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  1. And someone managed to take a picture of it. Mind blowing.

  2. I guess the only change from the game is that neighbor granny. Enjoyed the show. Can't wait for until next monday.

  3. Have tried this for a while, never really worked for me, May be my choice of books is wrong

  4. It's like reading continuously and all of sudden you'll feel like ok this is enough let's go to sleep. Also I do feel exercise helps and with good meal at night we can sleep like baby. Good luck.

  5. This reminds me, I gotta check my comments for likes

  6. Natural Ingredients to clear the skin and eliminates pigmentation it treats all skin problems removes blackheads, dark spots and wrinkles (we will need white rice, it is the secret of the beauty of the skin of japanese women) we will also need a potato, we peel it off, cut it into small slices, potato is an effective remedy for all skin problems (eliminates pigmentation,melasma and wrinkles) it gives the skin freshness and a natural radiance we put 3 tablespoons of rice in a saucepan we add sliced potatoes we add 2 cups of water we put them cook well on low heat with stirring from time to time after the ingredients are cooked well we grind them well we get a smooth and creamy mixture we put 3 spoons of the mixture we add a tablespoon of corn flour mix well we add a teaspoon of powdered milk mix well coconut oil we add a spoonful of coconut oil you can replace it with any oil that suits your skin type mix well after mixing all the ingredients, we get a creamy mixture how to use it? we apply the mixture on clean face skin leave on for 20 minutes and wash off pigmentation, dark spots, and acne scars will disappear repeat this recipe 2 times a week we keep the remaining mixture in a clean container and keep it in the fridge

  7. Eralng works wonders when it comes to healthcare tech, connecting devices and providing tension free environment. I learnt it from learnyousomerlang.

  8. Pada balam - meaning more people more strength. The ability to participate in various sectors and live life harmoniously.

  9. I bet he is playing with the market and see where it goes, lol. If it fails other ways to go. More people will buy it but not for India.

  10. When the same done by dog its a crime - Cat Law

  11. Comparison is the destruction of joy, in other words depression. Find your geek and embrace it, that will become joy of your life by lending a hand to those in need. Have a great day.

  12. So far the best I can recommend and worked for me is 3 in 1 rose water - cleanser, moisturize, refresh. I completely avoided soap on my face and used this product as alternative.

  13. Humans does this too at mecca, and other pilgrimages.

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