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  1. Vados does not need an LR💀 she’s the most insignificant characters from u6

  2. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

  3. I think it’s implying that if you like her only in lingerie, you don’t love her

  4. Nah, I think it’s just showing the difference between the two. It’s not meant to be a direct attack at anyone. But that’s just me.

  5. Well, he survived a metor to the face (2004), survived a black hole (2000), survived a hydrogen bomb (pretty much any incarnation), has extreme regenative abilities (also pretty much any incarnation), has achieved burrowing(1998), flying(1971), and is a very avid swimmer(in almost every movie he rises out of the sea).

  6. Trypticon is 915 feet tall. The tallest Godzilla is 395 feet tall. We’re excluding Godzilla Earth because that’s a no contest. Trypticon steps on any Godzilla from the movies, except Shin that’ll maybe slice his foot off when he tries depending on how durable Trypticon is.

  7. Shin Godzilla as well, would probably just slice Trypticon in half. or many diced up pieces with his back atomic beams

  8. I wonder, has the heat from Shin Godzilla’s beams been confirmed? Like how hot is it? Because Trypticon could probably withstand an ungodly amount of heat. If we look at the WfC and FoC games, Trypticon just stands there while being shot at by a bunch of PLASMA BULLETS.

  9. This is why I exclusively play ranked mode as well as a little bit of treasure for the rewards, what's the point of going into training mode when you have people like this running around

  10. They don’t even look like cat ears to me.

  11. The Charge moves, just get good and use Ki wisely!

  12. Bayverse hot take: ironhide overrated asf G1: too slow Animated: hate the art style Prime: nemesis prime is a really cool character.


  14. I get it, there are a lot of things TFP could've done better, (like have a plot that isn't a MacGuffin hunt).

  15. The first season didn’t have a huge MacGuffin hunt.

  16. Hey look it's the asshat who takes only 1-2 units in because he doesn't think he's gon need the third.

  17. bro it’s an extreme with no soul boost and it’s only for bench.

  18. Take him in and only him, if you're so good. True men use Ex And He Units.

  19. In what way did I ever claim to be good at this game? You can see that my gameplay is subpar at best? The whole post was to talk about how Rose is a menace, because it 3v1s almost every team.

  20. We’ve seen it in Earth’s atmosphere several times so it’s most likely just before space.

  21. People are rerolling for Rosé.... but they forget something.... you reroll you can have hit and rosé but you dont have good bench,good equips, you dead in one combo against good setups.

  22. I hate to say this, but it is literally a skill issue. I rerolled for Ultra Blue Gogeta, got him, got Rose, and now I demolish the whole game and everyone I face in PVP.

  23. Roblox. 87,164 hours. Second is NieR Automata, my favorite game, at 156 days straight.

  24. goodness gracious sweetie i am going to relieve oneself atop your clothed body

  25. But why post and just wait for people to respond? What do you do if no one does? And do you just carry the toy around the store with you until you get an answer?

  26. For information. For example: I was asking myself the same question before someone said his entire chest is clear plastic. Now I don’t really want to since clear plastic and me don’t go hand in hand, and I don’t buy mainlines often anyways, but information is information.

  27. 5E4, literally just 5E5 but I forgot to charge my phone last night.

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