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  1. I have come to believe that heart rates are personal and cannot be compared to another person.

  2. Damn. I’m 57, and my heart rate generally doesn’t go above 165-167 during boxing workouts and I’ve been doing those consistently 5-6 days/week for a year and half now and always push myself. I’ve hit 176 twice and that’s at all out max effort. I’d probably die if it hit 180.

  3. I wasn’t joking, that is the official weight of the NFL combine. I just hit about two reps myself and I’m trying to increase my max reps

  4. Am I the only one with a metric shitton of ammo & relatively few mags?

  5. I didn't have a whole lot of mags until WA banned them and made me buy a lifetime supply. I only bought mags for a few firearms but I have 18-24 for each of them now.

  6. One of the groups that I am in had the opportunity to spend some time on the range and shoot the FDLE pistol qualification. All of us did better than we expected. I was able to shoot a 39/40 with my G43x.

  7. If you can afford multiple guns you can afford one less gun and a safe.

  8. For me, the bigger issue is that I’m limited by living in an apartment. I can’t have a heavy ass safe and I can’t bolt anything to the floor or walls. I have a case and a small safe that are bolted/chained to my bed frame but there’s really no way to be completely theft proof.

  9. I had accidents more in mind when I posted this. Kids finding guns and the like. Definitely true on not being theft-proof.

  10. I would definitely be concerned about that if I had kids here ever but I don’t. Too many accidents involving kids.

  11. That was simple.. Most of it seem kind of standard. Not in schools, government building, and the like. It is about the same here in Washington state, except for the business part. I think. Here if a business prohibits concealed carry and someone spots one on you they can ask you to leave, no further problems unless you refuse at which point you are trespassing. And probably being an ass as well. It looks like it might be a criminal offense there? Thoughts? And be nice California is my homeland.

  12. They’re banning carry in public parks which is annoying. They are also banning carry in private businesses unless the business explicitly has a sign up saying otherwise. Opt in rather than opt out.

  13. Personally my biggest thing I wrestled with was whether or not to buy mags for guns I didn't yet own. There's an expensive pistol I really want, can't afford it yet, but should I buy mags for it... I didn't... I figured I'll figure that out later.

  14. I had the same problem and decided to buy one expensive handgun (which is the only handgun I own that holds more than 10 rounds) and a bunch of mags for it but no mags for guns I didn’t already own. I bought a bunch of AR mags for my rifles but I don’t shoot those as much. It’s just not as convenient as going to the handgun range.

  15. Nice! I keep thinking about getting plates but then I can’t really think of when I would use them so I keep holding off.

  16. When you’re ready, don’t buy steel. You probably want RMA 3+ multi curve. 1192 I think is the code for the medium. Don’t underestimate weight, 5lb a plate is an ass kicker already. Tested to NIJ is very different from certified NIJ. Stay safe!

  17. Since when? As far as I know they're supported in to their early 20s with support workers and financial support.

  18. I wasn’t kicked out on my 18th birthday but I had to leave foster care immediately after my high school graduation (US).

  19. Did you have the slide milled for the red dot?

  20. This isn’t going to work. The best solution are chargers at home, the next best are chargers at workplaces away from home. A 30 minute to 60 minute shopping trip is a stopgap, not an ideal permanent solution (like charging overnight).

  21. My grocery shopping takes about 15 minutes. Charging really needs to be as convenient as filling up with gas or being able to leave it charging overnight in my apartment parking garage.

  22. My most memorable experiences on the bus was (1) being on a bus while it t-boned a truck that ran a red light and (2) helping stop an attack on a bus driver from some person with a knife who didn't want to pay when he got on the bus. He had the bus driver pinned in the seats behind the driver's seat so the bus was moving forward while this was going on to add even more excitement.

  23. I’ve never seen a driver have a problem with somebody who didn’t pay a fare.

  24. I went to basic training for my summer break between my junior and senior year.

  25. Same experience here for WA mag ban, who will you vote for now?

  26. Don’t know yet. I don’t have an allegiance to any party but I’m not voting for a conspiracy nut so that’ll limit my options I’m sure.

  27. It really doesn't make sense. I sent the email to my reps to oppose certain gun restrictions, but it falls on deaf ears. If there is a law to be put down in the books, no one is exempt from it. Carving out special permissions for LE and military does not protect citizens. They just don't see the danger, I guess.

  28. I emailed my state senator about the magazine ban and he sent me a boiler plate email regarding his support of the bill to which I responded I will no longer be able to vote for him.

  29. Praying to God to help you win a football game is so dumb. And if I believed in God and his almighty powers I'd probably think it was even dumber than I do now.

  30. And all the thanks to God from professional sports players after winning a game are annoying as hell.

  31. I was on staff at the UW in 1990 and had my first exposure to the the internet at that time.

  32. I think Bitnet and Relay might have been still around at UW in 1990. I left UW in the late 80s. Those were fun days.

  33. the correct course of action is to mentally and physically prepare for secession

  34. Maybe this is not a good time to be disarmed. Only a few more days to stock up on standard sized magazines!

  35. I was like “what does BLM have against wild horses?? Why remove them, what did they ever do?” 😮

  36. It’s finally time to put a stop to the radicalized wild nationalist horses running around radicalizing other horses.

  37. I’m convinced he’s playing the long game - he wants to leave his wife but doesn’t have the balls to divorce her

  38. I need more cold & rain! I’d honestly be happy if it rained year-round

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