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  1. This is indeed a puzzling situation. On the official release page of Xubuntu 20.04, April 29th 2023 is denoted as the day in which the support ends, but the command from terminal gives me back the official date for Ubuntu 20.04, and I don't know who should I believe.


  3. As far as I understand, the content of the link does not explain the issue related with the two different dates for the end of support (Ubuntu/Xubuntu).

  4. The first link doesn't work, but I will keep looking. The 10-bay is beyond my budget now, but I will think if it's better to wait a little bit to save more and go for something like that.

  5. That's perfect. Thank you very much!!!

  6. The default HTTPS port exists because some people don't want to set up anything extra. In order to do that, you have to provide a certificate to in a specific format (PEM). So while this is possible, it's generally not recommended.

  7. Thank you very much, it has been incredibly helpful! Given what you said, I am glad I set up a reverse proxy.

  8. I use Caddy as well, so I think you've made a great choice. Everyone has a favourite Reverse Proxy, and I think it's a excellent "starter" one.

  9. I feel better knowing using caddy is not only a newbie move ;-) I am new to all this media server thing and every day I realize there is something new I have to learn, and I admit it's very stimulating. Thanks again for finding the time to reply to my question!

  10. Appreciate your detailed response. Have you tried clearing the data and cache of those apps? Clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on the app. To do this, go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > See all XX apps > Look for App name > Storage & Cache > Clear Storage. Then restart your phone.

  11. I actually did clear cache and data of these apps but nothing changed.

  12. Hello, Sorry I wasn't able to get back to you sooner. It is something we haven't encountered on this phone model. To be sure, I must confirm this with our team.

  13. Hi again. I tried also messenger and the same thing happens.

  14. Phone calls (with WhatsApp and SIM card) seem ok. I was not able to detect problems.

  15. It's just not as secure as a third party password manager. They did improved over time. I remember when they didn't even hashed your passwords and just save them in plaintext for all your creepy extensions and spyware to see.

  16. I used 1password before. It takes too much time for useless password management, if browser won't call manager you will manually open it copy/paste things, needles to say it is absolutely not secure way too. Often enough new sites won't call manager to save your password, once again do everything manually. Why if browser already does it and syncs too, without some more 3rd party company BTW, which are always a target for hackers too. No way browser passwords storing is less secure.

  17. Do you have some reference regarding your last statement? Honest question, no provoking ;-)

  18. I think the first book is definitely brilliant! I found the overall idea innovative (but I am not a SciFi reader), and I found the execution seriously impressive (the chapter on Von Neumann architecture was amazing!!!). The only thing I did not like is the explanation concerning everything about the sophon which simply does not work and sounds like a bunch of big words thrown out to impress reader who do not have a clue of said words.

  19. What a great mood to be in!! I wil go with "In search of lost Time" by Proust. I love convoluted sentences, I really do, a lot. However, all those books felt to me like a sterile exercise in style. A perfectly executed exercise, but still an exercise. Everything felt to me incredibly flat. It's true that I couldn't read it in the original language and thus I could have missed something, and it's also true that I perhaps missed the timing on when to read it, but it is what it is. If life permits I'll re-read it in my 60s to see if something changes

  20. I just realized this post is in rfantasy and I apologize for the possible off-topic. I'm completely fused.

  21. I too think Urasawa's endings are not satisfying. In the beginning I was unhappy with that, but then I realized that you may interpret this instance as a kind of metaphor for life and was somehow relieved: you may have an incredible amount of good/deep/funny/emotional/great moments in your travel, but the end will always be disappointing.

  22. Anticlimactic sounds indeed less sad, and I just realized I sounded very pessimistic when all I wanted to say is that (most) endings are disappointing essentially by definition, and I should better focus on enjoying the ride while it lasts rather then focus on hoping for a satisfying ending. Hugs to you too!

  23. Qui si entra in un discorso molto complicato, soprattutto da fare su reddit.

  24. Effettivamente, il discorso potrebbe essere lungo e complicato, e mi scuso con

  25. Concordo, cosi andiamo OT in modo definitivo, con te sul discorso etico, troppo complesso e ampio per affrontarlo qui.

  26. Hai colpito tutti i tasti dolenti a cui pensavo! Anche io condivido la tua stessa speranza in astratto, ma sono molto disilluso nel concreto. Penso infatti che si evolverà verso un'assurda e perfida abolizione della proprietà privata, un fenomeno che però, al posto di strizzare l'occhio alla sinistra teoretica, gli punterà contro un gigante dito medio per poi correre ad aiutare l'attuale capitalismo/consumismo. Che amarezza...

