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  1. Yes - but only because I didn't grow up in Britain. Played baseball, softball and t-ball in school, and watched pro games on trips to the states.

  2. Hunter-Hill is having a great season for us, fully deserved.

  3. Absolutely happy for him getting his call up - well deserved. But could we please be allowed to keep hold of a lock or two for our other games.

  4. In birds of prey (falcons, owls, hawks, eagles, ospreys and vultures), females are usually larger than males. There's a few different theories as to why, but the most common ones I see are that it prevents the male and female from competing over prey (for example, a female goshawk may hunt woodpigeons, pheasants, squirrels and rabbits while her male mate hunts songbirds and small rodents), or it allows the female to better defend the nest against animals that may pose a threat to their eggs or chicks (many raptors like buzzards are notoriously overprotective of their nests and young). Another theory proposes that being bulkier makes the females better at incubation.

  5. There's also a correlation across the animal kingdom between size and number of sexualities partners... Bigger size dimorphism correlates to more partners. Swans and penguins are closer in size and fairly monogamous. Larger male peafowl has more partners than the female. Larger female Harris hawk keeps a harem of males.

  6. One problem with a single massive robo network is that a job can always be given to a bot all the way on the other side of the grid. They often work better as multiple smaller grids to cut down on travel time. That then gives you multiple other problems of resource distribution between grids but once you solve that the end product is usually more efficient.

  7. Head on head. Tompkins was always upright. Mitigated down from red as he was going backwards and the attacker spun in a way that the officials felt couldn't be expected.

  8. All of you cyclists need to make it easier for us to see you so we don't hit you.... NOOOO Not like that!!!

  9. 50 would be the minimum you expect given this level of performance

  10. It's so bad even the Introverts are out here protesting

  11. Do little people have any good derogatory names for big people.

  12. If this where I think it is, it's the intersection in Japan that had a massive sinkhole open up on the street, damaging this buildings foundation as well. They repaired the street in like 8 weeks then had to take the building down due to structural issues.

  13. I think they're driving on the right hand side of the road so not Japan.

  14. Delayed matches you can watch on the PR website. Its 24 hours after match end they go up so not live but at least a way you can watch them.

  15. Not bad, did nothing wrong, but also didn't for anything that really caught the eye.

  16. She should be black dorsally and white ventrally following the standard colouration of marine animals... Means she would be camouflaged as against the bright sky from below and the dark depths of the ocean from above.

  17. Following on from the more common marine colouration, Ariel should have a dark back and a pale front, allowing her to blend into the deep sea background when viewed from above and the sunlit background when viewed from below. Anyone that claims biology would mean they're white because they need the sunlight doesn't understand marine biology and their primary survival issues.

  18. "I will return before you can say 'antidisestablishmentarianism.'"

  19. Surely just easier to call it the Spaniel

  20. No absolutely not. That’s how you start animosity between fans, by physically segregating fans you create the division. I love that we can sit next to opposition fans and have friendly banter while watching our teams play. See no need to go down the soccer route.

  21. Exactly this... put up barriers and it's us vs them. Sit next to them and they become a real person that just happens to have grown up misinformed about which team they should be supporting.

  22. Great bantz right here. Maybe you grew up misinformed. Or me. Who knows? Can I get you a beer?

  23. Cheers - whatever you're having. And we're clearly both misinformed - we should all be supporting Japan right?

  24. That would explain the Kruis rumours

  25. Gove quitting would be a win in its own right

  26. Limited access to base resources... if they can't get to any iron/tin/copper ore then metallurgy is going to be more difficult.

  27. Would 'placing the relevant entities into administration' have any consequences that would cause further problems. Really not knowledgeable on these details but know that there are some penalties for financial issues like this and that some actions like that can lead to relegation or point deductions. Obviously still better than them disappearing entirely just want to understand the implications.

  28. It would be an insolvency event that would trigger RFU regulation 5. Ordinarily this would mean relegation, but the wording might give the RFU council some wiggle room.

  29. I thought it would be an issue, cheers for the info. Let's hope they can come to some agreement on it.

  30. Lion cubs are on the very left of the map in the left most Sahara that has the large trees.

  31. This is it... one location out east of the crowngrove. A8/9

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