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  1. Didn't like Eliminator kill all Toa Mangai?

  2. Ah, yes, but Lhihkan was part of a previous, nameless team as a Novice Toa. He guarded the Makoki stone (the thing at Steve's hand) in a Toa fortress. All this happen 7000 years before the great Cataclysm. The team got killed by Frostelus, The stone got stolen by Vezok and THEN he became a loner Toa who got called by Dume 3000 years later to fight the Kanohi dragon along side other 10 Toa to form.....

  3. That's not a Gundam. That's Perfect Gundam (Thunderbolt Version) which is actually Psycho Zaku Mk II wearing Gundam armor.

  4. If you had asked me I would've made the video, but thanks anyway bro, I'm honored

  5. Listen I was bored as fuck and needed something to do lmao

  6. I need the name of this God damn song it hits different to me don't bully

  7. You deserve it, you're the only girl that actually has a boyfriend and not just a dildo. Upgrades, people

  8. Yes, the days when makers of video games were seen as gods are far over, for now we see them as humans who can make mistakes... mistakes that we like to point out

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