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  1. This reminds me of the video I saw yesterday of the persons entire downstairs flooded because of the hurricane.

  2. I binged this entire manga in day, it was really cute but I'm bummed I'll have to wait a while to get much more to read. Anyone have any good requests for something similar to read in the meantime?

  3. Jan 6th was a coup attempt with the insurrectionists acting as a tool of former president trump, the vote itself was to clarify wording when it comes to objecting to electoral votes and the vice presidents role in counting the votes.

  4. It was a protest that got out of hand. It is not like we have not seen “mostly peaceful” protesters burning buildings, looting, and fighting with cops the last few years. Still not sure how a magic bill will stop that.

  5. It wasn't a protest, it was an attempted coup by a former president who sent the insurrectionists to the capitol in an attempt to intimidate pence into doing trumps bidding. The bill is meant to clarify things from the original document so that no one could try to use some kind of loophole the way trump attempted to.

  6. Damn, I am near him right now. I though in killing him with arrows, but I was not sure if I should

  7. Definitely do it, I don't want to spoil what happens if you don't, but you definitely want to kill him before advancing.

  8. He revives the boss of 3-1, so you can't actually kill the boss without killing him first.

  9. It's not the best for pvp, but for pve it's decent enough if you want to go with a strength build.

  10. Do y'all literally need the /s to see that this is satire?

  11. I never said it's not said, just that it's a stupid saying.

  12. If I don't then stop perceiving me, I don't want to be here bro

  13. Thats an interesting conspiracy theory, but it doesn't seem likely.

  14. Not really, I check it every once in a while to see what the number is, but I don't really care if it goes up or down.

  15. No one is taking your kids to a drag show, people are taking their own kids to drag shows, why does the right want to tell people how to raise their kids?

  16. Little confused. BLM means Bearu of Land Management? Why is all lives matter bad? Did Jesus say that all lives matter to those who believe in him?

  17. BLM is for Black Lives Matter in this case, all lives matter kinda popped up as a way to attempt to discredit the BLM movement.

  18. BLM movement discredited itself. Are you even paying attention?

  19. It was made by people who don't understand that biden isn't responsible for global inflation.

  20. Not a very good reason to be against this imo, this will help millions of working class Americans have more money to makes end meet or to spend, either way that's more people spending into the economy which is a good thing.

  21. One thing you want to consider is giving the pokemon food, different pokemon like different food and if you craft it into a cake you can use the cake to feed the pokemon, it drastically lowers their catch difficulty if you give a pokemon a cake they like. Also use back shots when you can for an added bonus and higher tiers of pokeballs, if you do that then you should have no problem getting alphas.

  22. You can call it a coup attempt if you want but it was not a coup attempt. You're being told to call it a coup attempt to make you afraid. Words have definitions and Jan 6 does not fit the definition of "coup attempt." Holding classified info is also not as or more important than anything I listed. Hillary did the same damn thing and you were probably out defending Her like a good little party drone.

  23. If you consider that a coup, you don't know what a coup is and we won't get anywhere here.

  24. You're too ignorant to understand that there's more than 1 type of coup, you think a military coup is the only kind, don't blame your ignorance on others. And again I said trump is equally relevant, not more so, I hope you have a day as pleasant as you are to talk to.

  25. Okay but I read the entire Manga in a day, now what do I do?

  26. Exactly, because the media wants to cover up for the mass murdering president. The media critique of Trump is essentially uncouth and does documents wrong

  27. I don't typically watch mainstream media so I don't know what their critique of trump is, but that is a major downplay on both counts.

  28. Ah so probably also not old enough to remember daily "terror threat level" propaganda from the media then. Also not old enough to remember when the media knew George Bush, Robert Mueller, and quite frankly every ghoul from the Bush administration was lying about weapons of mass destruction, but decided not to tell the people about it because "it could affect the election"

  29. Nope not old enough to remember any of that personally, just what I've learned since then, which mostly focuses on after he's in office, I don't disagree with you on anything you've said about Bush besides something slightly about the end. I agree that in terms of lives cost, and therefore morally worse, Bush is worse. But I think trump is more dangerous for America as a whole, and when you talk about how US presidents are remembered, history tends to gloss over their war crimes. So I think when history is written, trump will be remembered a lot less favorably than Bush.

  30. How old were you? My friend who was young couldn’t find any US doctor willing to do his vasectomy and had to get it done in another country.

  31. Eh I'm 30 so that may have played a part in how easy it was for me.

  32. Sounds to me like she's grateful that she has you to talk to.

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