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I’m cancer free!

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  1. Core memory unlocked. And remember folding every other page in half a different way soyou got a weird V shape that you could just open to

  2. Damn. I thought I was the only one who did this. Haha

  3. A good excuse to post my MacAddict scans my father and I did many years ago - check it out and nostalgia bomb!

  4. I lived with my parents until 35 to save up enough for a down payment.

  5. As someone who works as a physical therapist in a nursing home let me paint you a vivid picture…

  6. Ya, I’m going tomorrow. Maybe I’ll find a Richard Simmons workout tape.

  7. I was just in Italy for 10 days. I loved it and there were a lot of things I thought "I wish we had that," but damn everything smelled like cigarettes and sewage

  8. I was in Spain a few weeks ago and experienced the same thing.

  9. I swear the 90s was full of creative & iconic industrial designs.

  10. Look up Browservice. It’s a proxy server you can install on a Linux or Windows machine and use the browser on your PowerBook G4 to access it. It works amazingly well and allows you to browse the modern World Wide Web.

  11. This is my worries right now with my mom. She has a bad hip which makes walking a great challenge. Her place has two flights of stairs to the bed room. She’s fallen a few times and each time it made her mobility worse. I need to consider options soon because she’s not getting any younger.

  12. I had one and bought got it from now closed Fry’s Electronics. Good times.

  13. There is way more to do in Golden Gate Park than most people are aware of. Just went to Jazz in the boathouse for the first time and definitely not the last!

  14. I love jazz. Gonna definitely give this a try. Thanks.

  15. When did the "bad caps" era begin and end?

  16. I was at Schipol just 3 weeks ago and witnessed the same thing. I actually felt sorry for the guy because he kept yelling TAXI for hours late into the night in the bitterly cold.

  17. Every company, including microsoft, had a fully functional language model many years ago. Unfortunately, nearly every model was extremely racist and was either shutdown or killed during QA stages. The best example of it was TayTweets

  18. My first experience with a chatbot was Smarter Child on AOL Instant Messenger way back in 2000!

  19. I used Orange when I traveled to Europe two weeks ago. It worked in France, Spain and Holland for me. I ran out of the 10 GB data I’d purchased but was able to top up more online. The process was so easy and I did not need any physical sims.

  20. About 5 years ago I planned a one month trip to Greece and Egypt. The day before I was to leave, I got an email from the airline that there might be problems with the flight. But you get those emails sometimes and then nothing happens. So I shrugged it off.

  21. I always plan my trip to have long layovers so I can explore different countries. In fact, I just got back from Spain last week and I had layovers in Paris and Amsterdam. It was a bit tiring but worth it to see more sightings.

  22. Glad you beat it! That’s the same disease that killed my brother unfortunately.

  23. That can’t be healthy with all that smokes.

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