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  1. Water with orange slices and cinnamon sticks. I love my candles but this becomes a whole house affair!

  2. I'm gonna be the first ever student presenter at my College's GIS Day event! congratulate me.

  3. Try to consider which shift would suit you best (mornings, afternoons, nights) If you can consistently get the same days of the week off, great. Those are your social/ appointment days. If you're kinda young and just choosing what type of work to do, think along the lines of what you might gain other than a paycheck. Best of luck.

  4. I saw something on PBS where a chef made salmon with burdock root wrapped and steamed in some kind of leaf?? I forget the leaf and how the roots were cooked so please someone chime in here because I want it, too.

  5. As a former kid who worked at a strawberry farm, the only possible reason I can think of to call it this instead of the "enthusiastically bedazzled squid" is if it actually tastes like strawberries.

  6. There are many sticking points for me. One is obviously the wage. It seems like a huge wage increase it really isn’t. Just this year’s inflation alone is 8.5 %. So a 7% increase for this year Isn’t even a cost of living adjustment. Let alone a raise.

  7. Thank you. I came here to better understand the terms and the workers' perspective in this, and your comment put tears in my eyes. Bless you, stranger.

  8. My boyfriend gets made fun of for keeping a battered toothbrush next to the sink, but it really is an excellent tool for washing knives.

  9. Congratulations! I'm giving it another go this fall - keeping my eye on the prize. Posts like this keep me inspired.

  10. We have a native stink bug! They're bright green and mind their own business.

  11. Field Maps is a huge asset. I’ve managed several projects for Parks & Rec that they can’t live without. Having collected data synced to a dashboard with graphs and metrics is incredibly useful for planners and supervisors.

  12. I work in that area and have just finished 2 recruitment runs. We basically found that 90% of applicants had great qualifications and technical expertise with desktop GIS but not with web and mobile GIS. In this role, web GIS and coordinating field data collection for biologists is essential but there was no experience in that area. I don't know what course would help, but something in that area could be useful.

  13. I must add that it's QHEI that I have the most immediate opportunity to train on. Though I understand some data quality laws have changed recently, this training would make me a level 2 data collector. And to be honest I don't know what that means.

  14. My father did it to me when I was 7, not for religious reasons and being in the UK, not because it was common... but because, as far as I was ever able to work out the logic, it was part of his constant need to try and make sure his sons, his possesions, where the best in the eyes of others. He'd try and make us drink protein shakes and work out, and humiliate us in public swimming pools if we didn't seem to be impressive enough.

  15. Thank you for bringing up practices of mutilation on women in comparison. Sending hugs to you.

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