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  1. Looks like I'll be sailing the high seas for those games.

  2. There is a strong consensus about mooning tomorrow. I think they are going 50bps now.

  3. They go 25 w strong language about future hikes, to temper the market. It’s the same shit every time.

  4. Affordability is. Which is the only metric that actually matters.

  5. I’m sure plenty of people are banking on refinancing in the coming years.

  6. Nope deff not. Considering the amount of people living paycheck to paycheck, if unemployment goes up - foreclosures will prob happen.

  7. That's why I prefer Oregon's economic method, they make coins of precious metals. If it weren't for the war over wheat going on over there, I'd settle down somewhere in that area.

  8. We just bought the house last month so not sure insurance will cover it unfortunately… maybe worth a shot regardless? Not sure how these things work tbh

  9. Yup, our inspector characterized it as a service repair and not a major issue (since it's only on those few beams) in the garage attic) so we went ahead with the purchase - I didn't realize this was going to be a major issue!

  10. He deletes everything regardless of whether he's right. It's how he uses Twitter.

  11. I can’t stand Hicks but not sure Volpe would have caught it anyway. The ball lands almost 10 feet to his left.

  12. The fed had higher unemployment on a silver platter and chose the bail the banks out.

  13. Washington Mutual is actually 430 billion in today’s dollars. So this is kinda nonsense.


  15. I'm not voting for financial collapse but I think we're hitting "concerning" territory on 1. mass layoffs and 2. corporate real estate defaults.

  16. White collar cost cutting now to see just how few can manage blue collar production.

  17. Except blue collar jobs haven’t been filled this entire time. McDonalds was paying like 20/hr. Kitchen remodels are going for 200k.

  18. I'm a PM in Philly, but my opinion is that you are not going to get a Property Manager who will exclusively forward your mail.

  19. Someone else had suggested still using the condo unit address and having my name as the property manager.

  20. Ehhh, I guess that could work. It sounds like that is what they are doing. My owners use my office, obviously. My one hesitation is that if something gets screwed up w/ USPS and you don't get that notice... but is that really going to happen?...

  21. Jesus Christmas this is so vague. 7 days till spring, so lets keep dicking around.

  22. My renewals went through pretty quickly. You the have lead cert uploaded?

  23. If you don’t live in Philadelphia, apparently you need a managing agent?

  24. This is true but only because of historically low and what appears finally to be unsustainable interest rates that have propped up the price of homes. 8% interest rates will cut the median home price by 40% over time. Boomers are all about to retire and they think they’re selling their homes to downsize and take out equity. It’s gonna be sad to see people working into their 80’s.

  25. I live within 45 mins from Philly and an hour from NYC. Open houses are still jam packed.

  26. Can I borrow full value against my student loan debt?

  27. The dude had a 3.0 WAR last year. He was an above average player, making 4.7 million and played out of position.

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