still, the roles of the Republicans as the conservatives & Democrats as the liberals were the complete opposite during Nast's (the editorial cartoonist who popularised the elephant & the donkey for the parties) time & they gradually switched places in the early 1900s.

  32. Totally, though what bugs me more is when he demonstrates a solid ability in battles with side characters, but doesn't keep doing it. Like that bandage demon thingy at the beginning, he froze it, it worked for a bit, just keep doing that once in a while. Or that eye/octopus monster, he can slice appendages off, then just go through centre mass, doing serious damage even if it takes a few slices to get all the way.

  33. The ending kind of reminded me of the Zephram Cochran episode in TOS.


  35. it felt very skin deep… sloan had no character outside of liking luther for seemingly unknown reasons

  36. When you look that good who needs character, lol. I think the idea is probably that she led a sheltered life & is something of a nerd, very intelligent & with an undoubtedly strong power, but happy to follow the lead. Her personality isn't meant to be overbearing, she never had to be in her life. I'd imagine in the next season with the reshuffle in circumstances she may show more of who she could be, perhaps, dunno.

  37. Pretty sure he's just British, blue blooded & all that. /s

  38. Honestly I think that’s just a really huge plot hole. Even if he can ignore inertia, he’s still applying a force (himself) on the other person. Possibly he took the bomb off instead, or something.

  39. Maybe that's how he flies, like telekinesis, by using control over inertia. Superman's powers show hints of external as well as internal TK, too, I think. That is probably why he could take out Soulja Boy, if he has the power of flight that gives something extra to his punches & holds i.e. not simply moving all of his body through the air by thought, but that same force applied through his hands or arms alone, in sync with his physical abilities.

  40. Homelander fleeing was so brilliant. He's probably going to have a breakdown, or beg Stan to come back. He knows now that he isn't all that great.

  41. The anti-hero team should be worried, he can pick them off one by one if he seeks out & catches them alone.

  42. This was NYU students (and their parents) trying to get an apartment near campus.

  43. There don't seem to be any people of color in the queue, is that normal in NY?

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