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Anyone hiring ? So over this. I have a degree in Architectural Drafting

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  1. He needs to be like the CEO and president of football operations and maybe some type of support position but he can not be calling plays. There needs to be young blood but you can’t fire him because literally the entire organization will quit

  2. I think I don’t want a doctor’s responsibility, stress, or debt.

  3. Doctors having to buy their way out of insurance policies to retire is crazy

  4. Throwback to when I found out resident doctors work 80 hour weeks and get paid $12 an hour

  5. Then he can play 3 of the worst defenses!!! :)

  6. I’m deleting my account If we don’t win

  7. This is totally a winnable game. The Eagles are going to be coming in with two broken arms from patting themselves on the back all week. Jalen hurts is going to believe all the hype and this is the come back to earth game

  8. You give us too much credit. AJ Brown will rape our secondary and their d-line will murder Carson

  9. Fake news dude. Comment was clearly planted.

  10. Damn I knew y’all were obsessed with us but y’all writing paragraphs now lol

  11. Remember that pre season interview with Dak and Zeke and they were so confident they would be in the playoffs 😂😂😂

  12. Remember when Jerry Jones thought he could get 5 Super Bowls out of Romo? Same delusional energy

  13. there’s a home jersey schedule on their twitter

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