  27. Never heard of it, but I'll check it out. Thanks for the suggestion.

  28. I definitely agree. I found this app randomly on this sub some days ago, and it prevented me to buy the Spotify premium account I was seriously considering. Of course, there are some minor things that I think could be "improved":

  29. Thank you very much! It seems all I have to do is patiently wait.

  30. I'll check almost all of them. Thanks for sharing.

  31. If you want you can check out my privacy list, there are plenty of apps:

  32. I want to thank you for letting me know about the existence of vimusic. It's amazing! I was considering starting a Spotify premium account, but then I read your message, I gave a try to vimusic, and now I am incredibly satisfied with it. So I owe you at least a beer/coffee/beverage of your choice ;-)

  33. Very nice question. I love "Crime and punishment" so once I thought to forsake some of its aspect and write if a normal human who decides, out of boredom and curiosity, to choose to be evil and do evil things (not necessarily of big impact) just to see how far he can go without being stopped and without too much psychological trauma given he is a kind person after all.

  34. I stumbled upon this book by chance because some random guy at my university mentioned it. It was a time when I was not very happy with the books I was ending up reading, and so I started reading it ready to be disappointed. By the end of the book I was amazed. I honestly do not even precisely remember what happened in the book, but I perfectly remember the feeling of literary satisfaction I felt while and after reading it. I also remember it gave me a similar feeling to what I usually get when I read Dostoevsky (my favourite author), but I do not remember why. Perhaps, it's time to read it again, this time in English because I think it would be even better.

  35. It seems promising. I also appreciate the choice of giving the digital version for free, it makes me want to pay for it.

  36. Complimenti! Ho dato una veloce occhiata alla sinossi e posso dire di aver molto apprezzato la scelta di nomi "italianoidi". La versione digitale è solo quella di Amazon, vero? Lo chiedo perché per motivi pratici ho deciso di ridurre al minimo gli acquisti cartacei.

  37. Cosa leggi di geopolitica? È un che mi interessa approfondire (leggo già il Post e ogni tanto Internazionale e Limes).

  38. A dire il vero, per essere più preciso, avrei dovuto scrivere geopolitica/attualità. Inoltre, premetto di non essere assolutamente un esperto in materia. Detto questo, in maniera abbastanza schizofrenica e non lineare, mi barcameno tra la lettura di

  39. Proprio ieri ho postato qualcosa di

  40. Io ho letto Gli esordi se a OP può interessare il mio parere

  41. Supponendo di essere OP, sarei molto interessato.

  42. È un libro molto interessante, la particolarità è che praticamente non vengono espressi i pensieri dei personaggi ma vengono fatte parlare solo le azioni. È un libro un po' pesante e molto lungo ma a me è piaciuto molto

  43. Grazie mille del parere. Effettivamente, la scelta di non esprimere i pensieri dei personaggi se non indirettamente attraverso le azioni è particolare ed inevitabilmente "appesantisce" la scrittura. Fortunatamente, ho sempre avuto un debole per la "letteratura pesante". Spero solo di trovare tempo e forza per cimentarmi in questa impresa mentre la vita adulta fagocita la mia joie de vivre :)

  44. Dealing with lightning is child’s play compared to a beam of light.

  45. Assuming we exist, and given our constant exposition to sunlight, lightbulbs, neon lights, led lights, and so on, I guess we must conclude we live in an unreal world :)

  46. I like to read biographies in areas I find interesting, like history, acting and gardening.

  47. Thank you very much for the suggestions. The diary of Lady Margaret Hoby immediately pinched my interest even if I have absolutely no idea who she is.

  48. You are definitely right! I remember it to myself 28 times a day because it is really something that one should be grateful for, and, in the end, it is really something that depends on external circumstances you have no control over. Of course, I do not want to say that someone who does what they like is simply lucky, it is clear you have to work hard, but that's simply not the end of the story, and luck is an important character in this story.

  49. I feel really uncomfortable not finishing books I start. I feel as if I would some cosmic law that should never be failed, thus gaining an utterly tragicomic punishment I would not be able to endure. Also, I seem to be always worried by the possibility that the most significant and profound part of the book I am reading is precisely the one I yet have to read, and thus I must endure the reading. I will avoid discussing what I perceive as "classification problems associated with DNF" because this would make me enter in a very demented rabbit hole.

  50. I think it's impossible for Jotaro not to look good/cool/badass...but that's probably just my inner-caged-teenage-self stealing some freedom of thought.

  51. This is really incredible! I can not wait to see the colored version.

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