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  1. What if the smoothie was perfectly peanut free and he just tried to kill his kid by sprinkling some peanut flecks on it on the ride home?

  2. Well said and this statement should be in the same category as "sky is blue"

  3. Yeah how dare he talk about things that interest him on his own podcast. Maybe he oughta hear ideas from some focus groups while we're at it.

  4. Yes, he can do absolutely what he pleases. But to imply that there is no room for improvement, is pure idiocy. Especially when he constantly mentions and apologizes for mediocre podcasts.

  5. I think pure idiocy to judge a podcast against some idea of quality. Room for improvement? What exactly does a perfect podcast sound like to you?. And, part of the humor is him ripping on himself. If he thought the podcast really sucked or wasn't benefitting him, he'd stop doing it.

  6. Starting to think this Westbrook character isn't a great teammate

  7. The Damen Silos had to have all their grafiti painted over for a Michael Bay film because of copy write infringement.

  8. Why in the hell can the NBA not see that this is just a terrible look and that it degrades their product? NOBODY wants to see a star player ejected after a play like this. They need to make it known to their refs that this is unacceptable or they'll lose fans. Soft.

  9. This guy is going to be a sensational bust, mark my words or remind me or whatever. Man without a position.

  10. Pretty solid haul for 250, though. The double barrel is drinking real nice. Hopefully the prop hasn't dulled too much.

  11. The place with the NBA sized court? Pulled up from NBA 3 range once and felt like a toddler shooting at a full size hoop.

  12. Can you imagine Mr and Mrs B Ricchio's moving process? Notify the landlord, check. Pack, check. Call movers, check. Turn off gas and electric, check. All that's left is to NOTIFY OUR NEIGHBORHOOD PIZZERIA

  13. Yes but the current climate makes it uncomfortable and not worth the potential assumptions.

  14. “Tiki” is Pacific Islander cultural appropriation

  15. I'm stunned credit card debt hasn't spiked. It seems like everybody is splurging on everything all the time.

  16. Would be open to doing it if the restaurant didn't get screwed.

  17. Why the f are soft ass people like you on this sub?💀

  18. This sub is (or should be) about punching up. Screwing over small restaurant owners is a shitty way to save a few bucks. Screwing over Uber is fine by me.

  19. The same reason they made the fucking movie. To crack up adults.

  20. Amen. That other dude probably listens to the censored version of songs so the kids don't hear the evil words.

  21. I don't see it on the website assuming I have the correct place on Montrose? Do you have to ask or call first before bringing your knife in? EDIT: Adding just went tonight he (the butcher) did a great job. Walked in, took about 10 minutes. $5.00 a knife.

  22. Nope, just bring it in. They have a sign in the shop to let you know they do it, that's how I found out. 5 bucks per knife.

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