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  1. Ya'll found a new favorite word and are gonna run that shit into the ground, every criticism about a woman isn't misogony.

  2. Not surprising. Homophobia and misogyny go hand in hand. Misogynistic men absolutely hate gay men, especially effeminate gay men, because to them the worst thing a man or anyone can be is a woman, in their mind women are weak, emotional, and are just there to be incubators and sex slaves.

  3. The messed up part is, a lot of gay men are extremely misogynistic too, so within the gay community itself you have the them hating on femme presenting and trans members of their own community.

  4. Musk is a perfume ingredient, and generally smells good. People here are talking about smelling "musty", which smells kind of like mildew. Those are two different things.

  5. The person you're responding to didn't fully digest your take on this.

  6. We don't play games like that. If we wanted to ban you, we would. If your comments are hidden, it's because you're an unapproved user trying to comment on a locked thread.

  7. Hey Mods, I like Dave Chappelle too, but he can roasted over his bullshit like anyone else. Why you take down the Chappelle/Musk Django meme post??? I don’t see that post up elsewhere?

  8. Hi could you please send this in by modmail, so that we can discuss it further ?

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