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I love that I am bisexual.

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  1. So where did you get your PHD? Because they should give you a refund.

  2. A feller here just threw up in his mouth...

  3. "Enjoy your flight. We are not available as we will be away. But be sure to check out xyz tourist attractions while you're here!"... that's what I'd say but that's just me. She is not owed your time by demanding it.

  4. People absolutely do not parent their children these days and it’s pretty disgusting. This is the result of a generation raised by iPads

  5. I mean latchkey kids were a thing specifically because they weren't taken care of... but ya, it's THIS generation of parents. Lol

  6. Zucchini muffins... I shred it, squeeze the excess liquid, and add to bran muffins with blue berries (or any fruit really), carrot cake, my kids favorite is chocolate cupcakes with zucchini. It's also good added to tomato sauce (same method). Also like it cubed, in a bowl add salt, pepper, olive oil or Avocado oil, smoked paprika, mince garlic, minced ginger, and roasted (and why not add some of those hot peppers). Oh oh oh... also try tzatziki with a mix of cucumber and zucchini. Yum!

  7. Run a lukewarm bath and add a coup,e full size packets of oatmeal too it wait a few minutes for the water to soak into the oats and sit in it until it gets too cold (you could of course add more hot water so you can stay in longer) it will help a lot with the itching and help sooth the burning of the skin as well.

  8. I do this too. I put the oatmeal in nylon stockings too make a little satchel, and toss a few in. Really helps.

  9. Will have to try this! I’ve been scooping it out with a large sieve because I live on a farm and don’t have town connections so it would end up in my grease trap and it is vile to clean, like will almost definitely make you puke at least the first time you do it. I’m lucky to have a cousin who volunteers to do it for me but I don’t want to make it any worse than it has to be for him. (I have a bad back and shoulders so it’s difficult for me to do and he is basically my big brother and loves me enough to do it for me bless him.)

  10. Ya it's terrible for plumbing, septic or not. So the stockings really help. Plus it's like a little soft loofah you can rub on yourself.

  11. Omg really?! Like does it not smell completely or is it just a more subtle smell?! My friend and I are going to get the biggest kick out of this. We grew up together and farther jokes are just too funny to us.

  12. My medication causes the most vile flatulence, so bad I've made people (myself included) hurl. Since I bought these no one has turned green. I won't even leave the house without them anymore. You're welcome for that.

  13. Well my dad would say in the animal kingdom we call that male dominance😂😂 I'm sorry for the condition though. I'm not trying to be insensitive at all so I hope I don't come off that way.

  14. Ya I can clear a room like a boss. The charcoal ones are the best btw.

  15. My mom is an OBGYN nurse and pro choice. Can't fathom how your mom or anyone can be a nurse and still be mindlessly pro life.

  16. I live in an area where a nurse who worked in the NICU was the head of anti-vax, anti-mask, anti-covid group. In the not so famous words of my Mum "Sometimes smart people are fucking stupid. Knowing one thing, does not mean you know everything."

  17. You need to take care of yourself first. Going back will do more harm than good. I know it's terrible and sad that your cousin died but remember them in all the good memories you had of them. I always get a new plant when someone I love passes away. That way I can remember them when it blooms.

  18. I'm taking your advice and going to the garden center once I'm done my coffee.

  19. First, I'm very glad you're still here. This breaks my heart. As a parent in their 40's I'm going to share what I can with you. Two nights ago my cousin succeeded at ending his life. This flooded me with emotions and memories that have been overwhelming me. You see when I was 12 I found my best friend hanging in her closet. I still see her face. In my 20's, my boyfriend did the same. Several years ago an uncle. This past winter a dear friend. Now my cousin has committed himself to that same fate.

  20. I mean that's not the deal, but yes. I love traveling, so I do it with or without him as is.

  21. If you're truly friends, how can you let him pay for everything though?

  22. I don't need to justify my actions or defend my friendship to you. You don't have to like it, quite frankly, it's not up to you to decide what's right for us. My companionship isn't as worthless as you are implying. Nor is our friendship limited to traveling. And lastly, if you're jealous because you don't have someone who wants your company enough to extend such an offer your way, doesn't mean you get to judge us.

  23. You could also just not torture fishes without any need to do so.

  24. The whole or the half? And what kind of fish? I'm just out here trying to figure out how to fish with no fishing mentor or friends that like to fish (so uh, username checks out I guess?)

  25. Every time you wash it fades. So it's more of a consistency of how often you do it. Think of it like your teeth, and coffee or black tea. If it will stain your teeth, it will stain your hair. Once you stop it will stop getting darker, then you have to clean it up/ whiten it with a toner.

  26. You sound like the sort of person who expects a date to perform perfectly and entertain you, or you’ll leave, whilst contributing nothing yourself

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