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  1. I am listening to this song right now and saw the lyrics for the first time. He does not say "Count down to the end." He says god damn Julian

  2. nice profile pic btw. splat tim does it.

  3. oh hey I didn't know you had reddit. I saw this on twitter a few days ago (I'm bluemorphopod/hayden)

  4. I saw you post this on twitter, then I came here and thought it was a repost and then I read the username lmao. this clip really will never die huh

  5. my watermark is different on the art bc you can't change your username on reddit. here's the post on my twitter:

  6. fools. everyone knows garfield kart is the best racing game.

  7. this is genuinely the best thing I've ever seen on this sub. the slow comedic timing of all the lasers pointing at you and the last guy's username (tiredofyal) is just perfection. take my award.

  8. tbh its not that surprising, as octoboy is a photographer for nintendo france!

  9. He smells like an Hugo Boss cologne. He told me. We share tastes, he's my best bud along with King Dedede. We hang out every Saturday night at Famous Lounge Bar in Fitz Roy 1655, C1414 CABA, Argentina

  10. he canonically smells like lavender as stated in one of the twitter takeovers:

  11. ‘’arrowspray’’ 💀 (derogatory)

  12. yoroshiku onegaishimasu, as they say in nippon.

  13. I saw this and died laughing. the face makes me so happy i love it!!

  14. thank you! glad my art made you laugh.

  15. No its just very easy to do and im sick of children thinking their so good for something that a toddler could do

  16. LMAO you used ''their'' instead of ''they're''

  17. I'm not a piece of shit, but what you're doing is easy shit how can you not see that?

  18. the thing is you completely missed the point of the post. I did not post it bc my aim is ‘’extraordinary’’, I posted it bc people in the comp community always say handheld is hard and annoying to play and I’m sick of that. basically I was trying to prove that you can have good aim with handheld.

  19. City Escape except this time, you play as the murderous vehicle

  20. in the new kirby game, you can play as the GUN military truck from sonic adventure 2!

  21. ''talk about a low budget flight, no food or movies? I'm outta here!''

  22. I’m kinda sad they didn’t blow up left, middle, right. Like hell should have been bigger and you shouldn’t have been able to escape.

  23. we had a dc after this though 💀

  24. the only good thing from this match was that I didn't loose any x power points lmao

  25. if they announce a testfire or something I’m going to combust into a million pieces

  26. oh really? so I was right! I thought he only played splash, that's why I was a bit confused

  27. Naut is just fantastic, it can perform both roles very well, and a lot of the time it depends on the player for how it gets used. Though it is still much better for general offense and aggressive playing. Should be quite good in Splatoon 3 if it doesn’t get overhauled or removed.

  28. ikr? dynamo is my secondary main weapon, and it was actually my first main weapon before I tried using nautilus, but I just don't really find dynamo to be fun anymore, though I can play nautilus all day long. maybe if dynamo gets a buff in splat3 I'll start to pick it up again.

  29. ''sonic had a rough transition into 3d''

  30. I wonder if her name was maria…

  31. good riddance, they deserve that for not helping in the fight (unless it was internet issues). i don’t care if they were on the enemy team make the match more interesting.

  32. dude, we were both having a squid party

  33. Hoo~ That fella wasn’t paying attention and their ignorance got ‘em splatted.

  34. not really, we were having a squid/cephalopod party lmao

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