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  1. Nope, it's good for remainder of current year and full calendar year after.

  2. For a normal person? Yes. For Kyrie? Might as well be going to Mars.

  3. That's easy though - walk to edge of the earth, wait until mars orbits below, jump

  4. Lounges aren’t open late night, they close at like 10 pm ish.

  5. Last batch I had was 2 years ago. If you like pastry stouts, they're good but probably still not worth $20/ea. I do not, so I still have one of each variant in my fridge.

  6. I hope the original twister just kept going in a small circle at the south pole and is just now coming for revenge

  7. yup weird take. It was known Jordan was a cheapass and glorified asshole.

  8. Yep that's the thing he's best known for. The salt is strong even 20 years later.

  9. I have Merrill Kelly, German, and Civale all today it’s close in WHIP and W do I start them all?

  10. Merrill looked like shit last time out but Brewers are a husk of a garbage team, so I'm leaning towards starting him

  11. I think Sean manaea just won me the chip. Clearly that was the plan all season

  12. Fun fact- the first game Luc's mother attended, she thought they were booing her son.

  13. You should probably stop listening to something that you only complain about.

  14. But what if you want to hear Segura? It's like having a best friend with a shitty girlfriend. Want to see him? Gotta deal with her.

  15. Would've loved to hear this question asked in an Italian barber shop

  16. I've never heard of someone doing this and now I'm worried that I've been doing something wrong because I've never given anything to the kitchen staff at a restaurant. Is this something people do? When would you do this?

  17. It's entirely optional but they will likely give you extra courses or something special in return. Is it worth the cost of the gift? Maybe maybe not, but it's a good way to regift extra booze.

  18. did they turn you into a devil worshipping gay communist?

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